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"There is a Beast living within us"


Defining Anger

When we are angry, we are in a state of Unhappiness.

Anger is something that we all have experience of so we all know very well what it is and how it feels.

Anger is a feeling which is experienced from within.
And most of the time we are unaware of how much Anger we actually carry in this life until a "special" situation/someone comes along to bring it out of us.

And when it does it can make our blood boil and our breath steam up.

Thus when we lack the Knowing of ourselve we will not know just how much anger we have inside because most of us are unaware of its existence until it surfaces up within a particular experience. That is why it is important to develop the Knowing of The Self.

Because we do not experience anger until something outside triggers it out of us, most of us often come to the conclusion that the Cause of Anger comes from Outside and what happens is that we often end up blaming the cause of our anger on the situations and the people around us.

Thus when we only Know the Surface/Outward Cause of our anger we will only be left with the options to address it superficially - i.e. to blame others for our Sufferings or to control people and avoid scenarios which can make us Angry.

However, time will eventually prove to us that Anger will never be able to be addressed in such a way as it is impossible for us to control and avoid everyone and every situation we come across in life.

This article will look into the seed cause of anger and the ways to transform this suffering state of mind.

Anger In Depth

As we develop the Knowing of The Self what we will realize is that the Deeper Causes of Anger comes from Within.

Without developing the deeper Knowing we will only be able to see the Causes of Anger at the Surface level - i.e. the outward Experiences, Events, Situations, People, Interactions etc. which has Caused us to become angry.

It is important to become aware that the deeper causes of anger comes from within because when we only Know of the Surface Cause of Anger it can make us become too focused on finding who and what to blame. That is why anger is one of the trickiest sufferings to address. Because in that moment we experience anger our initial reactions would always be to address the outer Cause. As a result, the Knowing of its true Cause will be left undeveloped that is why the experience of Anger ensues.

Developing The Knowing of our Anger is important also because it allows us to accept that we have anger. It is from that point of acceptance that we can move forward even further in transforming and releasing our anger because if we do not even accept that we have anger then the anger will not be addressed.

Most people are unaware of how much anger they carry because of the lack of knowing they have of themselves. If we all think hard enough we will always find someone we know in life who has a lot of anger but when we tell them about their anger issues they would refuse to agree with us.

One of the bigger reasons as to why people are not even aware of their own anger is because they have been living with it for such a long time. For example, when someone has lived with something for a long time such as having a blocked ear for a long time he/she can become convinced that there is nothing wrong with their hearing and instead blame the other people around them for not talking loud enough.

The irony here is, that person who is unaware of their anger issues can very well be us.


Importance Of Addressing Anger


The first step in addressing anger is to first develop the intention to address it.

To develop the intention we have to become aware of the various ways Anger can create Sufferings in our lives.

One of the many destructive things Anger can do to our lives is to make us turn away from making connections with people. I.e. we can turn away and cut connections with people who make us angry. But often it is us who are simply being over-reactive.

Anger is also the seed to violence.
Anger can cause Wars -
Wars between Countries, between Religions, Between Schools of Thoughts, between Ethnicity and Races, between Status Quos, Between Relationships/People and so forth.

Anger thus is dangerous.

How often are you angry at others?

Anger can create a lot of tension not only in the mind but also on the body - when anger is experienced on the physical level it can manifest as strain and tension. And when the body is not at ease it can allow all sorts of dis-ease to manifest on the body.

In fact, from a Consciousness/Spirit point of view Anger is one of the biggest Causes of Cancer -
It is Hate towards The Self personified at the cellular level - our own cells attacking ourselves.

How often are you angry at yourself?

At the Emotional/Mental level - Anger can also create a great deal of Confusion in the Deeper Mind. As a result, when The Self experiences Anger it will also experience a great deal of Confusion that is why in moments when we experience anger no matter solutions we come up with will always be a hazy/confusing/angry one.

Anger thus can put a great limit on our experience of Happiness and can suck away our Clarity of mind. That is why we can never truly experience Greater Happiness/Peace of Mind and develop True Wisdom as long as we continue to allow Anger to consume our lives.

So let us learn the ways of addressing Anger!

Path Of Creator

Anger In Relation To The Path Of Creator

In Chapter 5. Discovering The Sufferings - we discovered that all forms of Sufferings begin with a Negative Idea.

Realize that Anger is no different from any other forms of sufferings in terms of the Cause. Thus as one develops the Knowing of The Self in general, all forms of sufferings including anger will naturally be transformed and released.

But if one wishes to "specifically" work on the Knowing of anger then there are ways to accelerate that Knowing.

So let us look at the ways.

