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"The unold virtues of laziness."


Defining Laziness

Laziness is a state of body and mind when one is unwilling to do work. 

Sometimes, it can be a frustrating experience to see other people not working as hard as us.

In this article, we will look at the ways one can be happy when surrounded by lazy people. 

Laziness In Depth

"You are lazy!"

Laziness is an idea that carries negative connotations. Thus, when someone calls the other person lazy, the other person will most likely not take it as a compliment!

These days, there are also implied meanings in calling someone lazy, implying that the other person is being selfish, unloving, unhelpful, etc. 

Now, this is not to say that laziness is bad. It's just to say that most people tend to perceive laziness as a bad trait to have.

From a spiritual perspective, laziness, like with all other traits of The Self, is neither good nor bad.

Like a knife that can kill or make a meal, it really depends on how one uses it.

Laziness can kill one's productivity, that's true. But one can also use it to bring balance into their lives if they are a workaholic.


Importance Of Addressing Laziness

It is ok to be lazy and it is ok to work hard. 

Both are acceptable ideas that can help one to achieve balance in their body and mind.

However, when one rejects an Idea for not being worthy, one can end up creating attachment to the polar opposite idea. 

For instance, if one rejects the idea that it is not ok to be lazy, one can become attached to the idea of working hard. Thus, the more one vehemently rejects the idea of laziness, the more likely one may develop attachment to the idea that one must work hard. 

So, Self-Rejection will create attachment, which will create Suffering.

In rejecting the idea that "It is not ok to be lazy", it will create fears of appearing lazy in front of others: the fear of being rejected in the same way one has been rejecting the Idea. 

When one is driven by one's negative ideas, one can lack the awareness that "it is ok to rest and do nothing." As a result, one can end up overstressing one's body and mind, only realizing the problem when health problems arise.

The attachment to the idea "It is not ok to be lazy" can also drive one to judge others. For instance, experiencing anger and the need to control others when others are being lazy.

From a spiritual perspective, the Negative Idea "It is not ok to be lazy" is a declaration from The Self that one is only worthy of love until the criteria for not being lazy has been met. 

So, it's important to address one's beliefs about laziness if one wishes to advance on their spiritual journey towards greater happiness.

Path Of Creator

Laziness In Relation To The Path Of Creator

Our experience of happiness will always come back to the beliefs we have about the world and ourselves. So it's important to address any negative judgement we have towards ourselves when we are in the state or act of being lazy.

The journey begins with developing awareness of how we view ourselves. 

Are we ok with ourselves when we are doing nothing? 

When we are achieving nothing? 

When we are being..lazy?

To find out, one can simply start doing "lazy" things and see how much negative reactions one is experiencing. The longer one prolongs the act of laziness, the deeper the negative complexes can surface, allowing one to become aware of how much Self-Negativities they have within.

This is the best way to find out. If one simply carries living in the same way as before, one will never discover the inner Negativities.

The other way to discover whether or not one has Self-Negativities is to surround oneself with lazy people and see how one reacts to them. The people around us will always help us to see how we will react to these personality traits in ourselves. 

The key to Self-Transformation will always be about Self-Acceptance, learning to love all personality traits of The Self unconditionally because these represent the many parts of the Infinite Mind—of Ourselves. 

There are many ways one can develop Self-Acceptance to transform and release one's Negative Ideas. 

One can begin in the workplace by learning to accept colleagues who are always lazy.

One can begin to take more breaks and do less work throughout their life.

One can also learn to forgive oneself when one underperforms or underachieves.

And as one tries to accept the Lazy Self, one will no doubt encounter great confusions as to how to accept the Self that one cannot accept.

Just try to carry the intention to accept others and yourself is enough to transform the mind. With the fullness of time, the wisdom of how to do so will come.

The practice of meditation will help one greatly to attain such wisdom because wisdom arises easier in moments of Stillness.

The practice of meditation will also help one to develop the ability to calm themselves down in moments of confusion, judgement and anger. Without meditation, one can simply dwell in the chaotic thoughts of how to punish the other self and thus receiving no wisdom from the experience. 

Ultimately, the experiences of life will always help one learn something about the benefits of being lazy, helping guide one to transform their negative beliefs. These experiences can be experiences of sickness from working too hard, or experiences of being helped and accepted by lazy people, and so forth. Through these kinds of experiences, it can shift our perspective and can make us look at Laziness in a different light. 

So, life experiences will all eventually work their magic to help nudge one towards greater Self-Acceptance and greater balance of the body and mind.

But instead of waiting for life experiences to come, one can simply go towards the life experiences to catalyze their journey.

The destination is towards a state of unconditional love for oneself and others. 

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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