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Room Improvement

"Time to clean up your room!"


Defining Room Improvement

Room is defined here as the space that we often use or occupy, for instance, our bedrooms, our workplace, our living room, and so forth. 

In this article, we will look at the secular and spiritual reasons as to why it's a good idea to improve our rooms from time to time and the ways to do so.

Room Improvement In Depth

Life can get busy. 

And when it does, our focus can be wholly consumed by the task that we need to complete. As a result, we can become less aware of the quality of the space in which we reside to complete our tasks.

It's important to be aware of the space that we often occupy and assess whether or environment is fit for its purpose and see whether our rooms working with us or against us. Because we are much like a tree. The quality of our environment can do much to aid our growth or to hinder it. Without assessing our environment, we can be unaware of just how many things we can do to improve our rooms and make our lives easier. 

So, one can begin to look at ways to improve their rooms. 

Is it too dusty?

If it is, then it will be working against one's health goals.

Is there too much clutter?

If there is, it will work against your ability to work efficiently. Realize that a messy room can represent a messy mind. And a messy mind can be caused by a messy room. By cleaning your rooms and tidying some things up, your productivity will increase.

So, maybe it's time to finally have a good look at the bathroom?

And look at all the unsightly corners and moulds growing there?

Realize that your bathroom is central to your health because it's the place where you clean yourself. 

When was the last time you cleaned your rooms? 

It can be so easy to ignore the quality of our surroundings especially when our focus is placed so much on achieving productivity because room cleaning can seem so unrelated to what we want to achieve. But after you clean your rooms, you will realize just how much your productivity will rise. So it's an investment that you will only see returns after you put the time and effort into it. 

But to improve the space we use, we first have to learn to slow down and take a good look around us so that we can get to know the space that we are in. 

Maybe it's time to develop Room-Knowing? 


Importance Of Addressing Room Improvement

When one focuses too much on one's work, one can lose awareness of how much the setup of their rooms can work against them.

For instance, when the room is messy, one can easily lose things and waste time trying to find them.

For instance, when the chairs and desks are either setup too high or too low, it can lead to poor posture, fatigue, and resulting in injury if prolonged.

Do you often experience back pains?

For instance, when one is unaware that the window behind them is bringing in too much sunlight onto their monitor screens, one can unnecessarily stress their eyes whilst working on their computer.

Do you often feel eye-fatigue?

For instance, when one is unaware that their pillows are unsuitable for the contours of their neck, then it can affect the quality of one's sleep patterns.

Do you find it difficult to sleep at night?

It's only when we really spend time to look and assess the space that we use that we can find things to make the room better. What one will find is that even tweaking small things will bring about great changes to the quality of our experience in that space. Because our rooms—our bedrooms, our workplace, our bathrooms, and so forth—are the place where we will spend most of our days and nights in. So, by improving it even a little bit will make a great difference! 

Path Of Creator

Room Improvement In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey of Self-Transformation is about transforming the world inside—of transforming our beliefs, of releasing our fears, of Knowing ourselves so that we can live unencumbered by these limitations of the Mind. 

So, how does the journey of improving the world outside has anything to do with improving the world inside? 

Realize that although the journey of Self-Transformation is about transforming the world within, one can also make efforts to transform the outer world to accelerate their inward journey.

For example, if one never sleeps well, then one will only become more tired and less aware of the lessons waiting to be discovered within their life experiences, which will lead to less Self-Knowing and Self-Transformation. 

So in this respect, it can be helpful for one to find ways to improve their pillow, bed, bedroom, workplace, and so forth even though the task can appear seemingly unrelated to the spiritual work that we are doing. 

For instance, if one is always experiencing backaches from sitting improperly, one will feel less motivated to meditate. Thus it's important to assess the chairs that one always uses to see whether it is providing enough back support.

For instance, if one is always living in an unclean environment, then that will only make it more difficult for one to naturally heal from one's illnesses. So it's important to explore areas where germs can thrive. This can be as simple as throwing away a toilet brush in the toilet. When was the last time you replaced your toilet brush?

Thus the journey begins with becoming aware of the space that we often occupy. 

To develop the awareness, one can ask—

 "What places do I usually spend most of my time in?"

Then after discovering these rooms, one can ask—

 "How can I improve this space even more?"

To help one discover the answers, one can see the word "improve" to mean the ways to make one's life easier, healthier, happier.

So one can rephrase the question to—

"What things can I change about this room that can make my life easier or happier?"

"What things can I add to the room to make it better?"

"What things can I remove from the room to make it better?"

It can be as simple as organizing your clothes, which will save you a couple of seconds from having to scour aimlessly for them!  

The deeper goal here is to develop the skill to become Aware. 

To become aware of what is happening in your life. 

To become aware of what you can improve in your life. 

To become aware of what is working against your life.

And the act of improving your rooms is a great catalyst for you to develop this Self-Awareness.

Developing this awareness will help one to see the patterns that are happening in their life that may be working against them.

And with time, this awareness will also help one to discover the patterns of thoughts and emotions that are doing more harm than good, helping one to make progress on their journey of Self-Transformation. 

Realize that your room will always serve you as much as you serve it. Whether that room is the space you occupy in the world outside or the space of your mind.

From a spiritual perspective, when you make efforts to improve your rooms, you are learning to love yourself. 

To activate the catalyst of improving rooms even more, one can ask the following question: 

"How can I decorate the room to best reflect who I am?"

This is about investing time into Knowing what colours and styles you want for the room, how you want to furnish it, what types of blinds you want, how you wish to organize the space to best represent who you are.

Learning how to express yourself in your private space will help you to discover more about yourself and develop more Self-Confidence to express yourself in the public space.

Realize that whatever you do in your private space will always flow in the public space. So by learning how to express yourself truthfully through your room, you will feel more comfortable expressing yourself in the public space. By learning how to love yourself inside, you will become more comfortable loving yourself on the outside.

So the practice of improving one's room can be used as a catalyst to help one to accelerate their journey of Self-Knowing and Self-Transformation.

Of course, when one is actively making progress on the journey of Self-Transformation, one's beliefs about oneself and the world will change at a faster pace than those who are not on such a journey. As a result, it is a good idea to reassess one's space at least once yearly to see if the space is still reflecting and serving oneself.

The more one can make one's room reflect one's Present self, the more the room will resonate and bring peace and comfort to one's mind, creating a peaceful and efficient atmosphere for one to achieve their goals. 

So if the colours or designs in the rooms clash with the Present Self, then subtle tensions and stress will be experienced within the mind.

So, if you wish for greater productivity or Self-Transformation, you can look for ways to improve your rooms!

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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