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33. Life Catalysts - The Power Of Intention


Self-Transformation is about transforming ourselves at the Reaction level, for instance, to experience greater happiness inside rather than trying to appear happier on the outside.

So, a lot of work is done on the inside rather than the outside!

Today let us understand how Intention can be used as a catalyst to Accelerate the journey of Self-Transformation!

Now in terms of Self-Transformation, it is the Intention behind our efforts that determines the results, so our intentions will always play a major role in developing Self-Transformation.

Let us use an example to understand this better.

For instance, when we try to practice overcoming inner pain—for example, anger, impatience, fears and so forth—to overcome the pain, people can actually use different intentions to overcome it: Some people can carry the desire to overcome the pain by running away from it, by pretending that it’s not there, by suppressing their emotions; others may distract their mind with thoughts and imagination; others may try to distract themselves with other things to do in life.

Now in terms of developing Self-Transformation, the best way is to carry the Intention to accept, to accept that the negativity is there, to let it come and let it go, rather than trying to hold it, hate it, exaggerate it or push it away.

So, realize that we can do one thing with many different intentions.

And with different intentions will come different results.

In the former examples I gave you, there will be little Self-Transformation because one is simply practising the ability to suppress emotions and to distract oneself whilst the latter one is developing Self-Acceptance—and with Self-Acceptance comes Self-Transformation.

So realize this, One same practice will work differently for everyone depending on the Intention each carries. So using an example to illustrate—One meditation technique will work differently for everyone!

That is why in all my videos, I have stressed the importance of developing Self-Knowing and Self-Acceptance.

This is my way of getting your Intention aligned in the most efficient way to develop Self-Transformation. Without aligning your mind with proper intentions, then little Self-Transformation will result no matter how much you practice the techniques I may give you later about using forgiveness, trust, meditation as a catalyst.

So remember, the key to Self-Transformation is to develop Self-Knowing, Self-Acceptance.

So. make Self-Knowing and Self-Acceptance your Intention in whatever you do in life.

If you carry this Intention into every moment of your life, through the ups and downs, the viscissitudes of your life, you will develop great Self Transformation!

However, if you carry the Intention to run away from the up and downs of your life, there will be no Self-Transformation—You will simply be learning how to run up and down!

So in summary, there is great power in the intentions we carry because it is from our intentions that will determine the results.

When one carries the Intention to develop Self-Acceptance in everything one does in life, then one will be able to develop greater Self-Transformation!


Pick a day of a week.

On that day, try to carry the Intention to accept everything which comes your way.

I.e. whether someone says something to make you angry, or when you have said something you regret, simply carry the Intention to Accept, to come out of the negativity.

And when you cannot come out of the negativity, instead of hating or blaming the situation or person who has made you suffer, ask yourself instead the question:

"Why can I not accept this situation? this person?

"What is not ok?"

With time, the answers to the cause will come as one continues to practice.

If you feel a great inner resistance to do this, i.e. to not let go of the need to hate and punish the other person or situation, just tell yourself that you are doing this just for a day!

This Catalyst will work as long as you carry the Intention to come out of the negativity into a state of acceptance, and the more you practice questioning what it is that you cannot accept, the answers will come drop by drop!

-Jonny John Liu

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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