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12. Rejection Of The Self In Relation To Suffering


Hi, I am Jonny John Liu.

Today I want to talk more about The Self so you can understand more about how the Mind works.

I want to talk particularly about the Rejection of The Self.

Remember, the state of Self-Rejection is the Seed cause for your Suffering states of Mind, whether it is anger, a fear, impatience, it's all caused by the state of Self-Rejection.

Today I want to talk more about the state of Self-Rejection and why it creates suffering so that you can realize the importance of developing Self-Acceptance.

So, in the previous videos, we have learnt that all forms of Sufferings come from Negative Ideas.

Before we move forward, let us quickly recap on what Negative Ideas are.

All forms of Suffering states of Mind comes from Negative Ideas.

Negative Ideas are ideas which promote the state of Self-Rejection.

Negative Ideas can be understood as Self-Declarations beginning with—


"It is not ok..."

For instance, when we become attached to the Negative Idea “it is not ok to fail”, when this Negative Idea is triggered, for example, from outer situations such as when we fail or when others fail, all levels of The Self will experience this Negative Idea differently—the Emotional Self as negative emotions, the Mental Self as negative thoughts, the Physical Self as negative physical sensations all at one time as there is no separation within.

The totality of this experience is what you call Suffering.

So, Negative Ideas are the seed cause for all forms of suffering states of Mind, your unhappiness, your limitations, fears, and negativities.

In this video, I would like to go deeper into this topic of suffering as to why Self-Rejection can create such a Suffering Experience.

Remember in the previous video, we learnt about what The Self really is— we are in essence Consciousness Energy.

So if you look within, you will realize that there are no parts of The Self which does not belong to you.

The more you develop Self-Awareness, the more you will become aware that the Deeper Mind knows of only one Truth—That is there is only one self and because there is only one Self, All is The Self. Here in the deeper Mind there is no argument whether the Emotional Self or the Mental Self are different Selves. And further along your journey, you will become aware that this Truth also applies to the world outside—Everything which exists in the universe is The Self, even strangers, even objects, everything you see on the outside.

To the Deeper Mind, there is only One Self.

Because there is only One Self, all is The Self

Naturally, if we lived according to this Truth and be in a state of acceptance inwards and outwards, then we would be in a state of pure harmony and happiness—the state of Nirvana.

But this is not the case because as we have the ability to make choices to distort the Truth.

Instead of Accepting that all is The Self, we can be in a state of Rejecting Ourselves or Other Selves.

We can say that we dislike this part of ourselves, that part of Other Selves. We can hate this person for being stupid. We can hate ourselves for being poor.

Now when this happens, it creates great confusion to the deeper Mind as this is much like saying to a mirror and declaring that there parts of it that should not be there.

And when the Truth becomes distorted, it will create waves of confusion through all levels of The Self. This confusion is perceived as this experience we have come to know as—Unhappiness or Suffering.

So to be precise, unhappiness is the feeling that The Self experiences when it experiences the distortion of the Truth.

Ok, so what I have been saying can sound a bit confusing but right now, it doesn't matter if you understand it or not.

Because you eventually will!

Right now, let us just focus on how we can use this information in a practical way

We now know that the state of Rejection is what creates the Suffering experience, so we can try our best to develop the state of Acceptance towards The Self.

And we now also know that there is only One Self.

Putting these two pieces of knowledge together, we now can realize the way to accelerate the journey is to develop Self-Acceptance, directed both ways. Because to the deeper Mind there is only One Self.

For instance, anger cannot be transformed if one does not direct the acceptance towards oneself and also towards Other Selves. For instance, if you only learn to forgive others but never forgive yourself then you will not make much progress.

So, Self-Acceptance always have to be directed both ways.

That is the other key to Self-Transformation.

And because there is only One Self, you can use this information to understand more about your suffering states of Mind.

For instance, if you hate an arrogant person, most likely you will also hate that arrogant part of you. If you feel that it’s embarrassing when you see someone trying to talk to a stranger at the bus stop, most likely you will feel embarrassed if you were to talk to that stranger too. So, realize that everything you perceive on the outside will always somehow come back to you— how you see yourself.

So in summary, to the deeper Mind there is only One Self.

This includes you, other people, and to the trees you see, the objects you use, the food that you eat.

This is the Truth to the deeper Mind, and when it becomes distorted, then you will experience Suffering.

So develop Self-Acceptance, that is how you develop Self-Transformation.


When you are in a suffering state of Mind, you are in a state of Rejection.

So every day when you experience unhappiness, fear, agitation, you can start to ask yourself:

“What is it that I am rejecting and why?”

For example, you can ask the following questions to help you complete the task,

What is it that I am rejecting?

Is it the other person?

Is it myself?

Is it the situation?

And Why?

On this worksheet, list down at least seven examples of suffering situations and write down what you are rejecting and why.

Again, the goal is not so much about being correct in what you write down, but rather, to be aware that when you are suffering, you are in the state of Rejection.

-Jonny John Liu

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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