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46. Discover Your Spiritual Lessons Through Exploring The Opposites Of Who You Are

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Hi I am Jonny John

Spiritual lessons are lessons which can help us grow spiritually. This includes the process of becoming ever more Accepting, Loving, Compassionate, Happy, Limitless, Wise and all spectrums of positivity.

Today I want to talk about a way to discover those lessons

And that is through exploring the opposites of who we are

What you can do is to ask yourself

"What are my strong traits?"

For instance, what am i good at, what beliefs do I have that i strongly believe in, what are the things that I must have in life.

Then after discovering your strong traits, you can look at its opposite to find the clues to your spiritual lessons.

For instance,

If you have a strong trait of living in a carefree, improvised way. Then you can ask yourself, can I accept a life which is structured and planned?

Whenever you question for the answer, always ask feel inwards, if inner pain or discomfort is experienced towards that idea then that may be a sign of a Negative Idea which basically means an idea that you cannot accept

Another example

If you happen to have a strong trait is to be structured all the time, then you can ask yourself, can I let go of structure and live in a spontaneous way?

Or another example

If your strong trait is being silent, then can you be loud?

Another Example, if your strong trait is being nice all the time, can you be rude?

And some other examples,

If you are religious, then you can ask yourself, can I let go of my religion?, if you really want to be rich, then you can ask yourself, can I be poor?

Remember that the core of spiritual lessons are lessons which will make us grow to become ever more accepting. So what we cannot accept, will be our spiritual lessons. The undertaking of the spiritual lessons will take us on a journey towards accepting all there is.

Often the strong traits we have, are there because of the rejection we have towards the opposite.

For instance, we may like to be loud, because we hate being silent.

Not saying that this is the case for every trait.

But this can often happen,

And thus this method of exploring our strong traits can be a gateway to self-discovery.

Often we have strong traits,

Because the opposite of these traits we reject

Not saying that is the case for everyone

But it often happens this way.

So if you do find that you cannot accept the opposite of your strong trait,

Then to accept it, will be your spiritual lesson.

To learn how to accept it,

To learn why you cannot accept it,

A journey of self-knowing.

And on such a journey, one will no doubt face confusions.

Because when we are asked to accept what we cannot accept, the mind will be angry and scoff at such an idea which it always rejected of course it will (that the reason for the lack of acceptance in the first place.

So you will no doubt encounter alot of inner resistanes

So the idea of accepting something we cannot accept can be unsettling to the mind, a bit weird, a bit unreasonable.

And the mind will fight, and most often it will win, because our current beliefs are the beliefs that we have been living with with for a life time.

But remember to transform the mind, is to go against the mind,

To go against our current beliefs so that it can be refined.

So it's natural if you experience inner resistances,

It's natural if you experience confusions

Just focus on developing self-Knowing.

Keep on searching for the answers to the questions,

"Why can I not accept myself in those situations?"

"Why can I only accept myself under the condition that I have to have money, that I have to be spontaneous that I have to be polite"

Your mind will begin to fight you with its analysis - issues to do with morals, ethics, culture values expectations blah blah blah

I won't go into details into how to approach our spiritual lessons, as the focus is in discovering them. But To work through the confusions of the spiritual lessons.

Realize that the greater work is always done within.

To accept, is not about becoming what you cannot accept.

To accept being poor, is not about learning how to become a poor person. It is about accepting oneself, even if one is poor. It is about accepting the opposite of you are at the state of the mind.

In realizing this, one will be able to make great progress on the journey of Self-Transformation.

Although a transformative catalyst one can use, is to become what you cannot accept to study the mind as to why the self-rejection is there. This is a catalyst for the adept...because it can be traumatizing

The practice of meditation will be so ever helpful to you on the journey of transforming the mind. Because it will help to bring clarity and wisdom into the mind.

I have many free meditation courses that you can take on my website, and it's strongly recommended for one to practice meditation because the journey of self-transformation is always full of confusion as one has to work with the darkness within.

And it's good to have a guide, Use the website as a guide

So I have talked about how we can explore the opposite of ourselves to find the aspects of ourselves that we cannot accept - these will be our spiritual lessons.

I want to say also that by developing the acceptance towards what we cannot accept will also help to compliment the skills that you lack.

What do I mean by this?

For instance, in the past when I used to write music I didn't like to have structure. My belief was that music should always be flowing naturally and so I wrote music without a key and time signature.

It was after I began to explore the opposite of who I was, I decided to learn about structures and used it to write my music, after learning how to use structures, i found that it actually made my music flow even better! It made the writing process 5 times faster.

So realize, the spiritual lessons will always take us to to accept the opposite of who you are, and it doesn't mean to abandon who you were.

For instance, now having accepted both the spontaneous and structured side of myself, I could use both sides whenever I want, whenever I need. Whereareas in the past when I only had the spontaneous side it was like I only had one hand to work with, and now it feels like have two hands to work with.

So accepting the opposite allowed me to fill what I lacked.

Again I want to keep this talk short, so I don't want to go into too much details about the self-transformative processes.

I'll just give you a final tip.

A tip that can help you to transform your mind is to begin accepting all those people that are opposite to who you are.

That will help to accelerate your progress

Because to the deeper mind, there is only One Self

Let me give you an examples

In the past I had this really cool manager who was pretty relaxed....

He didn't care about people could take breaks as long as they wanted.

So he was alright when people took breaks longer than intended, or was supposed to.

hen he got replaced by a really strict manager. I really hated her for being so strict with everything. It was hard for me to accept her way of micromanaging people, telling people to keep their desks clean, that we have to be back from break right on time, and implementing processes for everything.

Anyways, I tried to accept her for who she was and this took a long time.

And in those years, I began to realize that in the attempt to accept her and love her for who she is, I was actually accepting parts of myself that I cannot accept.

From her I learnt how to apply structures into my life.

From her I learnt how to accept myself

After the acceptance was completed,

And the more i accepted her the less i saw her in negative light

And the more I accepted the idea of having structures in everything I do

I hope this talk has helped you to understand the ways of discovering our spiritual lessons through exploring the opposites of who we are not.

The practice of meditation will help you greatly in this aspect.

Because often when we encounter something that we reject, our mind can convince us that this is natural and thus validates the rejection. But through practising meditation, it will allow the mind to become Still, allowing you to step back to observe what is really happening.

The practice of meditation thus allows us to see everything in a higher perspective.

With the spiritual eye, when we see a person which is completely opposite to us.

All we will see is our reflection.

It is then we will realize that to accept that person, is to accept ourselves in totality.

Which will promote greater happiness and fulfilment in life.

-Jonny John Liu

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Path Of Creator

Spiritual Lessons In Relation To The Path Of Creator

Through practising meditation one will naturally become aware of one's spiritual lessons in life. One will begin to discover that there are parts of Oneself in which one cannot Accept - leading to the discovery of the Negative Ideas / Spiritual lessons we carry.

And in life, these questions when asked can help with the Self-Knowing

Who would I hate to become?

What kind of personality do I hate?

What parts of myself can I not accept?

It is ok to choose who you wish to be. But if there is negativity, fear, unhappiness towards what you do not wish to become, then you may have discovered your Negative Ideas / Spiritual Lessons.

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