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58. To Be The Victim Or The Creator


Hi I am Jonny John

We are The Creator
We have the power to transform the world inside and outside.
We are Powerful beyond words.

But in life it is easy to forget that we are the Almighty Creator.
For there can be experiences in life that can make us feel weak and powerless.
For instance, the experience of failing, the experience of being judged, the experience of being controlled and being bullied by someone else.
When this happens, we can fall into the belief that we are no longer The Creator but rather The Victim.

In this talk, you will be guided to understand that no matter how an experience can make you feel like a victim, you will always have a choice to be The Creator of your life

So let's begin
Let's begin by first realizing that we are The Creator of the world that is within.

We are the Mind.
We have the power to create and transform beliefs
We have the power to create greater happiness within.

When we are not aware of what beliefs we have created within that is generating the experience of our unhappiness. It can make us feel as if we are the Victim when things don't go our way in life.
For instance, when we experience vulnerability and anger because someone said that we are stupid, it can make us feel like a victim.
For instance, when we experience a sense of worthlessness when we fail in achieving what we desire, it can make us feel weak and powerless.

But realize that your experience of happiness will always be determined by the quality of the beliefs you create within. For if you had truly believed that you are great, no matter what others say it will not make you feel like a victim. For if you had truly had compassion towards yourself, you would never feel worthless if things don't go your way.

So the first reason as to why the Infinite One, the Infinite You would see yourself as a weak and powerless victim is because of the lack of Self-Awareness within

You see, you are Powerful, you are The Creator. This is true. Because you have the power to transform the world within by simply transforming your beliefs. But because you are so powerful, ironically you also have the power to create beliefs which can make you feel weak, which can make you feel like a victim. Some of these negative beliefs have become deeply rooted within. This happened because you were never self-aware of what beliefs you are creating and how they are limiting your experience of happiness. Because you were never aware, you never once thought of transforming and letting go of the negative beliefs you have created within

That is why the practice of meditation will be helpful to you, as it will help you to become aware of what negative beliefs you have created that has made you see yourself as a powerless victim rather than a powerful creator, so that you can then let them go. Meditation will help you to develop this self-awareness.

The Second reason as to why you can feel like a victim in life is because of the lack of awareness that no matter what experiences you face in life, there will always be a choice for you to step of being a victim and be The Creator that you are.

You see, life is of infinite possibilities.

And no doubt in your life journey, you will encounter situations or experiences when you can feel that you really have no choice but to play the role of a victim. For instance, you may have no choice but to work in a place that you really don't want to work. Perhaps you can feel that you have no choice but to be slave to work for a boss that does not treat you well. Perhaps you can feel that you have no choice but to be in a relationship that you don't want to be in. Perhaps you can feel that you have no choice but to take up responsibilities that have been forced upon you.

But no matter what happens in life, there will always be a choice to step out of the experiences that you do not desire. I know that in the moment when you feel like a victim, it can feel like there's no way to convince ourselves that we are not a victim. But within an experience, there will always be countless number of choices that you can make, and if you look hard enough, there will always be a choice where you can come out as The Creator of that experience.

For instance. Have a glance at some of the negative experiences that you have had in your life journey. In looking back, I am sure that you will be able to discover the many different choices that you could have made to turn that negative experience around.

Let me share with you some of my life experiences so that you can understand what I mean

So when I first began working in an office, some of my colleagues would always throw their work on me.
And sometimes they would even criticize me when something goes wrong.
Because i feared expressing to them how I truly felt, I always felt like a victim.

It was only when I began working on transforming and releasing my fears that I learnt to see the available choices that I could make to be the Creator of my experiences. I learnt to create my own reality by telling others my boundaries. I learnt how to be clear in that I would only help if someone really needed help, but I would not help if someone is simply being lazy and throwing their work at me.

From this experience, realize just how important it is to discover and transform our fears if we wish to be the Creator of our life. Our fears would always make us blind to see that we can always be the Creator. So to be the Creator is to not only be the Creator in the world outside, but also be The Creator of the world that is inside.

Another example in the workplace. Sometimes I can feel powerless when the manager give me work that I don't want to do. I moved away from being a victim by learning to see these experiences as opportunities to grow, to develop greater happiness within, to discover more about myself, as to why I could not simply enjoy every work that was given to me. I eventually reached a state of mind where no matter what work was given to me by my boss, it no longer affected my happiness.

