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Defining Apathy

Apathy is generally defined as a state of mind lacking passion, motivation, emotion.

Here, Apathy is defined as a lack of awareness of how one truly thinks and feels. This article will explore the ways one can lose connection with oneself and the ways to address it.

Apathy In Depth

Apathy can be easily overlooked

Apathy is a state of mind that can be easily overlooked because it can be a subtle experience compared to the other forms of sufferings. But unlike other suffering states of mind, apathy can surface in every moment throughout the day, which can lead one to believe that the state of being passionless and unmotivated is simply a part of one's personality.

However, if we are experiencing a state of mind that is preventing us from enjoying life to the fullest, then it's worthwhile to explore and address it. 

Becoming aware of Apathy

Naturally, when the mind is free of negativities, it is in a state of clarity and happiness. Thus, if one wishes to know whether they need to address their apathetic state of mind, they can ask the following questions:

"Am I happy?"

Am I passionate about anything?

"Am I able to enjoy life experiences?"

"Or am I numb to everything?"

The apathetic state of mind will be mainly caused by an Unstill mind, i.e. a chaotic mind. And the chaos within will always be driven by the suffering states deep inside.

It can be difficult to detect what's going on in the back of one's mind when one is always looking at the world outwards. That is why to know just how chaotic one's mind is, one must use the practice of meditation to gain insight from direct inward experience. 

How an Unstill mind can cause Apathy

When the mind is chaotic, one will be less aware of what is happening around them, which means that one will not be able to be in a suitable state to absorb their life experiences wholly, which can make them seem less vivid and colourful. It's much like sitting in a lecture whilst daydreaming, one will only get more bored!

When the mind is chaotic, one can easily lose connection with one's thoughts and emotions inside. Have you ever tried to think clearly whilst you're in fear? It's certainly difficult to form cohesive thoughts when the mind is full of Unstillness!

And again, the state Unstillness can only be discovered through the practice of meditation because it's only when one tries to Still their mind that they can discover how Unstill it is.

In short, apathy can be said to be the state where one has become disconnected from the world around them and inside them. Knowing this then, one will know that to transform the state of Apathy is to reestablish connection with themselves.

And how to do this?

Bring Stillness to the mind!

Once the Mind has found its natural state again, it will naturally be in a state of awareness and contentment towards all of its experiences in life.


Importance Of Addressing Apathy

Let us develop some motivation to address the apathetic state of mind by looking at how it can negatively affect our lives. 

The state of apathy will make life much less enjoyable. It can also take away one's drive to achieve their goals in life. When one lives without a purpose or goal or the ability to enjoy life, one can easily wander into the states of depression.

Do you often feel that life is meaningless?

Apathy is like seeing life play on a low-quality television. Observe the difference between enjoying the same experiences in black and white and in full HD colour: although they may present the same stories and pictures, increasing the details can make make a whole world of difference with the quality of the experience. So, it's important to reconnect ourselves with the world within so that we can experience more details inside and outside, so that we can view our life in HD quality! 

Being apathetic can also make one lack the passion to make choices. Without making new choices, one can end up living life as if on groundhog day, facing the same experiences over and over again and learning nothing new about oneself and the world. Realize that the greater journey of life is about becoming more enlightened, more wise, more happy, rather than running one's life on a hamster wheel!

Path Of Creator

Apathy In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey begins with Self-Knowing. One can begin by first assessing oneself to see if there are any issues to do with apathy that need to be addressed. One can check to see if one can experience happiness and peacefulness in their everyday experiences. If one can, then the passionless state may simply be a temporary mood swing.

But to make the journey simple, one can simply see Apathy as s mild form of unhappiness that needs to be addressed, so instead of looking for "specific" states that define apathy, just develop Self-Knowing with the intention to know more about one's unhappiness.

However, assessing oneself can be as difficult as trying to see oneself without a mirror. When we have lived with our state of mind all the time, we can normalize our experiences and set different expectations of what happiness is. Thus, when we have lived experiencing unhappiness all the time, we can end up only becoming aware of the states of unhappiness when its in a higher intensity than what we usually experience. 

That is why it can be extremely beneficial to practice meditation. It's only when the mind is stilled that one can truly know what happiness is. When the mind is stilled, the natural state of mind is full of wisdom and joy. So, the practice of meditation will help one to relearn what the state of happiness is again, allowing them to properly assess their state of mind to know whether they are truly happy or not. 

As one develops Stillness through meditatio, one can can also become aware of the chaos that is happening inside.

Generally speaking, by simply working on one's suffering states of mind, the states of apathy will disappear because these negative states of the mind will always be the deeper causes for the disconnection that is happening within. And also, the more one works on releasing what is causing them unhappiness, i.e. the fears, the anger, the doubt, etc., the happier one will become and the easier it will be for one to enjoy their life experiences, even the most mundane experiences. 

At the Idea Level

As all suffering states of mind will be caused by the beliefs we have created and attached to within, let us explore how some of our beliefs can promote the states of Apathy to surface.

Such beliefs can be the Negative Ideas that we have created in the mind that imposes Self-Limitations, for instance, ideas telling us to not think, feel, express ourselves, etc.

Why these sorts of beliefs are there, one can only discover through their own life journey.

Perhaps has created the belief that there's no point in expressing oneself because they have always been ignored by their parents.

Perhaps one does not want to feel the world because one has a fear of showing vulnerability.

Perhaps one does not want to connect with their thoughts because they feel that their ideas are worthless.

Perhaps one is in an apathetic state of mind as a way to subconsciously escape from some pain.

Instead of analyzing, just meditate and observe the world within. Gradually one will know the deeper causes through simply bringing Stillness to the mind and observing the mind through that Stillness.

Thus, the deeper journey of addressing apathy will be about discovering and releasing the blockages within, i.e. the negative beliefs that one has created that caused the states of limitation and disconnection. 

A tip here to help with one's journey of developing Self-Knowing is incorporate more spiritual practices into one's life, for instance, to go on a spiritual retreat, attend a yoga class, meditate with others, and so forth. By doing something spiritual, especially in a group, or doing something entirely different than what one usually does can help to motivate one to see the world in a different light, which can reignite one's passion for life. 

Doing less stimulating activities throughout the day can also greatly help one on their journey of transforming their apathy. Often, an apathetic person can engage in stimulating activities to give jolts of excitement to one's bored mind. But stimulating the mind for happiness will only make it worse in the long run, especially for an apathetic mind because it will only make the mind more chaotic and generate the desire within for more and more. 

Thus, it's a good idea is to stay away from excessively stimulating activities such as alcohol, partying, drugs, fizzy drinks, or even things that can dull the mind such as smoking or marijuana and so forth because doing these will push the Mind further from its natural state.  

Also, learning about nutrition and improving one's diet will also help because the state of Apathy could very well be caused by a poor diet that is not capable of producing enough energy. So, one can begin their journey of addressing Apathy through taking this route by learning about health and eating more foods that can bring energy into one's system rather than take away from it.

As long as one is doing something to improve one's mind and health, the issues of apathy will gradually resolve itself!

The destination is towards bringing Stillness within and reconnecting with the world inside so that one can enjoy every moment this world has to offer in full clarity. 

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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