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26. Stimulation And Negative Ideas


Hi, I am Jonny John.

Now, I talked about how excessive stimulation can affect the mind in a previous video, but today I want to talk about the Relationship between Stimulation and Negative Ideas.

So when we are in a state of Stillness, we are in a state of peace and harmony with ourselves; it is certainly a state of happiness.

Now when we are in a state of stimulation, we can fall into the illusion that we are in a higher state of happiness, but rather, we are simply in an excited state of mind.

That excited state of mind can be a blissful one, but the reality is that doing stimulating things will only lead to the desire of craving for stimulation again and again.

And then, we can become attached to the things which stimulate our mind and we can experience unhappiness when we are without it.

So, pursuing happiness in this way can really be a double-edged sword.

And when we are in a stimulated state of mind, we are no longer present, which is important especially if we wish to develop Self-Knowing.

Now, let us understand about how stimulation works in relation to Negative Ideas.

First, we learn that when we produce thoughts which stimulates the mind, it will always drive the mind to search for stimulation. And it doesn't have to be the object of what the mind is stimulated about— whether it is stimulating thoughts about interesting conversations, sex, drugs, entertainment—once the mind is stimulated it will basically desire for some sort of stimulus to fill that void within.

So, that is why when your mind is stimulated, it will be difficult to rest and simply do nothing. In such a state, the mind will drive you with the desire to do something. This is when your mind has become your master and when you become its slave, following its orders of fulfilling desires that cannot be fulfilled because in search for more stimulation it will only creates more demand.

When you have little mastery over the mind, then this pattern will be hard to stop, thus driving you down on the road of unfulfillment and suffering.

Now it can seem like I'm talking as if the mind and you are separate, but realize that I am just talking it in a way so it's easier for you to understand—In truth you are the mind.

When you are in a state of stimulation, it will be difficult for you to be Still, much like when you are hot, it will be difficult for you to cool.

And what will stimulates the mind most are Negative Ideas.

Negative Ideas are ideas which promote Self-Rejection.

For instance, "It is not ok to be embarassed." will create the fear of being embarrassed because it is not ok.

Negative Ideas are the seed cause of all forms of Sufferings, and attachment to

Negative Ideas can actually drive us into a state of aversion or craving towards things.

For instance the Negative Idea—"It is not ok to not have money" can drive us to become attached to money.

It is important to understand this because what stimulates our mind the most will always be the things that we hate the most and the things that we crave the most. Both types of desires are created by Negative Ideas.

So, to truly address any issues to do with over-stimulating the mind thus will require us to address the Negative Ideas within, to release our attachments to the Negative Ideas within. It is only when we no longer feel the need to stimulate our mind for happiness that we can truly be happy.

So, as long as you work on transforming your Negative Ideas, then the issues to do with stimulation will naturally be resolved.

So, in summary, there is a strong connection between Stimulation and Negative Ideas.

Attachment towards Negative Ideas are what creates our aversions and cravings, both of which are what will stimulate our mind the most.

-Jonny John Liu

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