Creation Within Creation
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Chapter I

Introduction To The Path Of Creator

The Path Of Creator

Welcome, I am Jonny John. 

I have created this website to share with you the ways of developing greater happiness in life. 

Why is happiness important?

Although we are all unique Selves with different journeys in life, we all share the same destination—Towards Greater Happiness!

Realize that happiness is a desire that is inherent in all of us: We all desire greater happiness—to feel content, loved, and fulfilled—rather than the states of sadness, loneliness, and emptiness.   

But, have you ever questioned:  

"Why is this so?"

"Why is it that we are all drawn towards happiness?"

Isn't it by knowing more about what happiness is and the ways to create it that one can realize the intentions behind the divine design and realize the Deeper Purpose of one's existence?

In my own pursuit of happiness, I have explored happiness in all possible ways. And the more I tried to create it and refine the Knowing of it, the more I realized that this attractive force exists in every one of us because it's a guide that is constantly tugging at us to go where the soul needs to be!

Because as you embark on such a journey, you will come to know more and more about yourself—You will develop Self-Realization, Enlightenment. 

You will also come to know more about the causes of your unhappiness—Which are The Suffering States of the Mind, The Darkness Within. 

You will also realize that to create greater happiness in life, the causes of the Darkness Within must be Illuminated—Self-Transformation.

And the more you Illuminate the Darkness, the clearer you will see the Truth of who you really are—The Creator!

Realize that by divine design, you are like Light that is trying to know more about itself through the experience of Darkness. The desire for happiness is like a candle that is guiding you to see the direction of your spiritual journey.

If you wish to know more about this journey, you can continue exploring this website!

I have named this journey the Path Of Creator because the more you journey inwards to create greater happiness within, the more you will realize the answers to the most desired question in Creation—

"Who Am I?"

To begin, let us explore the two types of happiness you can create in life! 

Chapter II. Temporary And Everlasting Happiness
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