Creation Within Creation
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Chapter I


Why is Happiness important?

Hi I am Jonny John, welcome to the website.

Here I will share with you the journey I went through to create everlasting happiness, namely, the journey of transforming the fears, anger and unhappiness within. Such a journey can be difficult and confusing for most so hopefully this website will be helpful for you. To begin, let us explore why it is important to create greater happiness in life.

Life is a journey of many paths.

And we all have our seemingly unique Paths.

But by divine design, we all share the same destination: towards Happiness.

i.e. to be Happy, to be Content and Satisfied, to be Fulfilled.

Thus if there is an Universal Purpose for our Existence it would center around the state of Happiness - to Develop it, to Refine it, to Expand it.

Happiness thus can be understood as the attractive force which pulls and hints to us the destination of our soul journey.

And at the end of that mysterious journey is the Knowing of the truth. The Truth that that we are indeed the Creator—that there is no separation of Selves.

The more this truth is realized, the more happiness will be experienced within.

So how do we reach that destination?

This website was created to help you to reach that destination.

Here, Truth is not forced upon you, but rather you are guided in various ways to develop the Knowing of Truth from your own experience. Such is the journey of Self-Knowing, and with Self-Knowing will come Self-Transformation.

Let us begin by becoming aware of the two kinds of happiness we can create in life.

Chapter II. Temporary And Everlasting Happiness
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