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34. Life Catalysts - The Transformative Power Of Honesty

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Hi I am Jonny John Liu

Let us start with a catalyst that is easy and simple to understand.

Today we are going to talk about how we can use Honesty to accelerate our journey of Self-Transformation.

Honesty is one of the most effective way to develop the Knowing of The Self. But honesty can be a difficult catalyst to practice.

For instance, some people can find it difficult to be honest to their parents out the fear of the fear of disrespecting them. Some people may find it impossible to express their complaints to their bosses in the fear of being fired. Some people may fear expressing an opinion in fear of being rejected by other people or hurting other people.

A lot of our fears thus can prevent us from being honest. And the more we let these fears overcome us the more we can start wearing different kind of masks. Masks for the parents, masks for our families. And the more masks we wear the more our True Self is buried, the more disconnections we create within ourselves.

Although it can seem impractical to be honest all the time. For instance to tell our work colleagues that we don’t like their perfume, to tell our boss that he’s not doing a good job, to tell our parents that they are stupid. But realize that being honest is not about saying things to piss other people off.

Being honest is about accepting how you really feel and not being dishonest about it when you express it.

At first this will seem difficult to do because most of us have become masters at hiding ourselves, but with practice, like lying, you will become a master at non-lying. And people will appreciate your honesty, because the most beautiful gift you can give to someone is your honesty. It allows the other selves to know what you are thinking and how you are feeling. And this will help you too in becoming more and more self-aware of who you really are. It will also make others more aware of who you are.

Being honest at a deeper level is also about being truthful to your Inner Selves. For instance, when you experience anger, accept that you have just experienced anger rather than lie to yourself that you are not an angry person. If you have experienced fear, then accept the fact that you have the fear. This is great for Self-Transformation, because to address any issues of the mind, we need to first accept that they are there.

Being honest can also help to bring out hidden fears inside. Because once you tell yourself that you will have to start being honest, you will no longer be able to hide your true thoughts and feelings, and this will uncover a tremendous amount of fear into light. Self-Knowing thus becomes developed at a rapid pace.

There are many ways to practice honesty, and you can practice it at all levels. To be honest to others, to be honest to yourself. To be honest about your opinions. To be honest about whether or not you like your current job. To be honest about how you feel about your current relationships. To be honest about what you really want in life. It is when you become honest you can really find your deeper desires and start making changes in your life.

So honesty is quite a powerful catalyst. When I was young I used to lie a lot. I used to be very shy to the point where I just can't talk to people. People would always ask me if I was alright when I wasn’t speaking, and usually I would just make up a lie or pretend that I'm okay and try to make it out that it's them who have the problem. But I was just in fear of socializing that's all. As a result of lying all the times I began to experience disconnections within my inner self. For instance back then my self-awareness was so bad when I was experiencing anger I wouldn’t know that I was expressing anger until a day after.

But practicing honesty helped me to uncover my fears, to come to face with what I needed to address. It helped me to develop Self-awareness, self-confidence, self-support. Of course when I first practiced honesty, I'm sure I have offended quite a few people, but to be honest, people are just easily offended, even at the smallest things.

So developing honesty it a very powerful catalyst to help you on your journey of Self-Transformation. Take it one step at a time. You can only truly experience freedom and happiness when you can live without your masks and simply be yourself.


Pick a week in a month and om that week, you cannot lie. When people ask you for your opinions, try your best not to lie, even if you have the fear of hurting other people's feelings, or the fear of being rejected by other people - try your best to overcome it. In whatever situation you are in, in this non-lying week, just speak the truth. No doubt you will encounter situations which will bring out the fear and imagination of what could happen if you speak the truth, but these are the situations that you need to face with honesty for you to develop greater self-Transformation.

If you experience fear, great, if you experience negativity, great, this is the process of uncovering the hidden negativities within. Always practice with the intention to develop Self-Acceptance, to accept yourself for who you are, and to accept others for who they are even if they end up rejecting you. Through the process you will develop Great Self-Acceptance. And when you find yourself in situations of experiencing negative ideas such as "It is not ok to be honest Just Tell yourself "It is ok to be honest' and this will help to greatly drive you to be even more honest.

Going through these experiences of being honest with yourself will greatly transform your mind.

-Jonny John Liu

Know and Transform The Self!

Sometimes we can hesitate to be honest because we can feel that something we are doing is wrong.

Realize that everything you do is perfect! The Self Blessings Meditation is a free practice will guide you to understand that it's ok to simply be you no matter who you are.

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