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"We often think out of the fear of the unthinkable"


Defining Worry

Worrying is a negative state of mind when we are in fear that certain outcomes may happen.

We all know that worrying does nothing but to create a miserable state of the Mind.

But why do we worry?

Let us look at the suffering states of the mind in relation to worrying.

Worry In Depth

Worrying is more prevalent in people who are attached to ideas of right and wrong.

When we have such ideas it can greatly stimulate the mind. When the mind is in a stimulated state it can lead us to intellectualise excessively about the choices we make.

Often a choice is simple when the state of mind of our mind is clear and grounded in the present moment. But when we are greatly attached to the Ideas of what is right and what is wrong it can push us to over-intellectualize about things which can uproot our being and make us topple towards the future and begin worrying about what will happen if we were to make this or that decision. Because the future has not happened thus it is of infinite possibilities. A mind which is attached to the ideas of right and wrong will often search for the worst possible outcome in fear that it may happen.

What drives the state of worries comes from our fears - Our fears of doing something wrong in particular i.e. our fears of not making the right choices, our fears of certain outcomes of the future, our fears of not making the best choices. Whatever the fear all forms of Sufferings will always recede back to one root cause which is the lack of Self-Acceptance.


Importance Of Addressing Worry

To address the state of worrying we have to first develop the intention to address it. Some people may think that it is a humane act to worry i.e. that they are doing something loving by worrying about a loved one who is overseas, or someone who is sick etc. - and as a result they will allow themselves to worry and worry again and again. It is only when one truly sees the negative impact and suffering states that worrying can bring to one’s Mind that one will then take the steps to address it, so let us look at some of these.

Worrying is a state which can greatly drain the mental energy thus it can create a lot of wasteful expenditure of one's energy I.e. one can begin worrying about completing a job in their mind whilst trying to sleep which serves no purpose.

Do you often think a lot when you try to sleep at night?

The act of worrying thus can always push us out of being grounded in the present state and throw us into the future. In this state the mind can be greatly stimulated by the imagination and this can be a very draining experience at both the physical and mental level for the person who is worrying.

When we worry too much it can also make us indecisive because the more we worry the more the vivid the fear will be in making the wrong decisions.

Worrying can also drive us to excessively control people, i.e. worrying about our friends or children of not doing the right thing. Such a Self is lacking the Knowing of the differences between worrying out of Fear and guiding someone out of Love.

Do you often worry about whether or not other people are doing the right thing in their lives?

Path Of Creator

Worry In Relation To The Path Of Creator

"Worrying cannot change the world"

The journey begins first with understanding the difference between worrying and using our mind to plan for the future. The former is a state of negative experience where one is lacking control of one’s mind whilst the latter The Self is in control over one's Mind.

Thus the destination is not to come into a state where we force ourselves not to think about the future, but rather to a state that when we do we are not in a suffering state with complete mastery of our Mind.

At The Idea Level

As the Seed Cause for all forms of Sufferings recede back to Negative Ideas, we will look at the state of worrying from the perspective of Negative Ideas.

Negative Ideas are Ideas which promote the Rejection Of The Self.

Such Ideas can be transcribed into declarations with the following openings –

“It is not ok....”


“It is not ok to fail”
“It is not ok for him/her to attend the party”
“It is not ok to look like an idiot in front of people”
“It is not ok to appear vulnerable”

Worrying is the fear of the Negative Ideas within manifesting into reality.

When we are worrying we are using our mind in dwelling on such possibilities of it happening. Thus the more one is attached to the Negative Ideas the more one will be compelled to worry.

So generally as one work on their Sufferings the state of worrying will be naturally addressed.

Let us look at some examples of Negative Ideas which can create the Suffering States of Worrying.

A Possible Negative Mental Declaration

"It is not ok to for the worst thing to happen"

->I reject myself and others when I am/they make the worst things happen.

= There will be fear when the worst thing to happen because it is not ok.

For the mind which carries the negative declaration, the person will tend to over think situations and be in fear of the worst possible outcome.

The transition towards the positive declaration begins when one realizes that the fear of making the wrong decisions is there because of self-judgement. Thus the journey will be about loving ourselves and the forgiveness of The Self especially in situations when a wrong decision is made.

This Negative Idea can be more prevalent in Selves who have high expectations of themselves and others as there will be a fear / worry that one may "underperform."

Throughout the journey The Self will realize that worry will never help with the result thus The Self will learn about lessons concerning pessimism and optimism.

I.e. instead of thinking “What is the worst that could happen?”

Why not think

“What is the best thing that could happen?


Develop Experienced Knowledge

When you experience the state of worrying, you will be tempted to think and think over and over again about a particular issue in your mind.

Simply tell yourself that no clear answers will come unless the mind is clear because when the mind is chaotic, chaotic answers will come to create more chaos.

Thus whenever we encounter the state of worrying we simply use our Inner Powers to choose the state of Stillness rather than the state of Worrying. And naturally then all will be clear.

You can try the Holy Temple Technique to help you to release all your worries within a minute.

The Creator's Meditation
Link here

Whenever we experience the state of worry we simply tell ourselves to simply focus on our body journey with a Still mind. This will allow the habit of always falling into a “thinking” state whenever we experience “Fear” to be addressed and transformed.

And then as one’s mind recedes into Stillness simply observe the themes of thoughts that come to disturb that Stillness. That is how we develop the Knowing of the Deeper Cause of our Worries.

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