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22. Transforming The Negative Ideas


Hi, I am Jonny John Liu.

Ok, let's talk about how to transform the Negative Ideas.

So, the suffering states of mind is experienced when we become attached to Negative Ideas.

So, to release ourselves from suffering, we transform the Negative Ideas!

Just to clarify, transforming Negative Ideas is the same as Releasing our attachments towards the Negative Ideas.

Now, there are various ways to Transform Negative Ideas.

And of course, you will discover your own methods along your own journey.

But for any method to work, the method must in some way develop Self-Acceptance because Negative Ideas promote Self-Rejection, and to transform it we do the opposite, which is to develop Self-Acceptance.

Today I want to give you a method to give you an idea of how this is done. And in future videos, I will include other methods in which you can use. There are hundreds of methods!

So, whenever you discover a Negative Idea in your Suffering Experiences, you can simply invert it, and this will give you an idea of the journey you have to go on.

For instance, when you discover the Negative Idea—

"It is not ok to fail"

Simply invert it, and you will get

"It is ok to fail."

Remember, the destination is to reach this state of mind of acceptance.

So, the journey is not about becoming a failure in life, but rather it is to develop Self-Acceptance inside!

Now, by learning how to establish a journey to transform the Negative Ideas, this is already powerful enough.

But how do we complete the journey?

But first, let us develop the motivation to go on such a journey by understanding why transforming the Negative Ideas to the opposite, which are potentiating ideas—"It is ok..." can release us from the suffering states of the mind.

So let us use an example: say that there is this job you really wanted. You went to the interview, and after a few days, you find out that you have failed the interview. You are now depressed, angry, and sad. So the experience has triggered a Negative Idea to surface.

Let's say if this Negative Idea is "It is not ok to underperform", realize that if we continue to repeat the Negative Idea in our mind—"It is not ok underperform.."it is not ok to underperform"—then obviously we only experience unhappiness, suffering again and again.

But if you were able to convince the mind that "It is ok to underperform", then there will be no more Suffering, unhappiness, self-criticism right?

You would be able to just let the experience pass and move forward!

Now, of course, the mind won't be so convinced when you try to go against its beliefs, especially an idea that it has become strongly attached to. You will no doubt encounter inner resistance when you try to go against the mind.

But you may experience temporary relief or an increase in happiness in moments when you are able to convince the mind that it is ok to fail. If you do, this is also an indicator that you have found the correct Negative Ideas behind your experiences.

Now a good practice is to always go against the Negative Ideas when you experience them, for instance, to believe that it is ok to fail when your mind says it is not ok, to come out of the negative states of the mind as quickly as possible.

Because not only will this stop the feeding of negative energy towards the Negative Ideas, this will also help us develop the Knowing of why the inner resistance is there.

Practices such as meditation and yoga will help because they help you to develop the ability to be Still rather than to be overcome by the negativities within.

Now it is important to develop Self-Knowing, especially in respect as to why we cannot simply be in a state of Self-Acceptance in that moment of Suffering.

Because through knowing why we lack Self-Acceptance, then we can know the ways to develop it, to use life experiences to transform the Negative Ideas. These will be the spiritual lessons you can take in life to accelerate your journey of Self-Transformation.

For instance, if you realize that you need to forgive yourself more, then you can use various life experiences to develop Self-Forgiveness!

So we're not trying to brainwash ourselves, for instance, that it is ok to fail. We are using life experiences to develop the wisdom, the knowing, that it is ok to fail!

To transform the mind in a natural way—That is how you can transform the mind at the deepest level!

You can ask the following questions to uncover your spiritual lessons.

"Why can I not accept this Idea?"

"Why can I not accept Other Selves when they are...i.e. failures"

"Why can I not accept myself when I fail?"

"How can I accept myself and others when I fail or when they fail?"

For more articles on how to transform Negative Ideas, you can visit my website

In summary, to transform Negative Ideas, we can invert them first to understand the journey that we have to undertake.

And the key to complete that journey is to develop Self-Knowing and Self-Acceptance.

-Jonny John Liu

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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