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19. Suffering And Negative Ideas


Hi I am Jonny John Liu

Today I want to talk about the suffering states of the mind and how they are created by Negative Ideas.

The suffering states of mind are the states of mind which promotes unhappiness, limitation, confusion.

For instance, when we experience fears, anger, impatience, we are experiencing the suffering states of the mind.

The dark states of the mind are certainly mysterious because most of us do not know where are they from and why are they there?

One thing we all know is that we don't like them. As a result most of us would choose to run away from them, rather than towards them to know why they are there. It’s like the elephant in the room. It’s there, but we don’t want to talk about it.

In some countries it has even become a stigma to even talk about one’s issues of the mind. As a result, the negative states of the mind remains mysterious, unknown, and because we don't know much about it, we can't address it, we don't address it.

So today in this video I want to take you towards the knowing of the suffering states of your mind, towards the cause of it so that you can know what it really is.

Now it is easy to come to the conclusion that the cause of our sufferings for instance our fears, worries, anger are caused by the situation outside.

For instance, by the job interview, by the stupid people who tick us off.

But it is only when we look inwards that we discover that the quality of experience has to do with how we perceive our experiences.

For instance, when the word “stupid” is said to some will be offended, some may not even react at all , some may even be entertained. Everyone will react to the same word differently depending on their perception of that word, of the ideas we have about that word.

And Negative Ideas are what makes an experience a Negative One, a Suffering one.

It is what makes our perception Negative.

So let us examine what Negative Ideas are.

So in the previous video we learnt that Negative Ideas are Ideas which promote the state of Rejection.

When we are in the suffering state of mind, we are in a state of rejection, for instance, towards ourselves, towards other people, towards a situation, or anything in the world. I call this state of rejection a state of Self-Rejection. Because to the deeper mind, all is The Self.

Now what are some examples of Negative Ideas?

Let me give you some examples

“I hate her because she was arrogant"

"I shouldn’t be treated like a kid"

"I shouldn’t make a loss and so forth"

These are Negative Ideas because they promote Self-Rejection.

But to simplify, Negative Ideas can be understood as Self-Declarations beginning with "It is not ok..."

i.e.. "It is not ok to fail"

When we experience the Negative Ideas being triggered by an inner or outer experience, we will experience the Negative Ideas in all levels of The Self. For instance, as Negative thoughts, negative emotions, negative physical sensations.

This is the experience of Unhappiness, of Suffering.

So when we become attached to the negative idea “It is not ok to be stupid” and when this is triggered by someone calling us “stupid” we will experience unhappiness emotionally, mentally and physically.

So in summary Negative Ideas are the cause for all forms of Suffering states of mind, fears, limitations, negativities, confusions, unhappiness.

Negative Ideas are Ideas which promote the state of Self-Rejection.

When we become attached to these ideas, we will experience suffering states of mind every time these Ideas are triggered by an inner or outer experience.

In the next few videos we will look at how to discover them and later on how to transform them.

So I’ll see you in the next video.

-Jonny John Liu

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