After becoming the Creator of the world inside, I proceeded to become the Creator of the world outside. I began to openly express to my boss and her managers what kind of work I was more interested in doing. I began to overcome my fears of getting laughed at or fired and began expressing my own opinions in the workplace, expressing what I liked doing and what I did not like doing even though no one would care. And in doing these things, I created a new Reality. People began to knew who I was and what I desired and people began to know my boundaries, and when opportunity for the kind of jobs I desired came up, people would let me know, my boss would put me in positions where I enjoyed.

So realize that if you continue to see the boss and employee relationship as boss and slave, or slave and employee, you will always see yourself as a victim rather than a creator. As a Creator, your task is to discover the opportunities to develop your Powers in every moment, especially in moments when your powers are being challenged. Work to transform the mind, and work to transform your life.

I have endless examples I could give you, but let me share with you one last example.

By the way, these examples I gave you where I became the creator of my experiences did not happen overnight. It wasn't easy for me. I had to fail many times to succeed, that's how it works, you have to work towards what you desire

Now let me give you the last example.

So I make online courses to help people transform their suffering states of minds. Because most of my students can often be quite negative, which is to be expected. I would often get negatively charged reviews. In the beginning this affected me because most of my courses are free, and most of the times people cannot see just how much work I put in to create each one of these courses. So imagine getting growled at for doing something for free.

But instead of continually seeing myself as a victim, I worked on seeing myself as a Creator. I began to see that these negative reviews as an opportunity to believe more in myself, to not see myself as a victim just because others wish to see me so. I began to be the Creator of my life by becoming more confident in myself, by believing in myself more, for if I really believed in myself, I would not be affected if others didn't believe in me.

You see, people will always challenge your role as a Creator because everyone will always want to impose their reality onto you. So will you let your sense of Creator crumble just because others do not wish to see life in the same way that you do?

I continued learning how to be a Creator of my experiences by transforming my negativities. I began Creating courses not because I felt obliged to, but rather only when I felt like to. So I began learning to make courses out of love rather than out of expectations and obligations. I began making courses free again and again because I wanted to, and I made courses that charged people because I wanted to. And like this, I stopped feeling like a victim and more like a Creator.

And I began to view negative reviews as an opportunity for me to grow
People were taking time to give me their honest opinions.
And also to see negative reviews as an opportunity to talk to my students.
Sometimes I would write replies so that other students can understand what are some of the challenges that one may encounter in such a course and the rewards of completing it. In this way, I used these experiences as an opportunity to connect with people and market my course.

If I had chose to see myself as a victim, I could have replied to those negative reviews with negativity and thus cementing the fact that I am a victim. Thus there are always ways to turn a situation around.
You are the Creator, be Creative

The more you hold the intention to be the Creator of your life
The more you will be able to see the choices that you can make to step out of the victim role and into the creator role in each experience you face in life. Thus you will only become wiser with time.

From a higher perspective, even if you were forced into an experience where your choices were taken away from you, for instance you being framed for a murder that you did not commit and you end up being imprisoned for a life time. You still have the opportunity to be the Creator on the inside. To develop ever greater compassion, forgiveness and happiness. You still have the opportunity to be the Creator on the outside. Will you continue to fight for your freedom, or will you simply choose to be a victim and call it a day?

Or even if one day you are diagnosed with something extreme like a cancer. You will still have a choice. Will you simply see yourself as a victim and call it a day, or will you keep finding different ways to fight it? To find ways to better your health? To change your diet, to change your lifestyle, to change the way you think ? Will you choose to believe that you are still the Creator when the worst happens to you?

Don't ever forget that you are The Creator.
You will always be The Creator.
And in life your powers as The Creator will always be tested
Will you continue to see yourself as the Victim
Or will you continue to see yourself as the Creator
Realize the Power Within
Realize who you are.

-Jonny John Liu

Path Of Creator

The Soul Journey In Relation To The Path Of Creator

To make progress on the journey of Self-Transformation.

Can sometimes feel like a losing battle.

At first, when you try to overpower your fear.

You will lose.

Then you will try again.

Then you will lose.

It is indeed difficult to transform negative beliefs.

But after doing this for about a hundred times

The Fear will weaken

And you may start winning a few times.

And like this, through the attempt of trying to transform your negative beliefs,

You will eventually succeed.

Measuring your own progress will help you on that journey

Because then you can look back and see what is working and what is not working,

And also to see what beliefs are serving you well, and what beliefs are holding you back from making greater progress.

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