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51. To Know The Self Is To Remember The Self As The Creator


In this video series, we will explore who we are from the highest perspective. You will be taken to understand that you are in fact the Creator.

Catalysts will be introduced here to help you to remember who you are so that you can transform the mind and develop greater Enlightenment and Oneness within!


Hi, I am Jonny John.

In this talk, I will be guiding you to see yourself from a higher perspective. Hopefully, this will inspire you to create greater happiness and wisdom in your life

So let's begin!

To know The Self is to remember The Self as The Creator.

Yes, we are the Creator of our life.

At the same time, we are The One Creator that always was and ever will be.

For if we turn back time infinitely, we will all eventually reach the Source—the One Mind from which all came to be.

And if all came from One, what is not One?

Thus, to know who we really are is to remember who we are.

To realize: " that's who I am!"

That is self-realization—

To realize that we are The One Creator!

But when we look around with our eyes, how come all we can see is separation?

Why is it that we can feel small and powerless in this world?

If it is true that we are the Creator, why does it not feel like we are The Creator?

How did we came to forget who we are?

The forgetting and remembering of oneself can be understood as the great journey of Self-Knowing for the Creator.

For if all is One, then how can One ever Know more about itself?

For if all is Light, then how can Light know itself even more?

It is only when the possibilities of Darkness is explored that Light can know itself even more.

Thus the way for Infinity to Know itself even more is to explore the possibilities of Finity, of Manyness.

Thus the great journey of Self-Knowing can be understood as a journey of exploring the infinite possibilities of what one is and what one is not.

And as above so below.

You are currently The Creator exploring itself through experiencing the illusion of what it is not. You are much like the thoughts that you create in the mind to explore yourself.

You are no different than The Creator's thoughts.

You are no different than The Creator

For is there a difference in the who between the thoughts and its thinker?

For is there a difference in the who between the dream and the dreamer?

Realize that All is One, One is All.

You are The Creator.

You are, Creation within Creation!

The Creator is developing Self-Knowing in this very moment. You are developing Self-Knowing at this very moment. One cannot turn off Self-Knowing because, in every moment, we are simply experiencing ourselves.

Thus our journey of Self-Knowing is both simple and complex.

We have forgotten who we are so that we can explore even more about ourselves.

We have forgotten Oneness, to experience the illusion of separation.

The purpose of the journey will become clear when we begin to remember who we are again.

It is then we will realize that all the experiences of separation we have endured had always been for the purpose of Knowing what Oneness is even more.

So to forget then to remember is how One can graduate into a state of higher Self-Knowing.

And this journey of Self-Exploration is made lifetime after lifetime until one has explored all that one desired to explore.

Thus, there is inherently nothing wrong in whichever way you wish to explore yourself here in this world.

One can continue to enjoy the illusion of separation for as long as one wishes.

From this perspective, there really is not a wrong way to live and think, for all are valid ways of self-exploration.

But remember that to complete the journey of Self-Knowing, one must eventually remember oneself.

This is perhaps the more difficult part of the journey—

To remember Oneness, within the Illusion of Separation.

This can be difficult because the illusion is working well to persuade you to forget Oneness and believe in separation.

But after a countless number of lives, one will eventually have explored and enjoyed the illusion enough for them to feel the desire deep within their hearts to remember themselves once again.

For those who are aware of their heart's deeper desires will feel a pull towards the desire for Oneness, for greater happiness and love, a desire to know themselves more, a desire to learn how their mind works, a desire to know more about the mysteries of their own existence, a desire to be the Creator of their own life.

Connect with your Heart.

The Heart will always ask you remember who you are, to remember your Oneness—

To remember that you are The Creator.

The heart is always waiting to be heard. It is always reminding us as to who we are. That is why unhappiness will always be experienced every time we reject ourselves or others because the Heart knows that there is really only One Self—The Creator—You.

But how does one remember who they really are?

The act of remembering Oneness is to start being Oneness.

In other words, the act of remembering that you are The Creator is to start being the Creator of your life!

The following analogy can perhaps help you to understand better

Imagine someone who has had a traumatic car crash now ends up in hospital. He has forgotten who he was. He has forgotten that he was one of the greatest guitar players that have ever lived.

Now how would this person ever remember who he was?

Maybe he can surround himself with people who used to know him and listen to stories about how he used to be the greatest guitarist that has ever lived. Maybe that will help to bring some memories back: to listen to talks about who he really is.

These talks can help to inspire him to search for the Truth. But the journey of remembering will really only begin to pick up speed once he decides to reach for a guitar and begin to play it.

And this will be challenging at first because he will be full of doubts as to if he really was a guitar player. But one day, he may decide to overcome his doubts and try it anyways. And when he does, what he will realize that the more he plucks the strings, the easier it becomes to play. The more he tries to perform what he practised, the more he will remember who he was.

For all memories are not lost, but simply temporarily forgotten.

Thus, for one to develop Self-Knowing— to remember who they are—One can begin to play by practicing being the Creator of their lives.

One can begin practising being Oneness, through practising compassion or meditation.

One can try to learn how to Accept that all there is.

One can learn to forgive and love, for all is but yourself.

One can learn to transform one's fears into love, for there is really nothing to fear as all is you.

And deeper still, to be the Creator, one has to learn to release all things which are holding one back from being the Creator, to release their fears, anger, negativities, basically all suffering states of the mind.

And this is done through transforming the beliefs which promote the illusion of separation within, which promote the state of Self-Rejection, for such beliefs are the true cause for the suffering states of mind.

Thus at the end of the day, to remember that you are the Creator is to practice being the Creator.

The more you practice Self-Acceptance, the more you will remember.

The more you practice forgiveness and compassion, the more you will remember.

The more you transform your negative beliefs and create greater happiness, the more you will remember that Yes, you are the Creator of your reality and life!

So in summary, we are the Creator—The Creator that ever was, ever Am, and ever will be.

In every moment, we are developing ever more Self-Knowing of who we are through exploring ourselves, through exploring Creation within Creation.

I hope that this talk has allowed you to see yourself from a higher perspective. And whether or not you believe in what I say does not really matter, for the heart will always desire for Oneness and Happiness.

And this is the Truth experienced in every moment.

That is why the practice of meditation will be so ever helpful, for it is only when we turn our sight inwards to observe ourselves, we can gradually realize bit by bit that yes, We are the Creator!

-Jonny John Liu

Know and Transform The Self!

The 10 Day One-Self Catalyst will take you day by day to see that there is really only One Self. And through the practice it will help you to remember who you are—The Creator.

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