Creation Within Creation
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Chapter I


Why is Happiness important?

Hi I am Jonny John.

I have created this website to share with you the journey of creating everlasting happiness, namely, the journey of transforming the fears, anger and unhappiness within.

It is a journey I have been deeply involved in myself, and through it, I have gained illumination into the mysteries and purpose into our existence, which I would like to share with you through this website. I think my insights will help you because we are all essentially onboard the same journey in life.

Life is a journey of infinite paths.

And naturally, we will all choose our own unique paths.

But no matter how differently each one of us steer our lives, we will all, by divine design, share the same destination—towards Happiness.

i.e. to be Happy, to be Content and Satisfied, to be Fulfilled.

Isn't it strange that the attractive force of happiness is always there, tugging at us, in every space and time?

Certainly, it must be to show the soul where it needs to be!

Thus, a seeker wishing to know more about their existence can use happiness as a clue to uncover the mysteries of their existence—by knowing about Happiness even more, by realizing ways to refine it, to create it, to know why it is even there.

The more one develops such Knowing, the more the puzzle of life will unravel itself, and ultimately, reveal to the seeker at the end of the journey the ever-lasting Truth—that we are indeed The Creator, that there is no separation of Selves.

And the closer one approaches this ultimate Truth, the closer one will approach ultimate happiness.

So how do we reach that destination?

You will be guided through the website to develop such knowledge from internal experience. Truth is not something to be forced upon, but rather, to be realized.

Thus, use the writings on this website as stepstones to develop your own Knowing.

See that nothing here is true until you have validated it through your own experience.

Why is it so important to realize the Truth this way?

With Self-Knowing comes Self-Transformation.

Let us begin by becoming aware of the two kinds of happiness we can create in life.

Chapter II. Temporary And Everlasting Happiness
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