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23. Habit And Negative Ideas


Hi, its Jonny John.

We all have different habit patterns.

For instance, some of us like to eat slow, some of us like to eat fast, some of us like to jump to conclusions, while some of us like to analyze.

So we all have different ways of doing things, different way of thinking.

We all have different habit patterns.

Today I want to talk about the habit patterns we have in relation to suffering because the suffering states of the mind can be seen as a habit pattern to always react negatively again and again when a similar situation arises.

For instance, to experience fear whenever there is a big audience, to experience anger when something goes wrong.

By understanding the how a habit pattern is created in relation to the suffering states of the mind, it can then help us in understanding how to transform it, to transform our fears, to transform our negative reactions.

Before we move forward let us do a quick recap on Negative Ideas.

You can skip this section if you already understand what they are.

Let us understand more about Negative Ideas in context to life.

So, when we go through an experience in life, we will generate Ideas about the experience.

For instance we may go to a job interview, we will generate ideas about the job interview.

The quality of the experience will always be determined by the quality of our Ideas.

For instance, if we have Negative Ideas about the job interview then the experience will become a bad experience.

For instance, if we generate Negative Ideas such as "It is not ok to be judged", "It is not ok to fail", "It is not ok to know what will happen", the more we react negatively to these ideas the worse the experience will become. The more fear we will experience, the more negativity we will have.

Now coming back to habit patterns.

A habit pattern is created when we do the same thing again and again.

This can be understood as a wheel. When you keep spinning the wheel one way, then the wheel will keep spinning. The only way to stop the wheel is to generate an opposing force, which is to do the opposite of what you used to do.

In the case of the suffering states of mind, the habit pattern is created when we react negatively again and again to our Negative Ideas.

So, by generating an opposing force, it can help transform the wheel, the cycle of our suffering states of the mind in the other way.

In practice, this means that whenever you experience the negative idea of failing, you can oppose the mind by trying your best to accept that it is ok to fail!

When you experience the anger, when someone does something wrong, you can try to oppose the mind by trying to forgive the other person!

If you were to react negatively again and again as you've done in the past, then you will not be transforming your habit patterns. You will not be transforming your mind.

Remember, to transform a habit pattern you have to start doing something different.

In terms of the Suffering states of mind, it is about turning the Negative Idea "It is not ok..." --> "It is ok..."

Technically speaking, the energy required to cancel the opposing force is the same as the energy generated to create the habit pattern.

Now in the beginning this will be quite difficult because that wheel of suffering is spinning in the negative direction because we have been turning it for all our lives. So at first it will feel challenging and impossible to change the direction of that wheel.

You will experience inner resistance.

You will experience an unwillingness of the mind to do something different.

But the more you try to be less negative each time you feel the urge to react negatively in your life experiences the easier it will become next time.

You will realize that if you tried to react less in one time, the next time you will naturally react less. So, it will only become easier and easier with time. So, it is important to develop the state of Stillness, and this will help us with letting the negative reactions come and go each time we experience them.

Developing the Knowing of The Self will help to greatly accelerate your progress because the more you know about your mind, the more you will know about why you've spun the wheel in the negative direction in the first place, the more powerful The Self-Transformation.

For instance, by realizing more and more at how anger can create misery within, the more intention you will have naturally to address it by letting it go, and this will greatly add more force in transforming that wheel of suffering!

So, in conclusion, the habit pattern of always reacting negatively again and again can only be transformed if we do something different with our reactions, which is to react less and less.

Developing Stillness and Knowing will help to greatly accelerate your progress!

-Jonny John Liu

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