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43. The Soul Journey As Divinely Intended


Deep down in our hearts, we all know that the purpose of life is for greater happiness.

Here, we will explore why that purpose is, not just in the timeframe of this lifetime—but to see the purpose in terms of the greater lifetime of Creation.

Here you will be offered a perspective to understand about the Soul Journey as divinely intended by the Creator—the Creator being the source from which All came from.

And of course, use what is taught here not as the Truth but rather than a guide to discover your own Truth.

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Hi, I am Jonny John.

Today I want to talk about the journey of the Soul so that you can have a better understanding of why we are here, experiencing this physical reality called life.

To understand the journey of the Soul, we need to first understand our relationship to the Source—The essence from which all came.

Some people may even call it the Creator, Oneness, God or Infinity.

Why were we created to experience this physical reality?

Why were we created to go towards happiness?

Again, I am only guiding you through my own experience, so please do not just believe in what I say but use it as clues to find your own Truth.

So let's begin!

To understand the journey of the Soul, we need to first understand our relationship to the Source.

Now how do we find clues to this relationship?

Pick up the telephone and ask the Creator?

Only if it was that simple, then all mysteries would be solved!

The only possible way is to approach this from a logical and intuitive stance. And what these faculties of mind will tell us is that if everything has a beginning, thus if we turn back time—to the very beginnings of time, even to the time before time existed—there would be the One source where we all came from—the One Creator!

Now if All came from One,

Then what is not One?

In thinking about this question, we can look around and ask ourselves the question:

What is not the Creator?

To the analytical mind, it can be ridiculous to think that everything around is came from the Creator because how can that rock be the Creator? How can that person be the Creator? How can...I be the Creator?

How can we be all One when everything looks so separate and disconnected?!

What if you fell asleep and had a dream. And in that dream, you are in the world that you are in right now.

And there you asked yourself the question:

"What is not me?"

What would your answer be?

If you are the Creator of your Creations, then is not you?

Perhaps, we are in the Mind of the Creator?

Again, these are just clues for you to consider the possibilities, for we can never know the Truth until we wake up—until we awaken.

So, let us come back to the current reality and see what others clues we can find to suggest that All is the Creator—that there is only One Self.

And where can we find such clues?

We would be able to find the clues within our minds!

So, let us look at the nature of our mind for such a clue.

The nature of the mind can be discovered by turning our senses inwards and observing how it behaves, how it works, and why it works in such a way.

That's why the practice of meditation is so powerful, in that it allows one to discover the nature of oneself.

That is why I encourage everyone on the journey of Self-Discovery to take up the practice of meditation!

And the more one observes oneself within, one will become ever more Knowing of the Truth that one is the mind.

Close your eyes, and you will realize that you are the mind.

Even when we open our eyes and experience the world outside, we are just experiencing the mind.

So everything we do in the world, we are essentially simply experiencing the mind.

Let's dwell on this thought for a second.

If we really think about it, everything we do, we are experiencing ourselves; everyone we talk to, we are experiencing ourselves.

Everything that we see, touch, and hear in the world outside...we are actually experiencing ourselves?

These are some thoughts to ponder.

Is it possible that we are everything that is around us?

This thought can sound ridiculous as soon as we open our eyes because everything appears so separate, unique and disconnected.

So, without the practice of turning our senses inwards—of meditation—one will find it difficult to accept even the slightest possibility that there is only One Self.

But your mind already knows that there is only One Self.

In my experiences of studying the mind, I have found that the deeper mind actually believes that there is only One Self. And whenever we reject that Truth, we will experience confusion and unhappiness.

For instance, when we reject a person, an experience, an object, an idea—we will experience Suffering.

Because to reject anything in life, to the deeper mind, is like pointing at parts of you in the mirror and declaring that it is not a part of you.

Maybe that is why Self-Rejection is the cause for all Suffering states of the mind because we are distorting the Truth that all is One.

And the experience of that distortion is the state Suffering from which all negative states of the mind is born, for instance, fears, judgement, unhappiness etc.

In realizing this then, we realize that the key to happiness in life is to develop Self-Acceptance—To accept all there is, ourselves, others and the world.

And to develop Self-Acceptance is to develop the Self-Knowing that all is one.

The reality is that when we align ourselves with this state of mind, happiness and wisdom blossoms!

So is there only One Self?

The analytical mind would say no.

But the deeper mind would resonate with that Truth.

Now, one can say that Self-Acceptance and Self-Knowing are the same things.

Because as we become ever Knowing of the Truth that All is one, then Self-Acceptance will naturally be developed—allowing us to accept that person who has once angered us, to accept that situation that has once made us fearful—because what is not to love when we can finally see our reflection in all the Creations of this world?

Perhaps that is the purpose of the soul journey!

Because in desiring for happiness, we will ultimately have to develop The Self-Knowing that there is only One Self—that we are The Creator!

So in summary, that is the soul journey—The journey of Self-Knowing, The journey of Self-Realization, Self-Acceptance.

That is why it's so important to Know Thy Self!

Now The more serious seeker would ask:

"What is the way to complete this Self-Knowing, Self-Acceptance?"

"And why is the path so confusing?

"Why aren't we just born with the memories of who we are?"

Understanding what spiritual lessons are will help us to answer these questions.

So we will talk about what spiritual lessons are later!

-Jonny John Liu

Know and Transform The Self!

It is true that talks about Who We Are can be motivational and inspiring, but at the end of the day, one has to discover one's own truth!

The only way to develop Truth of who we are is to explore ourselves, to explore our minds, to develop Self-Knowing everyday so that we can refine what we already know.

That is why the practice of meditation is so important!

Visit the course section of this website and start the enlightening journey with some guided meditations!

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