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1. What is the Universal Purpose of life?

1-8 Intro

In this video series you will be taken to understand the overview of the journey of Self-Transformation. You will learn how suffering is created in the mind and the ways to transform it.

Later the journey will be explained more in more depth until you are able to view the whole experience of your mind and life from the eyes of the Universe



Hi, I am Jonny John

Today I want to talk about the purpose of life

"What is the purpose of life?"

It's important to have an answer to this question because a life without purpose is a life without direction. And that's no different to living like a flat tire; it can be quite depressing.

By knowing our purpose in life, we can have more meaning to live. We can then set a direction towards outer and inner fulfilment.

So I thought I'd make this video. Hopefully, by the end of the video you will know what your purpose in life is not through philosophy or religion, but from simply becoming aware of what you already know inside.

So let's gets begin.

"What is the purpose of life?"

Is it to get married, to get a good-paying job, to become famous, to have children, to travel, to be a volunteer, to help animals, to help the poor, to be an accountant?

Now ask the mind one question, and you will get a million answers.

But which one is the right one?

Today I just want to simplify to just one answer that will resonate with everyone.

To do this, we direct that question not just towards the mind.

But towards the heart.

Because the heart won't lie

We can think we're fulfilled up here and out there, but if you're not fulfilled down here and in here—then you're not!

So we ask the heart: "what is the purpose of life?"

And when we do this, the heart will always come back with one answer—


That's it!

I know I'm keeping it general.

But it's that simple.

This is your purpose in life: To create greater Happiness!

And your mind is there to help the heart achieve it.

You Know I would go as far as saying that creating Happiness in life is our divine mission—The purpose given to us even before we were born!

Have you ever questioned why were we created with this gravitational pull inside, telling us to go towards Happiness?

This is like an inner guide given to us on this physical journey here, silently telling us where to go and what to do in life.

If we were born without this Divine Intuition, then surely then we will have no directions in life.

So, if our purpose in life is to create greater Happiness...does this mean that we should live a life where we simply do happy things every day?

For instance, playing games, shopping?

Buying the things we desire?

Well, we are already doing this!

We're always finding ways to fulfill our purpose in life...for greater Happiness!

But the thing is, no matter how many things we buy, how many jobs we change, how famous we become, that inner voice can still tell us—

“It’s not enough!"

Now that’s a bit strange..

Does that mean there is something wrong with our divine intuition?

Telling us to go in circles?

Reaching for that Happiness which ends up only in Emptiness?

What's the point?

Well, there’s nothing is wrong with that inner voice inside telling us to go towards Happiness.

We are simply only aware of half of the message

And what is the other half of the message that we are we missing?

Well...realize that if we only live trying to do the things that make us happy, that Happiness will be limited.


This is because we can be's that simple!

You See...the other half of the message that we are missing is to address the Unhappiness inside.

Unhappiness is the Sufferings— the negative states of mind which creates Unhappiness.

These are the fears, the anger, impatience, negativities and so forth.

If we only do things which make us happy without addressing the Unhappiness, it's no different than a journey of going of taking a step forward and taking a step backwards

One moment we are happy—The next moment we are not.

Such a journey is no different than standing still, like a flat tire!

So in conclusion:

“What is the Purpose of Life?”

We all know deep down inside that the answer is to create greater Happiness.

But how many of us are only hearing half of the message and not aware of the importance to address the unhappiness side of the equation?

So that we can reach fulfillment both ways.

Well, not many!

So instead of making videos listing the things that we can do to make ourselves happy, I'll be making videos about how to address the darker side of the mind.

I.e. How to transform the anger, the impatience, the fears and so forth at the deepest level of the mind so that you can truly be the Creator of the world outside, and inside.

We are all Creators of our life and our state of mind.

If you're interested, then I'll see you in the next video!

-Jonny John Liu

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