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38. Life Catalysts - Forgiveness To Transform the mind


Forgiveness is one of the most powerful catalysts on the journey of Self-Transformation because Forgiveness in its purest form is Self-Acceptance!

When someone has done something to make us angry, to make us sad, the pain that we feel can make us hate that person, reject that person. Forgiveness is about accepting that person, even though they have done something bad to us.

And accepting here means a state of mind rather than an action. So, acceptance does not mean that we have to now be their best friend! But rather, we reach a state of acceptance on the inside!

Now the mind can convince us to not accept a person when they have hurt us because we will feel that "It's unfair" for someone to have hurt us and feel that it's fairer to either ignore that person or to punish that person.

But realize that when we do not let go of such negative beliefs, the Suffering will only continue—never ending! And when we meet another person or a situation that does a similar thing to us, we will experience suffering again!

Now it's easy to talk wisdom about Forgiveness because we all know deep inside the importance of forgiving each other. But actually practising it is another story!

We all want to forgive, but sometimes the negativities and inner resistance inside can be so strong that we can end up just dwelling in the negativities of hatred, anger, control, revenge and so forth.

So, let us look at some of the beneficial things that is good for us so we can be more motivated to forgive someone.

So firstly, realize that when someone has hurt you, and you cannot forgive that someone, you are in a suffering state of mind. And without forgiving someone, you will be simply holding that pain—What you are doing is that you are not actually punishing the other person but rather yourself!

So, realize that when you forgive someone, it's not for their benefit, but rather it is for the benefit of yourself, for your happiness, for your well being!

And by coming back into the state of Stillness through Forgiveness, that is when you can start observing for the Negative Ideas within that has caused the suffering states of mind. This is how you develop Self-Knowing, Self-Transformation!

Secondly, realize that when someone has hurt you, it simply means that the person has brought out your inner negativities into the light.

Opportunities like this should be treasured because instead of figuring out the things we have to work on the inside, someone has come and brought it out into the light for us!

So in a way, you could see Forgiveness as a way of thanking them for bringing out our lessons into the light so that we can work on them, to develop greater happiness!

Now, these two reasons may not be enough for you to forgive someone.

So in the next video, I will also introduce you to a technique—the Creator's Absorption Technique—that will convince the mind to forgive even more. So stay tuned!

Now Forgiveness can help you greatly on the journey of Self-Transformation.

But how do we practice Forgiveness?

To practice Forgiveness, you can do it in any form you like on the outside.

But on the inside, it's about coming out of the negativity as quickly as possible at the relational level, telling yourself, "It is ok, it is ok".

If you practice meditation, the experiences of overcoming negativities in your meditation session will help you greatly in this regard.

Basically, just try to come out of the negativity as quickly as possible as if nothing has just happened is how you practice Forgiveness to develop Self-Transformation.

And again, what you choose to do at the action level is up to you.

If someone stole your stuff, then you can get it back; if someone said something bad to you, then you can say something back.

Remember practising Forgiveness is not about letting people do whatever they want to do to you; it's just about reaching a state of peace and harmony towards ourselves and others!

So, in summary, Forgiveness is a powerful catalyst for Self-Transformation.

Because not only you are learning to accept parts of others, but within time, you will realize that when you do this, you are also accepting parts of yourself!

Which we will talk more about the next video!


Choose a day of the week where you will practice Forgiveness.

On that day, no matter how someone has hurt you, try to come out of the negativities within as quickly as possible by forgiving the other person, by not holding a grudge, by coming out of the negative thoughts about punishing someone.

Just focus on what you are doing rather than the other person—This is how you practice Forgiveness on that day.

And when you are up for more challenges, you can increase the number of days where you will practice Forgiveness.

Now, you will no doubt encounter things which are unforgivable, or perhaps, you already have someone in mind that you plan to never forgive.

On that day, try your best to forgive that person, to accept that it's ok for them to exist, it's ok for them to be who they are.

And at the same time, realize that if it's ok for them to be who they are, it's ok for you to be who you are as well, to be happy, to be just you!

When you find yourself unable to forgive because something is not ok, declare to yourself—"It is ok", and this will help to align your mind towards accepting that person you cannot accept.

-Jonny John Liu

Know and Transform The Self!

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