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31. Life Catalysts - The Importance Of Tracking Progress In Life


So, before we get to the Catalyst Section, let us talk about the importance of measuring progress.

So, no matter what you do in life, it's always important to measure progress.

Because how else would you know if you are improving or not?

So, no matter what path you take in life, whether it is something like a sport, a skill, a religion, there must be a way to measure progress so that you know whether or not you are moving forward or simply stagnating so that you can know whether or not the path you have chosen is beneficial for you or not

So let us talk about how to measure progress on the path of Self Transformation!

Before we begin, first realize that because every experience we go through in life will always push us to go forward, to become more mature, and more knowing inside, you can never really go backward in terms of progress for Self-Transformation.

So now, let's talk about how we can measure progress on the path of Self-Transformation!

We use the experience of happiness.

If you are happier than before, then you have improved!

It's that simple.

But how do we measure the state of happiness?

We measure the amount of happiness experienced in a given moment and compare it to a past moment of a similar situation, for instance, comparing the fear experienced in a public speaking situation to a past situation where you had to do public speaking. If less fear is experienced, then you are certainly happier, then you have made progress!

So you can ask yourself the following questions:

"Am I happier than now than before?"

"Am I experiencing less fear than before?"

"Am I experiencing less anger in the same situation than before?"

"Am I coming out of the negative states of the mind quicker and quicker?"

Now, it's easier to see the amount of progress when we compare our current self to the past self a while ago, for instance, months ago or years ago.

But it will harder to see the amount of progress if we only use a distance of few days or weeks. Because we are experiencing the inner world in every moment, so gradual changes will always go by unnoticed.

A good idea is to rate the degree of fear, negativity, unhappiness you experience in a situation and give it a number between 1-10. For instance, to rate the fear you have just experienced in a job interview as a 5.5, then compare it later when you go for another job interview. Then you can find out whether or not you have improved. Of course it will be difficult to find "Exact" situations to make the comparison accurate.

Just do your best!

And also, if you find yourself improving at an accelerated pace, you can note down just what you are doing that has helped you so much and continue to do that.

Now on the journey of Self-Transformation, as long as you apply effort, you will be making progress. Sometimes we can feel like we are making slow progress, this is because we're used to seeing progress happening in the outside world.

The inner world is a bit different because a lot of our negativities and fears are deeply rooted, cultivated by years and years of negative habits. Thus to suddenly see gigantic progress in a day will be a bit unrealistic. Realistically, it will appear slow, but it's not really slow. Because if you can push a mountain, just by an inch, the Huge transformation you have created may not seem like much, but it's huge!

So, if you can change yourself, even by a bit, that's in itself incredible!

So in summary, measuring progress in whatever we do in life can be very helpful. It can help us to determine whether or not we are going in the right direction, and also seeing progress can help to motivate us to move even more forward.

-Jonny John Liu

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