Negative Ideas can generate different forms of sufferings when it is experienced from different angles, so let us look at the way Negative Ideas can generate the experience of anger so that we can understand this experience of anger more.

Universal Theme

The Universal theme of the Negative Ideas behind our Anger will always recede back in a big part to the theme related with "Control."

I.e. "That person should be a certain way."
I.e. This situation should be a certain way."
I.e. "That person should not talk to me like this"
I.e. "This situation should not be happening right now."

Thus when we are in a state of being angry with someone, it can be said that we are actually in a state of wanting to control the other's way of thinking/doing. And when we cannot control the situations/person to match our own Ideas of right and wrong this is when we will experience the frustrating sensation called Anger - (A state of rejection in the deeper mind.)

By Knowing the theme of the Negative Ideas behind our Angry Experiences will help us to guide us to develop the Knowing of our own Anger. It is then we can find the Deeper Causes at a more personal level.

And why is the theme of control there?

Usually for a Self to experience such a need to control requires for the Negative Ideas to become deeply rooted in the consciousness. Thus the manifestation of the experience of Anger is a sign that there are deeply rooted Negative Ideas.

That is why the experience of anger is usually quite intense because it will usually involve deep rooted Negative Ideas that have been left unresolved in the consciousness for a very long time.

Personal Level

By Knowing and going through the Personal/Spiritual Lessons behind the Deeper Causes of our Anger we can Catalyze the Transformation even more.
And these lessons will be Enlightening/Challenging/Transforming.

As the Seed Cause of our Sufferings are our Negative Ideas (Ideas which promote the Rejection of the Self.) The spiritual lessons that we will have to go through to release ourselves from our Sufferings will always revolve around some form of Self-Acceptance. Remember, Acceptance is the opposite of Control.

To Know the Spiritual Lessons behind the Deeper Causes of our Anger we first open our awareness to the understanding that what we cannot accept in others will always be a reflection of what we cannot accept in ourselves.

I.e. When we declare that someone should not act in a "certain" way, to the deeper mind this is no different than declaring oneself to not act in a "certain way."

So whatever spiritual lessons that one discovers, realize that in order for the lessons Spiritual lessons to be fully completed, the direction of Acceptance must always be both-ways, i.e. one cannot fully release anger if one only focuses the work on accepting the part of the Other Self that one rejects without working on accepting that part in oneself as well and vice versa. I.e. (If we only work on accepting other people's laziness whilst rejecting our own laziness then this can greatly impede one's progress).

Benefits Of Releasing Anger

It is important to take the step to address our anger.
Because not only will we be able to release ourselves from our miseries, a lot of our diseases will finally get a chance to naturally heal.

With less anger we will also become more open to creating new relationships with people. We will no longer feel a need to "control" others. Thus less energy will be spent on trying on controlling others and more energy will be able to be used to simply express our own ideas/opinions without the desire to strangle the people who do not agree with us.

Although our ultimate goal is to address the seed Cause of Anger this does not mean to ignore the address of the Outer Cause. How to address the Outer Causes will be up to the individual but realize that when we are angry we are in a state of confusion so no matter what solution we come up will always be a hazy/confusing one. So whatever approach you decide to address the Outer Cause the advice is to always complete it with the forgiveness towards yourself and others

The primary focus here is on how to address the Internal Cause of Anger rather than the Outer Cause of Anger. But as the Internal Cause of Anger is addressed and released more and more the easier it is to come up of Outer Solutions as the Mind will be come more Still/Calm/Wise.

Finally, it is a common misconception that without anger one can simply become a passionless/lifeless doll. However as one Transforms and Releases their Anger what they will realize is that with their new gained clarity of mind as Anger is transformed onto its positive side, instead of being controlled by their Anger, they will become more in control of their own life.

Anger is like a beast within us,
Before it is tamed, it will master us.
To master that beast begins with knowing that beast,
Where is it from?
Why is it there?
Thus develop the Knowing of your anger deeper each day

And with time as you come to know that beast, you will know how to tame it, then gain great power from gaining mastery over it.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Realize that when you are angry at someone you are not only in rejection of a part of that person but also that part of yourself.

Thus to develop the Knowing you can ask yourself the question next time you experience anger.

"What it is that I cannot accept about that person?
"Why cannot I accept that part about myself?"

Then you can find ways to catalyze transformation after you discover the Deeper Causes

The Creator's Meditation
Link here

When you are in Meditation you will be able to experience the level of your happiness fluctuating with the tiniest amount of reactions you make in every moment. And as you keep on practising the meditation, become aware of the moments when you are generating even a tiniest amount of anger. Become aware of these moments and Self-Forgive when it happens. These are usually moments when we fail to meditate properly, or when we encounter negative wandering thoughts.

Courses On Anger

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