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"Realize the difference between Aloneness and Laziness"


Defining Laziness

Laziness can be defined as the state of being unwilling to do work, or the state of being negative towards work.

But here in this article, we will define it as simply the act of not doing much work.

And this article will explore the negative states of judgement that one can encounter when faced with the act of laziness from oneself or other Selves.

Laziness In Depth

The idea of being lazy can often be seen in a negative light. Laziness often carries negative connotations to do with being worthless, being selfish, being unhelpful and so forth.

Obviously laziness is usually frowned upon in the workplace because one is paid to do work rather than to be lazy and idling around achieving nothing.

Now the point of this article is not to say whether being lazy is a good trait or a bad trait. From a spiritual perspective, all traits are beneficial because they will always help to balance its polar opposite. In this case, the trait of being lazy can greatly help to balance one who is a workaholic and never takes rests.

So this article will explore how rejecting the trait of being lazy can create imbalance and the suffering states of mind and the ways to come back into a balance.


Importance Of Addressing Laziness

It is ok to be lazy and it is ok to work hard. However, when one rejects an Idea, one will simply be creating attachment to its polar opposite. As a result the suffering states of mind will be experienced.

For instance, by rejecting the idea that it is not ok to be lazy, one can then be persuaded by one's beliefs to work hard. When the rejection to the idea that it is not ok to be lazy is in the extreme, this can push one to become a workaholic. It can also create fears of appearing lazy in front of others. Being in judging negatively towards the idea that one cannot be lazy, one will fear being judged by others in the same way as well.

Without being aware that it is ok to take rest and simply do nothing, it can be easy to go overboard and chew on more than what one is capable to handle. Overtime, this can create stress on the body and mind leading to physical and mental health issues.

When one rejects the Idea that it is not ok to be lazy, one can also start to experience anger and the need to control others when others are not being as productive as one is. Such a state of mind is an unhappy and unhealthy state to be in.

When one cannot accept the idea that it is ok to be lazy in the extreme, then one will only be able to enjoy moments when one is working hard and find the idea of resting a waste of time. This can affect one's level of true happiness because one will find it difficult to enjoy moments of peace only until one believes that one has worked hard enough to deserve it. From a spiritual perspective, this is simply declaring that The Self is only worthy of love once it has met a certain criteria thus it is Love in its conditional and limited form. So it's important to address these state of mind if one wishes to advance on their spiritual journey because one can only make progress through unconditional love.

Path Of Creator

Laziness In Relation To The Path Of Creator

Our experience of happiness will always come back to the beliefs we have about the world and ourselves. So it's important to address any negative judgement we have towards ourselves when we are in the act of being lazy.

So the journey begins with developing awareness of how we view ourselves. One can simply be lazy by not doing much at home or not doing much at work and see how one views oneself when engaged in this kind of act.

Often people are adverse to the idea of work than to the idea of being lazy. So if one is the former then one will have to learn how to accept the idea of putting effort into one's work which is another topic altogether. Often one can also have beliefs which reject both Ideas so the journey will be about accepting both sides of the coin.

In terms of laziness, the journey will require one to transform their beliefs about laziness. As the key to Self-Transformation will always be about Self-Acceptance, one can learn to love oneself unconditionally even if one has not achieved much in life or in the workplace, or learn to forgive oneself and others when one is judged by others as lazy when these situations actually take place in the outer world or in the mind.

To accelerate the journey of Self-Transformation, one will have to learn how to accept others when they are lazy too. This will be an especially confusing journey because if one cannot accept oneself for being lazy then how will one be ever be able to accept others for being lazy. It will be especially helpful if one engages in the practice of meditation to put the mind aside so that the wisdom of the heart can come through. Always remember that the greater work is at the state of mind and heart rather than what you do on the outside.

Often life experiences can come and help one to transform their suffering states of mind. People often can miss the teachings of life lessons and only understand it when one encounters an extreme lesson. Such life experiences can involve being hated by others even though one has done more work than others, or suffering a state of sickness when one has done too much. Intense experiences like these can help to nudge one to balance their mind by making them aware of the urgency to accept the idea that they are rejecting.

The journey is towards unconditional love towards oneself and others no matter how one wishes to live their life.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

One can learn to do less at home or at the workplace and see how much discomfort one experiences within the mind.

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
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it is ok to do completely nothing in meditation and simply observe the breath. Often when a busy mind tries to do this, the list of things that one must accomplish can creep into one's mind in the meditation practice. When this happens, just tell yourself that it is ok to be lazy and simply observe on the breath. This is how one can develop unconditional love and acceptance towards oneself in meditation.

Know and Transform The Self!

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