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59. Knowing The Different Levels Of The Self


Hi, I am Jonny John.

The journey of Self-Knowing is the journey of developing the Knowing of who we really are. And this journey can be quite confusing for some, for there are many levels of The Self—For instance, the Body, the Emotions, the Mind, the Heart and so forth.

And the more one develops Self-Awareness, the more one will become aware of all these levels of The Self, participating in the discussions of "Who I AM".

Sometimes they will agree.

And when all levels of The Self agree, all is well.

However, when there are disagreements within, then Confusion can arise.

For instance, your Heart may know that it is right to forgive, but your Mind may not want to oblige.

For instance, your Mind may want a better job, but your Emotions don't want to. For instance, your Body may want a drink of water, but you just can't be bothered.

Which one is the real me?

Which Self should I listen to?

Which Self should I develop The Self-Knowing?

In this talk, we will examine the different levels of The Self to clear the confusions and develop greater Self-Knowing.

So let's begin!

Let's begin with the question—

Why aren't we born with just one perspective?

For instance, with just one level of The Self?

Wouldn't that make things much simpler compared to having so many different levels of perception, of thoughts, emotions, intuition, body instincts, which simply complicates Self-Knowing?

To understand, let us use the Knowing of a Tree, for example.

If you want to know what a tree is, with just one level of thought, a tree is just a tree.

That is the undistorted Truth.

That's it.

The Tree-Knowing is complete!

But how can you refine that Knowing even more?

You can do so by adding more perspectives.

For instance, if you add the perspectives that allow you to zoom in to the tree so close that it longer looks like a tree and zoom out of the tree until it becomes a dot, then having these new set of perspectives will allow you to refine the Knowing of what a tree looks like from different distances.

Although these perspectives distort what the tree actually is, the tree is still a tree.

But by experiencing the distortion of the Truth is what allowed you to refine the Tree-Knowing.

You can also add even more perspectives, such as ones that allow you to adjust the angle at which you observe the tree; now you will be able to see the same tree differently, in ways that you never imagined a tree would look like—from above, from below, from sideways, and at odd angles.

These perspectives, which make a tree look like not a tree, will again help you refine the Tree-Knowing even more!

So if a person were to show you a picture of a tree taken at an odd angle, would you then say that the picture is not of a tree?

If you never saw a tree from above, and someone showed you a picture of a tree taken from that view, would that still be a tree?

So is the distorted picture of a tree still a tree?

Essentially yes; it is still a tree but simply viewed from another angle!

So now, let us use this analogy and come back to the question about which level of The Self is the real you

At the level of the absolute Truth—You are You.

One is One.

Creator is Creator.

Infinity is Infinity.

That is the undistorted Self.

You are all there is.

You are Oneness

You are Infinite

The Heart will always know this Truth.

But right now, it isn't easy to see this Truth.

Because like viewing a tree from different angles, The Physical, Mental and Emotional Self will have many perspectives of the same experience, allowing One to see the same experience from different angles and different viewpoints.

Now Oneness scarcely looks like One.

Now Oneness look separated.

Now Oneness looks many!

And because now One looks different from different perspectives, One can create the belief that this is not One and that is not One, like believing that a tree is not a tree just because it is viewed from a different angle.

You can create the belief that you are not Oneness: that you are not Infinite. And when this happens, the suffering states of Mind will be experienced.

For there is no greater pain than One to point in the mirror to say that it is not One.

That is why there will always be a desire within towards reaching for greater happiness in life because the state of happiness is simply a state of embracing the Truth of who we really are.

So, as one learns to accept all there is, one is developing The Self-Knowing of who they really are.

Thus, it's important to look within for the beliefs we have created that goes against the Truth of who we really are, and these will be the Negative Ideas that we have created that promotes Self-Rejection and Separation.

So to Know The Self, is to Know the Real you.

Which is Infinite—Oneness.

And your Heart will always Know the Truth.

That is why you will often experience conflicts between the Mind and Heart

To Know The Self is also to know how you are currently viewing yourself from the perspectives of your Body, Emotions and Thoughts—How you are viewing yourself from these different perspectives.

Thus to Know The Self is to also develop the Knowing of what beliefs you carry within.

It's about knowing about your fears, your desires.

It's important to know about what beliefs that you have that are currently making you reject yourself and others, for these will always be the beliefs that make you go against the Truth of who you are, thus giving rise to the suffering states of the mind.

The practice of meditation will help you greatly to develop Self-Knowing because meditation will help you to go deeper and deeper into yourself so that you can see how you are viewing yourself from different perspectives.

For instance, as you view yourself from the outside, you may think that you are a person that gets along with everyone. But as you turn inwards to discover the negative reactions you always experience when people are around you, you will get a more complete perspective of who you really are.

And like this, you go deeper into The Self to discover the beliefs you have created that are generating these reactions.

And like this, you go deeper to see that when you are not attached to the ideas of who you are, you are simply being yourself, the infinite consciousness—being the Mind which is Infinite in potential.

And like this, you go deeper and deeper to Know The Self from all perspectives.

Ultimately, the journey of Self-Knowing is to reach a state where you are able to see the Truth of who you really are no matter where you stand. Thus, it is the journey of aligning the Mind and Heart as One.

In conclusion, the different levels of The Self simply allow you to see Oneness from different perspectives.

And the journey of Self-Knowing is to become aware of these perspectives.

To become aware of the different levels of The Self, so that you can transform the beliefs that are preventing you from seeing that all is One.

The more we develop Self-Knowing of who we really are, the more we will develop happiness because with Self-Knowing, comes Self-Transformation!

Because how can you not accept all there is the more you realize who you are?

That you are One.

That you are All there is.

That there is only One Self no matter where we stand to view the experience.

And that is The One and Only—

The Creator.

-Jonny John Liu

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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