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Defining Apathy

Apathy is generally defined as a lack of passion / emotion towards anything.

Here, the definition of Apathy will be introduced as a lack of awareness of how one truly thinks and feels due to subconscious internal suppression. This article is to address the suffering side of Apathy

Apathy In Depth

Naturally when our mind is free of all distractions and negativities we are in a state of Happiness and awareness of the present moment.

In that state we can easily become aware of all our emotions and thoughts and have a sense of well-being and connection with all that is around us.

So when we are in a state where we feel “disconnection” or the inability to “feel” or “think” it means that there are issues/negativities that need to be addressed from within


Importance Of Addressing Apathy

It is important to address the Negative Side of apathy. Because when one is continually experiencing the state of apathy then one can be on a stagnating path as Apathy can promote a lack of a drive to achieve anything and the desire to change improve their state of happiness.

When one is experiencing apathy one is in fact experiencing a subconscious suppression of one’s thoughts and emotions. And in that state one can “believe” that one is emotionless and thoughtless and disinterested in all that is around them not knowing that the belief is there because one has lost awareness and connection with one’s Inner World.

It is by rebuilding the connection we have with our Inner World – thoughts and emotions that we can be in touch with our desires and even deeper desires which will take us to complete our spiritual journey throughout life. The state of Apathy thus can hold one back from living to their full potential.

Being apathetic can also can create indecisiveness in the mind. As a result one can choose to not make any decision at all because one simply can no longer make up their mind on whether to go left or right – as the pessimism generated by Apathy will make one believe that both paths are not worth going for. This can lead to The Self walking a stray path, a path that is decided by others. See Catalyst – Indecisiveness in more detail.

Apathy can also make it hard for one to develop a relationship with Other Selves. Apathy can also create limitations on one’s Creative Potential.

Path Of Creator

Apathy In Relation To The Path Of Creator

We can begin by first discerning whether or not we have any issues of apathy that needs to be addressed. If one is experiencing a sense of peacefulness and awareness of all that is happening in the outer and inner world then one is simply experiencing a state of Love/Acceptance/Happiness which is a state that is far apart from Apathy.

Often it can be hard for an individual to assess whether or not one has Apathy by themselves because having lived with Apathy one can come to believe that one’s experience of negativity is the norm and thus believing that one is experiencing some sort of happiness not knowing that one can in fact experience greater happiness if the internal issues are addressed.

To avoid the confusion one can simply work on transforming and releasing their Sufferings because the states of Apathy will be addressed naturally with time as one release their sufferings one by one.

Our fears in particular have a deep connection with the state of Apathy because it is our fears which can greatly limit and suppress us – for instance the fear of being judged if we were to express our true self can make us bury our deeper emotions and thoughts deeper and deeper, suppressing them until we are no longer aware of their existence.

At the Idea Level

The root of Apathy usually begins with Negative Ideas in the consciousness which constantly remind us "not to feel,." and to "not to think," And “not to express.

Why do these ideas exist always can always be traced to our experiences in the past.

These experiences usually have a recurring theme for us to generate ideas enough for the apathy to grow and sink its roots deep in our consciousness. These are usually negative experiences which we have constantly rejected by telling ourselves to "not feel" and "not think" in order to avoid the pain and suffering i.e. judgement/ignorance from others.

Example of such experiences can include the lack of responsiveness from our parents not listening to us which caused us to become more introverted and less receptive to others.

The Path thus will begin with releasing the blockages within oneself – reconnecting one’s connection with oneself by developing the awareness of one’s own emotions and thoughts. The knowing of the Self can be accelerated through the practice of meditation or making a temporary retreat from the world to find oneself again. Distancing oneself from Negative People who can inspire such Negative Ideas can also help one to recover their connection with their Inner Self.

Realize that the state of Apathy can be made worse when one has a tendancy to indluge in excess stimulating activities such as drugs/cigarettes/alcohol/television etc or even internal activities such as imagination. Because the more the mind is stimulated the more one will lose connection with one’s deeper thoughts and imagination. When our mind is stimulated too much it will create surface thoughts and emotions which can greatly block one from viewing one’s inner world and also entice one to “imagine” rather than “observe” the Present Moment as is.

That is why the development of Stillness will be greatly helpful if one wishes to develop the Knowing of The Self. Once stillness has been well established then one can truly experience one's internal state as is - without distortion.

In the beginning of the journey it is common to experience a sense of discomfort and suffering when one becomes aware of what their true feelings are at the deeper level – which will take one to understand why there was a rejection (running away from one’s Inner World) in the first place.

The destination is towards re-establishing the connection with our Inner World and Accepting our emotions as is without distortion - to see all things and feel all things without distortion.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

When you experience the Negative State of Apathy, simply develop Stillness so that you can create a deeper awareness of what is happening in the World from within. To develop that Stillness will require one to take things easy in life, i.e. to not overly stimulate the mind with things and making sure that one gets a proper sleep.

The Creator's Meditation
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Every time you work on simply observing the different physical sensations throughout the body you are allowing the mind to be less-stimulated by aligning it into a state of simply observing the present moment as is. And the more you simply learn how to observe the moment as is, the more you will become aware of what is happening in that moment of not only what you are experiencing at the physical level, but also at the deeper levels of the Mind as well throughout the day.

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