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Room Improvement

"Realize the difference between Aloneness and Room Improvement"


Defining Room Improvement

A room is defined here as the space that we often use or occupy. For instance a room can be a place where we sleep and work in.

In this article we will look at the benefits and importance of improving the rooms that we often use from the secular perspective then to the spiritual.

Room Improvement In Depth

When life gets busy, we can focus too much on the things that needs to be done and lose awareness of the space that is around us i.e. our environment.

It's important to be aware of the space that we often occupy so that we can assess whether or not it is helping us to reach our goals or whether it is working against us.

Much like being a tree, our environment can help us to accelerate our growth, or hinder it. For instance, when the room that we do our work in is always in a mess, then that will only make our work less efficient. For instance, if the bathroom that we use to wash ourselves is always dirty and never properly assessed for cleanliness, then that room will only work against our health.

That is why it's important to become aware of the environment that we often occupy so that we can see whether or not our surroundings are helping us to achieve our goals of greater happiness and health.

And again, it's easy to lose awareness of our surroundings when we are so focused on the more meaty part of life outside, i.e. on the more "important" day to day tasks. So it can be easy to ignore the quality of our surroundings because it's seemingly unrelated to the tasks that we are trying to accomplish. But realize that when a room is set up right, it will actually be able to help you to achieve your goals much faster than before.

So to improve the space we use, we first must become aware of our surroundings, to look at it, to understand it, to see whether or not it is currently serving us well. This can often require us to put the "more important" work aside so that we can spend time to properly get to know our rooms.


Importance Of Addressing Room Improvement

When one focuses too much on the work one can lose awareness of how much their environment is actually doing more harm than good to them.

For instance, when the room is messy, one can easily lose things and waste time trying to find them.

For instance, when one is unaware that their desk is too high or the chairs setup too low, it will only creating more stress on one's back and create unnecessary tension, pain and fatigue in the workspace..

For instance, when one is unaware that the window behind them is shining too brightly on their screens one can end up straining their eyes whilst trying to do their work.

For instance, when one is unaware that the pillow they are sleeping on are not well suited to their body type it can affect the quality of one's sleep and affect one's focus and energy levels throughout the day.

It's often only when we really spend time to look and assess the space that we often use that we can find the little things that are working against us. And just by tweaking and improving these small things will help one to create great positive changes to one's wellbeing. This is because as these rooms are the places where we spend most of our time, our wellbeing will undoubtedly be influenced by these rooms

So it's important to become aware of the things that you can improve in your room so that the rooms can work with us rather than against us.

Path Of Creator

Room Improvement In Relation To The Path Of Creator

Room Improvement In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey of Self-Transformation is about transforming the world inside - of transforming our beliefs, of releasing our fears, of Knowing ourselves.

So how does the journey of improving the world inside have anything to do with improving the world outside.

Realize that although the journey of Self-Transformation is about working to transform the world within, one can also transform their outer world to help assist and accelerate their Self-Transformative Journey.

Take for instance, if one never sleeps well, then one will only become more tired and less aware of the lessons to be learnt in their life experiences which will led to less Self-Knowing and Self-Transformation. So in this respect, it's important to assess one's pillow, one's bed, one's bedroom and so forth although it can be seemingly unrelated to the spiritual work that we do.

For instance, if one is always experiencing back aches from improper sitting position, one will feel less motivation to meditate. Thus it's important to assess the chairs that one always uses to see whether it provides enough back support.

For instance, if one is always living in an unclean environment, then that will only make it more difficult for one to naturally heal from one's illnesses. So it's important to explore for areas where germs can gather. This can be as simple as throwing away a toilet brush in the toilet that have never been cleaned or replaced for years.

Thus although it is not necessary to improve one's outer environment on the journey of Self-Transformation, doing so can greatly help.

Thus the journey begins with becoming aware of the space that one often occupies. A good question here to ask is "What places do I usually spend most of my time in?"

Then after becoming aware of the more important rooms, one can then begin to develop the awareness by asking questions such as "How can I improve this space even more?"

To help one to gather answers, one can see the word "improve" to mean the ways to make one's life easier, healthier, happier.

So one can rephrase the question to -

"What things can I change about this room that can make my life easier, happier?"

"What things can I change about the room that can take away one less step from processes?"

It can be as simple as organizing your clothes so you can save a few seconds to find the ones you want to wear.

The deeper goal is to develop the skill to become aware of the surrounding patterns and processes that is currently working against you and learning how to transform them into beneficial patterns. By carrying this mentality into every room that one uses, one will naturally be developing such awareness and the skill to see and transform existing patterns.

With time, what one will realize is that such mentality will not only help one to improve their outer world, but also to help one to develop the awareness of what needs to be changed in the inner world for one to become happier. One will be able to develop the skill to see existing mental patterns within and develop the natural desire to let go of them once they become aware that these patterns are more harmful than beneficial. This is basically no different than the work of Self-Transformation.

Improving the rooms thus can be a beneficial practice from a secular perspective.

Realize that your room will always serve you as much as you serve it. Thus the rooms you occupy will always respect you as much as you respect it. So in improving the rooms, you are actually learning how to love yourself. And when you carry the intention to love in such a way through the practice of improving your rooms, you are developing not only greater wisdom in life but also assisting yourself on the journey of self-transformation.

To go even deeper, one can make the practice of improving rooms into a spiritual one by asking the question "How can I change the room to best reflect who I am?"

This can be about investing time into Knowing what colours you want for the room, what style you like for the room, what furnishings, what blinds, decorations, or how the space should be organized to best represent who you are. Learning how to express yourself in your private space will help you to discover more about yourself and develop more Self-Confidence to express yourself in the public space.

Realize that whatever you do in your private space will always flow in the public space. So by learning how to express yourself truthfully through your room, you will feel more comfortable expressing yourself in the public space. By learning how to love yourself inside, you will become more comfortable loving yourself on the outside.

So the practice of improving one's room can be used as a catalyst to help one to accelerate their journey of Self-Knowing and Self-Transformation.

Of course, when one is active on the journey of Self-Transformation, one's beliefs about oneself and the world will change much faster than those who is not on such a journey. As a result, it is a good idea to reassess one's space at least once every year to see if the space one is currently in is doing its best to reflect and serve the Present Self.

The more one makes the room to reflect one's Present self, the more it will resonate and bring peace and comfort to one's mind, thus creating a peaceful and efficient atmosphere for one to achieve their goals. So if the colours or designs in the rooms clash with the Present Self, then subtle conflicts and discomforts will be experienced within the mind.

The destination of the journey of Self-Transformation is not so much about the outer work of improving the rooms, but rather using the practice to go even more inwards into improving the world of rooms that is within oneself. The outer practice of improving rooms will help one to develop the skill to look within to become aware of what beliefs needs to be refined and transformed so that one can experience greater happiness and power in life - which will always revolve around the theme of unconditional acceptance.

At the end of the day, the Universe does not really care about how clean your room is, but rather how much you love yourself.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Become aware of the rooms that you often use and ask yourself the question "How can I improve this room?"

Take the time to discover the answers, as there will always be a way to improve it even more than before .

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
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When in the practice of meditation, simply remain in the state of Self-Acceptance, Stillness, Observation - Present Moment. These are the states of mind which promotes happiness.

When one wishes to improve one's rooms, one can ask the question "How can I make this room to help me reach that peaceful state of mind that I experienced in meditation?"

Know and Transform The Self!

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