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24. Stillness And Negative Ideas


Hi, I am Jonny John.

Developing the state of Stillness is very important on the path of Self-Transformation because through Stillness, you can discover how the mind works, as from Stillness, the Chaos within is known.

And with deeper Stillness, the cause of that Chaos will be known, and when the cause is known, we can then address it.

In terms of the cause of the Suffering states of the mind, it is the Negative Ideas we have about ourselves and the world that need to be discovered and transformed.

So, developing Stillness will help you on your journey of Self-Transformation.

Meditation is one of the best tools which can be used for one to develop the State of Stillness.

Although the state of Stillness can be developed through various activities in the outside world, for instance, doing less during the day, but it is only when one closes their eyes and close off their outer senses that one can truly intensify their inner-awareness to observe what is happening inside, to truly experience and observe the Chaos within.

And through the practice of meditation, one will begin to experience the various states of the mind: Wandering thoughts, suppressed thoughts, pleasant and unpleasant emotions bubbling out to the surface. These experiences are valuable because through trying to remain Still and Observing, one will begin to understand the different states of the mind—when it is in Chaos, or when it is Still, and how it affects one's happiness.

And through the practice of meditation, one will also be able to maintain that self-awareness throughout the day. This will allow one to know what is happening inside when one is experiencing the world outside. This is how one can accelerate the journey of Self-Knowing.

Ok, now let us talk about Stillness in relation to Transforming Negative Ideas.

In practice, when you encounter a suffering experience in life, in terms of Self-Transformation, it is best if you are able to come out of it as quickly as possible rather than dwelling in the negativity.

This means to face your suffering experiences with a state of Stillness—meaning, to pull yourself back to the state of Stillness as quickly as possible rather than dwelling in the negativity.

This will do two things: One is that it stops the feeding of negative energy to the Negative Ideas, which means that the next time you experience them, you will feel the negative reactions less.

And the other thing is that it will help you to get into a state of clarity because when we are dwelling in Chaos all the answers we receive will be chaotic answers. It is by coming into a state of Stillness we will be able to understand what is happening in clear light.

Now this will be very difficult to do without the practice of meditation. So that is why the practice of meditation is suggested.

I've created some meditation courses such as the 5 Present Breaths and the Creator's Meditation (in the Self-Transformation Course), which you can incorporate into your life.

Through meditation, you will learn how to pull yourself back into the state of Stillness every time you encounter Chaos. And through daily practice, you will remember the state of Stillness.

So, through the practice, you will develop the mental muscle and memory to pull yourself back into the state of Stillness, and this will help you in real life when you encounter situations which can pull you into a state of Chaos, suffering.

A good idea is to link the declaration "It is ok..." with the State of Stillness, so that each time you experience suffering experiences, you can tell yourself "It is ok..." to bring back the mental memories of what the State of Stillness is.

Knowing the state of Stillness will also help you to understand how to transform the Negative Ideas.

For instance from "It is not ok to fail" to "It is ok to fail." 

Because in that situation, when you encounter the Negative Idea surfacing when you fail in something, you will encounter suffering and Chaos in the mind.

And when you try to pull yourself back into the state of Stillness, you are essentially trying to transform the negative idea from "It is not ok to fail." to "It is ok to fail."

So, in summary, it is very important to develop the state of Stillness because it not only helps one to develop Self-Awareness and Self-Knowing but also it can help one on their journey of transforming the suffering states of the mind!

-Jonny John Liu

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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