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11. What is The Self?


Hi, I am Jonny John.

The Self.

What is The Self?

I have been using the word The Self a lot in my videos, so let us clarify on what it is because it's important as it will really help you on your journey towards Self-Transformation.

So what is The Self?

Who are we?

Let us begin!

We are in essence Consciousness Energy.

We are not just meat and bones, but we are consciousness energy, operating this vehicle called the Physical Body.

So we are, in essence, energy.

Your thoughts and emotions are all consciousness energy—they are all parts of you.

Now, much like you know how white light can be split into different colours through a prism so that we can observe the different spectrums inside of it, occupying One space, One time, The Self is much like light because within, are different levels operating at different frequencies.

But let's not get too scientific!

Just think of The Self as having different layers.

There is the Physical self, which is your physical body.

There is the Emotional Self, which is the part of you involving the emotions.

And then there is the Mental Self, which is the part of you which involves the thoughts.

And then there is the Intuitional Self and so forth.

Now, these levels of The Self are all happening in One space, One time.

So, when you go through an experience in life, all levels of The Self are experiencing it.

And how much you are aware of your thoughts and emotions will be determined by the level of your self-awareness.

So, when you eat ice cream for example, you can feel the ice cream with your mouth and taste buds. But in addition to your physical body experiencing the ice cream, the emotional, the mental, the intuitional self are also experiencing it at the same time, generating thoughts and emotions about the experience.

Ok so how do we put this information into practical use?

In the previous videos, we have come to understand that the Seed Cause for all forms of Sufferings, the negative states of the mind, come from Negative Ideas.

Negative Ideas are Ideas which promote the Rejection of The Self.

So when we go through a suffering experience, what happens in the deeper mind is that we are experiencing the Negative Idea. And because all layers of The Self are connected, that Negative Idea will be experienced in all levels of The Self as negative emotions and thoughts and physical sensations.

So, for instance, if we go through an experience where someone said something which embarassed us, we can use the negative emotions, negative thoughts, negative physical sensations as clues to find the Negative Ideas we have about the experience. Maybe we can feel heat in our face.

And realize that if you transform the Negative Idea, Seed cause of your suffering, then all Selves will be transformed!

As you transform the Negative Seed, then no more negative emotions and thoughts towards the same experience!

This is how The Self is Transformed at all levels of the mind because all Selves are connected.

In the next video, we will talk more about Negative Ideas, in particular, the state of Self-Rejection.

-Jonny John Liu

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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