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"To suffer is not to endure but to overcome it"


Defining Overcoming

There will be moments in life when we will experience the suffering states of mind, i.e. anger, jealousy, fear and so forth. Overcoming is about developing the power to pull oneself out of Suffering as quickly as possible, i.e. developing the ability to bring stillness back to the mind.

Overcoming is also about developing the power to pull oneself from the states of Craving as quickly as possible, whether it be from the states of pleasure, excitement, or stimulation.

In short, overcoming is about learning to not react when one is faced with an urge to do so.

This article will explore the practice of overcoming and why it can be helpful for those who wish to transform their mind.

Overcoming In Depth

Learning how to overcome reactions can be seen as an exercise as it involves developing the mental muscles of the consciousness to resist the urge to react in suffering and pleasurable experiences.

For those wishing to transform their minds, it is important to develop this faculty of the mind. Without the power to master the mind, one can simply fall back into the old habits of reacting in the same way as before. As a result, the mind will remain the same as before.

Remember, to transform the mind, we need to do something different than before. The act of overcoming offers such a practice.

And the bigger purpose for learning to overcome one's reactions is to develop greater Self-Knowing, which we will talk about next.

Path Of Creator

Overcoming In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey begins with developing the understanding of what overcoming is about and the importance of implementing it into our life. By learning how not to react in every moment is how one can greatly accelerate their progress.

Although learning to overcome all kinds of reactions can be seen as a mechanical practice when viewed from the outside, wisdom can arise from such a practice.

For example, as one attempts to not react negatively in times of sadness or to react with craving in times of stimulation, one can realize even more the state of happiness offered from the state of Stillness. Within time, one will develop the wisdom that there is no need to dwell in miseries or excitements as happiness is just a step away from our reactions. Developing this wisdom can have profound Self-Transformative effects on the mind.

As we learn to overcome our reactions, we are also learning how to cut off the sending of energy that sustains it. Realize that the experience of suffering and craving can only follow us as far we allow our old habit patterns to continue. So, it is important to carry the intention to overcome the urge to give in to our reactions, however persuasive they may be. Learning to overcome one's habit patterns is the act of doing something different, which will help one to transform their habit patterns.

Overcoming the reactions won't be an easy thing to do. What we will discover when we try to overcome a reaction is that we will be met with some kind of inner resistance. I.e. we will experience an uncomfortable feeling inside that will compel us to abandon all stillness and give in to the reactions instead.

The bringing out of this Inner Resistance is important on the journey of Self-Transformation because it is through observing it that Self-Knowing can then develop. Through the experience of Inner Resistance, We can then proceed on a deeper journey of discovering the cause as to why we cannot simply let our reactions go, i.e. why we can't just allow ourselves to be happy by being calm and still.

What one will find is that the more this Self-Knowing is developed, the easier it will be for one to let go.

The difficulty of letting go usually is there because one has not yet realized deep enough the reasons to.

To overcome our reactions, always remember to attempt it with a Still Mind. I.e. anger cannot be quelled with more anger, and similarly, pleasure cannot be doused with more pleasure.

The difficulty of not reacting to our reactions is that the mind will try its best to convince us to fight fire with fire. So, if you do find yourself frustrated at your inability to not react in times of reaction, remember to not fight frustration with even more frustration. The best way to transform the mind will always be with Stillness, and we can begin the journey by learning to accept our negativities first. i.e. accepting the difficulties of mastering our mind.

The exact process of overcoming can be written and described in detail, but it would not be helpful unless one learns what overcoming is through experience first. That is why it's recommended for one to take up the practice of meditation, from which one will be able to learn how to overcome their reactions by learning to be still in every moment.

There are many free guided meditation in the first week of the Self-Transformation course.

At first, as one tries to overcome the reactions that are happening within, one can feel as if they need to force our mind to comply. But the more we practice, the easier and more natural it will feel the next time.

And as we learn to react less, more Stillness will come into the mind. And with more Stillness, there will be greater clarity in the mind, which will allow one to develop The Self-Knowing even deeper, and eventually realize the true cause as to why one cannot simply allow oneself to be happy in every moment.

To know the cause of our unhappiness is the destination of our journey. And as one develops this Self-Knowing, the act of overcoming all our reactions will no longer come from a forced state, but rather from a natural state of mind, a state realized from one's earned wisdom.

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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