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42. Purpose Of The Soul

42-51 Intro

In this video series we will look at our life journey from a higher perspective.

Previously we have been approaching our life journey with an almost scientific mind, but now we we will approach more spiritually.

Having both perspectives canhelp one to open not only their mind but also their heart so that they can refine their own Knowing of what is true.

So in this video series, one will be taken to explore the cause of their unhappiness from a spiritual perspective.


On my journey of self-discovery, I realized that although we may all choose different paths, we all share the same universal destination.

Today I want to talk about that destination—To talk about the purpose of life in a deeper sense, not about what jobs we can do, what kind of people we should be with, for these simply choices one can make in their life.

Today I want to talk about the purpose of life in a deeper sense— from the spiritual perspective: To talk about why we were created to experience the reality that we are experiencing now so that you may find the clues to the blueprint of Creation.

To find our destination as divinely intended.

Before I begin, I just want to let you know that my goal is not for you to believe what I say. But rather, for you to use my experiences as clues to help you find your own truth, your own path.

So let's begin!

I want to read something that I have written which I think will help you open your mind:

Through studying Creation,

One can learn about the Creator as Creation will always reflect the nature of the Creator.

Like studying a piece of music,

The intention of the composer can be heard.

Like studying a piece of rock,

The nature of the mountain is known.

Thus if we wish to learn about the Creator,

We can study the nature of our minds.

So basically, that's my approach to understanding the mysteries of the Universe—

To know the Creator through studying its Creations!

For instance, we can study why is it that our minds are designed in such a way that it is now, with its abilities to perceive emotions to think, to experience.

It is by studying the nature of these inner mechanisms that can bring us closer to see the Creator's intention in its designs!

So let us study the mechanism of the mind that we have at the moment to find the clues for that blueprint of Creation.

And we can do this first by asking ourselves the question:

"What do we desire in life?

We will no doubt all reach the same answer, which is for the experience of Happiness, of greater Happiness!

From a spiritual perspective, this is the same question as:

What we designed to desire for in life? is for greater Happiness!

The blueprint for Creation seems hidden, but it was there inside....all along!

That is why the desire for Happiness resonates deep within the mind, body and spirit.

But some of us may overlook it because it's so obvious that we can end up overthinking the answer!

So there are many answers to the mysteries of the Universe that can be discovered within if we look inwards and tune into our feelings and intuition!

So, realize that greater Happiness is the destination.

And realign your path and choices in life to reach there.

Not to live towards what others expect of you.

But towards what makes you happy.

For you are the Creator of your life.

That's how you reach greater fulfillment

But we have just brushed upon the surface and peeked at just a little bit of that blueprint of Creation.

To reveal more of it behind the darkness, one would have to explore the question of:

What is Happiness?

So let's talk about what is Happiness.

If we study what Happiness is, we can find many types of Happiness:

I.e. temporary Happiness, excitement, addiction and so forth.

The seeker who wishes to know more about the blueprint of Creation will thus have to explore what Happiness is, to see how it's made, how it can be achieved, and the purpose of its design.

So let us talk about what types of Happiness there are in life.

So what is Happiness?

To study Happiness, we can study what Happiness is not.

Which is ..Unhappiness!

We then can explore that whole spectrum of the state of mind that is Unhappiness.

These will include all the negatives states of the mind, emotions, and the body, such as anger, as impatience, as our fears, discomfort and the list goes on.

We can then ask ourselves:

"What is the cause for these negative states of the mind?"

What we will discover is that whenever we are in a negative state of mind, we are in a state of Rejection.

For instance, anger is a state of Rejection towards others or ourselves.

Fear is a state of Rejection towards a situation or possibility of an outcome.

Impatience is the Rejection of the present moment.

Basically, Unhappiness is essentially the state of Rejection!

And from the state of Rejection comes many different forms of Unhappiness.

So, to know what the experience of Happiness really is, we can simply look at what is the polar opposite of the state of Rejection.

And that is the state of Acceptance.

That's it.

Happiness is the state of Acceptance.

When we are in the state of Acceptance, we are in the state of Happiness, and in that spectrum of Happiness, we will find the states of compassion, love, courage, wisdom and so forth.

Now let us ask the question:

How do we produce this state of Self-Acceptance?

There are many ways to be happy: i.e. buying nice clothes, a new gadget, eating delicious food, watching an interesting movie.

But realize that the state of Happiness produced by external triggers will always be temporary because the Happiness created in such a way will only last for as long as the experience gives us.

So a more serious seeker would then ask:

How can I develop greater Happiness which is beyond temporary Happiness?

How can I develop everlasting Happiness?

Happiness that comes naturally within?

Happiness that does not require an external trigger for it to be experienced?

And that will only leave us with one way:

The Journey of Transforming the Suffering states of the Mind.

For instance, to address our fears, anger, impatience...basically to transform the state of Rejection into the state of Acceptance!

This is the bigger picture.

This is the bigger work.

The journey of becoming ever more Self-Knowing, ever more Self-Accepting—This is The Soul Journey.

So, if you wish to reach inner fulfilment, hold the intent to accept all there is, and let that intent be a guiding light to take you through the darkness and towards your destination, towards Self-Transformation, towards Enlightenment!

Now some people may be content and settle with temporary Happiness.

That is fine.

But there may be some people who wish for something more!

So If what is said here resonates deep with you, then that's great!

Now that the destination is known.

The serious seeker would then ask the question:

What is the way to this destination?

How do I transform Unhappiness into Happiness?

Or more accurately

How do I transform the states of Self-Rejection into the states of Self-Acceptance?

And the answer is through the spiritual lessons that we have brought into this lifetime, which I will talk about more in detail later.

But first, we need to understand more about the soul journey so that we can better understand what these spiritual lessons actually are.

So let us direct our attention to the question:

If the blueprint for Creation is for us to reach for greater Happiness, what is the purpose for that purpose?

Why is it that our purpose is designed to transform the states of Rejection into Acceptance?

For what purpose does this achieve?

It's by exploring the possible answers to this question that more clues to the blueprint of Creation can be revealed!

So, today we have talked about the purpose of life, and later, we will talk about the purpose of the soul journey.

-Jonny John Liu

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