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3. Know The Self To Transform The Self


Hi. I am Jonny John Liu.

How do we release ourselves completely from our fears?

From our impatience?

From our anger?

So that we don’t have to experience them again?

How do we make that journey into that dark part the mind?

And transform it?

Illuminate it?

The answer is—With Knowing!

That is how you make progress

Knowing what?

I'm talking about Knowing yourself! That is how you transform your Mind.

It is important to develop the Knowing of The Self especially if we want to address our Sufferings at the deepest level of the mind.

To live without suffering, without any fears, negativities—That is our destination!

And of course, this will be gradual process. A challenging process.

Some people may think this is impossible. This is usually because people do not know how.

It's important to know how, and that is through developing Knowing. This is the biggest crucial step for Transformation to happen. Without realizing this, we can use a lot of effort and create little results.

To Know The Self is to know ourselves from the surface level to the deepest level—To know how our Mind works; to know the reactions behind the actions; to know the deeper desires behind the desires; to know the thoughts and what causes them.

To know the Consciousness.

To know The Creator of our Creations.

In life ,we can put so much effort on the computer, on our family, on our job, on distractions, on entertainment.

How much effort do we put into knowing ourselves?

You may be wondering what does Knowing go to do with addressing the suffering states of the mind.

Well let's use an analogy...

For example, when you want to address something, it's important to develop the Knowing of the subject. I.e. if you want to fix your health, you need to study nutrition. If you know nothing about health, what are you going to do?

So Similarly, if you do not know how your Mind works, how are you going to address it?

Suffering comes from within.

The subject is The Self.

So we have to develop the Knowing of The Self.

And this Knowing has to come from your own experience. Not from me or anyone else telling you how your Mind works!

Realize that there are two types of knowledge: Book knowledge and Knowledge from Experience

Let me share with you the difference in power between these two kinds of knowledge through a story.

So I was at this meditation centre 2 years ago and I met this Indian guy. We were chatting one day when he was telling me about his previous job. He enjoyed his work, but not the people whom he worked with. S,o long story short, he could not accept the way in which they worked. You know I'm sure we can all relate to him. There will be colleagues who are just bossy, or just noisy, who are just lazy and get you to do everything they don't want to do. Anyways, after 30 years of working there he finally was able to let go of the anger towards his colleagues.

How did he do that?

Well that was the question I asked him. I even asked him if he used some sort of technique?

He said he did not know any techniques. It was simply through working with his colleagues he eventually realized that everyone had a different way of working even himself.

And this gradual realization led to Transformation.

This was his Experienced Knowledge.

It had a transformative effect to his Mind.

But only to him not us.

This story, for now, is simply Book knowledge for you. Perhaps it is just enough to inspire.

But not enough to transform.

So it's important to develop the Knowing of The Self At the experiential level.

And this knowing can naturally come from simply living because in each passing moment, we can learn something new about ourselves.

But suffering for 30 years just to release anger by just a bit is way too long! But this is what will happen if we do not apply any effort to Know ourselves.

Without effort, we can suffer for a long time!

So, a good idea is to apply effort to develop the Knowing of The Self.

So, in this video, we've learnt that the journey of transforming our suffering states of Mind progresses with Knowing.

But how do we develop that Knowing?

We'll talk about it in the next video.

-Jonny John Liu

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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