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14. Stimulation


Hi, I’m Jonny John.

Today, let us understand how stimulation can affect our state of mind and happiness.

So what is Stimulation?

Simply speaking, it’s when we experience a strong reaction inside.

Now, everything we do in life will create a reaction inside. So, when we talk about stimulation, it’s more about having strong reactions, repeated again and again.

Stimulating activities can be watching an exciting movie, having a heated argument, jumping off an airplane, playing computer games and so forth.

Now let us look at how stimulating activities can affect our mind!

Firstly, when we greatly stimulates the mind, it can create a desire for more reactions, thus driving the mind to pursue for stimulation again and again.

For instance, when we eat something tasty, we may want to eat more; when we are in a heated argument, we may want to argue more; when we do something fun, we may want to keep doing it.

Secondly, when the mind is in a stimulated, excited state, this can feel good in the short term, but long term exposure to stimulation can have long term detrimental effects. As Reaction is in essence energy, too much stimulation can unrest the mind, drain the mind of energy, making one ungrounded and less aware of the present moment.

Thirdly, when the mind is stimulated, it is also easy to lose control of the mind. And the long term result is that one can also experience unhappiness and fatigue when there's a lack of stimulation.

Now the point here is not to say that stimulation is bad or good, but rather to point out to the fact that it is important to make sure to take enough rests so that one can release the excessive energy from within.

Long term exposure to stimulation obviously would not be very unhealthy.

And practices which promote Stillness such as meditation and yoga can help greatly to balance the mind because these practices will put you into a state of Stillness, and through cultivating Stillness through the practice, the desires for stimulation will naturally dissipate.

You will feel more grounded and Present!

So in life, if you find that your mind is always thinking about things to do—things to excite you, things to stimulate you—a wiser way is to do things which calms your mind down through taking a step away from the stimulating activity, or to do activities like meditation and this will help you to regain back your Stillness and energy.

It is only when your mind is Still, that you can be Self-Aware!

And this will help you greatly on your journey of Self-Transformation!

-Jonny John Liu

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