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30. Life Catalysts Introduction

30-41 Intro

In this video series, you will learn the different catalysts that you can apply in life to accelerate Self-Knowing and Self-Transformation.

Each of these life catalysts can seem simple but they can be quite challenging.


Hi, I'm Jonny john.

Self-Transformation is about transforming ourselves, releasing the limitations: the suffering states of mind.

In short, it is about developing greater happiness inside!

Today, I want to talk about the difference between applying and not applying any effort and making an effort to develop Self-Transformation.

I want to answer the question:

Is Self-Transformation possible without applying any effort i.e. just by simply going through life experiences?

So let's begin!

So, naturally in life, we will go through various kinds of experiences. Technically, every moment is an experience, and every experience is helping us to grow, to understand about the world, to understand about ourselves. So every experience is helping us to develop Self-Knowing!

Now, the key to Self-Transformation is to develop Self-Knowing because the more we Know The Self, the more we will become aware that we are a part of everything and everyone around us. And this will naturally help us to develop Self-Acceptance, helping us to naturally transform and release all suffering states of the mind!

That is why from Self-Knowing comes Self-Acceptance, comes Self-Transformation!

So, without applying any effort, we are actually developing some sort of Self-Knowing and Self-Transformation through each experience we go through!

So why should we be making any effort for Self-Transformation?

Isn't life naturally pushing us in a forward direction already?

Well, the thing is that if we don't apply any effort, although Self-Transformation will happen naturally, it will only happen at a very slow rate, sometimes close to the point of stagnation.

And there are a few reasons for this.

The first reason is because we can get stuck in our comfort zone.

We can keep choosing experiences which do not challenge us or make us learn something different. Naturally, people are creatures of habit, specifically in their thinking patterns. To transform The Self is about doing something different—To break the habit patterns, to refine thinking patterns through introducing many angles of view rather than sticking with one narrow view!

If we do not go into different experiences in life—especially those which challenge us—then we will experience little growth. The Universe is always sending us experiences to help us grow, but because we have the freedom of choice, we often can choose not to go through them.

The second reason is in how we use each experience to grow.

Every experience can actually be very transformative if we know how to distil wisdom from them.

The lack of knowledge in this area means there will be little growth. Because when an experience comes, we can end up just reacting like a victim, rather than being observing like a student trying to learn from the experiences we go through.

So it's best to apply effort to develop Self-Transformation; otherwise, there will be little progress!

I mean, you can look at the people around you, who you are close to that you have known for a very long time. How much have they changed?

People don't change unless they put the effort to.

When I was young, I thought life experiences would naturally fix my fear of talking to people. But by the time I finished University, I still had problems looking at people in the eyes and holding conversations. It was only when I applied effort day in and day out working on Self-Transformation that this fear was released. Looking back, although it took four years for me to work through my fears, and without any effort, it would've taken 44 years!

Now what kind of efforts can we put into ourselves to develop Self-Transformation?

What things can we do in life to accelerate our journey of Self-Transformation?

There are hundreds of things you can do in life!

And I call these things Catalysts because they help to accelerate the process of Self-Transformation.

And Catalysts will always be challenging because they are there to transform your mind's beliefs, the mental patterns that we have become attached to which can create suffering.

To challenge our beliefs is how we transform our beliefs!

In the next couple of videos, I will be introducing different kinds of catalysts you can apply in your life.

And the one which you find most difficult to apply will be the best Catalyst for you!

But always give each Catalyst a try.

My advice to you is to just pick one Catalyst, and practice it for about a week or two, even a month before you move onto the next one.

Because one is challenging enough for most people.

And when you learn a Catalyst, most likely, you will forget to apply it throughout the day, so it's good to just stick with one and remind yourself to use it throughout the day.

-Jonny John Liu

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