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20. Discovering The Negative Ideas


Hi, I am Jonny John.

In the last video, we talked about what Negative Ideas are. Today let us talk about how to discover them!

But before that, let us do a quick recap on what Negative Ideas are.

So, let us talk about how to discover the Negative Ideas within.

First, we have to understand that the mind is Consciousness—it's energy.

So, Negative Ideas are in essence, consciousness energy. More precisely, Negative Ideas are energetic distortions.

But because it is hard to understand Negative Ideas as energetic distortions, I have simplified the distortions as self-declarations which begin with "It is not ok…"

i.e. "It is not ok to be bossy."

i.e. "It is not ok to be lazy."

i.e. "It is not ok to fail."

Because any Ideas beginning with "It is not ok..." will promote the suffering states of the mind, causing distortions within.

If you want, you can transcribe Negative Ideas in a way which works for you.

Now, it would be great if say when we encounter suffering experiences we could just ask ourselves what Negative Ideas are behind the experience and get it straight away.

But in practice it is not so easy because of several reasons

Firstly, one of the reasons is because we just don't know ourselves, our mind well enough. Because of the lack of knowing, it can be hard to know what's actually happening inside when we go through a suffering experience.

The solution to this problem is to develop the Knowing of The Self.

Practices such as meditation can help one to accelerate the progress!

The second reason is because we have not been taught what Negative Ideas are.

You see, in life we have only been taught emotions and thoughts as part of our consciousness vocabulary, and through practice, we've learnt how to associate each emotion and thoughts to the experiences we go through.

For instance, ...this feeling is..jealousy ...this feeling is ...curiosity...

We have learnt through practice how to translate inner experiences into words, which is very helpful for us to understand ourselves more.

Now, Negative Ideas are like an expansion to your consciousness vocabulary.

But because it's something we have not practised before, it will take a lot of practice and attempts to transcribe our experiences properly into Negative Ideas.

In the beginning, most likely you will be just guessing, but later on you will become more capable!

A good practice in the beginning is to try writing down your thoughts and emotions about a suffering experience and try to find the Negative Ideas within them.

We covered this in the video (I think it was number 16) where we talked about using writing to know yourself.

Now the third reason as to why it can be hard for us to discover the Negative Ideas is because when we encounter a suffering experience, the mind will become so stimulated, so reactive that we can forget to observe for the cause.

For instance, when we are in a situation where our boss refuses to give us a pay rise, we can become so focused on what has happened and begin imagining what should have happened, and that can make it really hard for us to simply observe for the Negative Ideas!

The solution for this is to develop Stillness. Again by doing less stimulating things throughout the day, and the practice of meditation and yoga will greatly help!

So don't worry if you fail in discovering the Negative Ideas when you try.

In the beginning it will be natural for you to be clueless.

It will take many times of experiencing the same suffering experiences to truly understand what it is going on in the mind!

So don't give up if you fail the first time, as there can be many Negative Ideas within one suffering experience which can greatly confuse the mind!

You can go to my website to look at some of the possible Negative Ideas behind your experiences.

In summary, through the attempt of trying to transcribe suffering experiences into Negative Ideas is how you develop the ability to discover the Negative Ideas.

Practices such as meditation will help you greatly.

You can take meditation courses such as the 5 Present breaths course to help you to develop Stillness of the mind.

Like with everything, we will only get better at something with practice.

So, keep trying!

In the next video, we will talk about how to expand the Negative Ideas to learn more about ourselves.


Every day when you experience fear, negativity, unhappiness, simply ask yourself what is not ok.

And try to find the answer.

It is alright if you do not know, and if you really do not know then just leave it.

But do question, because this will help you, the mind, to become more and more aware every day.

And if you do discover a Negative Idea, collect it.

Remember to store a list of Negative Ideas in the worksheet provided in video 16. I have attached it again here as well!

-Jonny John Liu

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