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45. Discovering Your Spiritual Lessons Through Negative Ideas


Hi, I am Jonny John.

Spiritual lessons are the lessons that we have brought into this lifetime for creating greater happiness and spiritual growth. And they will always take us to face our suffering states of mind.

Today. I want to talk about one of the ways in which we can discover our spiritual lessons, and that is through the discovery of our Negative Ideas.

This way of discovering our spiritual lessons will be the most technical out of all the ways that I will introduce you.

This will be better suited for people who like to analyze: basically people with a scientific mind.

So. if this is too difficult for you to understand, you can look at my other videos to find other ways of discovering the spiritual lessons.

Let's Begin!

So the state of all forms of Suffering, whether it is fear, anger, impatience and so forth, comes from the state of Self-Rejection.

For instance, fear is a state of rejection towards an experience.

Anger is a state of rejection towards oneself or others.

And so forth.

To go deeper into the cause, one has to ask the question:

What is the cause for the state of Self-Rejection?

In looking outwards for the cause, we may blame what's in the person, the situation, the experience.

But I want to explore the deeper cause that is within.

And that will take us to our beliefs / the patterns of thoughts— basically the ideas we have about the world.

Within the mind, all begins with an Idea.

We can carry ideas which promote happiness, or Suffering.

Whatever ideas we become attached to will determine how we experience the world outside.

Ideas which promote Self-Rejection can be called Negative Ideas.

Because these Ideas are the seed cause for the Suffering states of the mind and how much we suffer will depend on how much we are attached to these ideas.

Some examples of Negative Ideas we can carry which promote Self-Rejection can include:

"I don't like that guy because he's ugly"

"She should not be arrogant"

"His selfishness is a flaw"

I mean, there are so many Negative Ideas we can become attached to, and these ideas will promote the state of Self-Rejection, in the sense of rejection towards ourselves, others, and the world.

As Negative Ideas can be expressed in many possible ways, let's simplify it.

We can simply understand Negative Ideas as Self-Declarations which begin with:

"It is not ok.."

For instance,

"It is not ok to be ugly"

"It is not ok to be arrogant"

"It is not ok to be selfish"

We can simplify Negative Ideas in this form. I think doing this will make it easier to understand

But in essence, Negative Ideas are energetic configurations. What we are doing is trying to transcribe that state through words. Unfortunately no words can do justice to describe that state, so we can only do our best.

So basically, any ideas which begin with—"it is not ok..."—will be Negative Ideas.

One can understand how Negative Ideas work in the mind to create Suffering; let us use examine a Negative Idea and see how it affects the mind.

Let's use the example:

"It is not ok to be arrogant"

This Negative Idea will create negativity in all levels of The Self—i.e. the Mental Self, The Emotional Self, The Physical Self and so forth.

For instance, because "It is not ok to be arrogant", this will promote negative judgements towards others and oneself when one's arrogant

Because it is not ok to be arrogant, this will create fears within of appearing arrogant.

Because it is not ok to be arrogant, it will also create negative physical sensations on the body when the idea is triggered by an outside experience.

See how that One idea can cause so much Suffering within all levels of The Self?

And how intense the experience will depend on how much we are attached to that Negative Idea idea.

Now to discover our Negative Ideas, we can get a piece of paper and list down all the experiences we don't like in life, for instance, suffering situations, people who made us suffer, or things that we fear, things that make us angry, impatient, jealous, basically any experience that will bring out inner negativity

And then, we can try to transcribe these experiences into Negative Ideas.

For instance, if the suffering experience is about giving a public speech, maybe one of the Negative Ideas is about "It is not ok to be embarassed."

And because there can be more than one negative idea which drives the experience, maybe you'll discover another Negative Idea "It is not ok to be boring."

And like this, we can list down our Negative Ideas.

I think Finding the Negative Ideas is quite a useful exercise because finding the Negative Ideas in our suffering experiences can really make us become aware of the cause and reasons as to why we are reacting so negatively in such an experience.

After we have listed them down, we can use these Negative Ideas to discover our spiritual lessons.

We can do this by writing down the Negative Ideas which begin with "It is not ok" on the left column. Then putting an arrow towards the right and writing the inverted version of the Negative Idea which begins with "It is ok".

From "It is not ok to be ugly." becomes "It is ok to be ugly."

From "It is not ok to be arrogant." becomes " It is ok to be arrogant."

From "it is not ok to be selfish." becomes "It is ok to be selfish."

This is how you can discover your spiritual lessons.

These represent the journey that you have to undertake to complete the lessons.

And the journey from the Negative Ideas to the Potentiating idea will be one which will be full of confusion and challenges.

We will no doubt encounter confusing problems, much like the questions of:

How can we accept what we cannot currently accept?

How can we forgive someone when we don't want to forgive them?

How can we become courageous in the things we fear?

Now there are many ways for one to undertake and complete these spiritual lessons, but it will always revolve around the theme of Self-Acceptance—to accept oneself, to accept others, to accept the world as it is.

Developing Self-Knowing will be especially helpful for one to cultivate Self-Acceptance.

So yeah, begin writing down your Negative Ideas and its potentiated ideas to get a view of your spiritual journey and discover the spiritual lessons which awaits you.

If you wish to know how to transform Negative Ideas, you can simply visit my website for free resources.

I hope this video has helped you understand what Negative Ideas are and how we can use them to discover our spiritual lessons.

I didn't go into the process of Self-Transformation into too much detail because I have already made a series about that, so if you are interested, you can look at my other videos or visit my website for free resources.

Later we will look at another way to discover our spiritual lessons—

Which is through exploring the opposite of who we are!

-Jonny John Liu

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