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"Every moment is an experience of The Self"


Defining Experiences

Every moment in life is an experience.

And in life, there are many kinds of experiences one can have: Some experiences can bring one great happiness; some, great sorrow. And some experiences in life can be life-draining boring and some can be quite exciting! 

In this article, we will focus on the experiences of life that can bring Self-Transformation: experiences that can help one to release their inner fears, pains, negativities so that one can experience greater happiness.  

Experiences In Depth

If one wishes for enlightenment and Self-Transformation, one must pass through many kinds of life experiences. This is because life experiences have the power to bring out different sides of ourselves into light. 

For example, through the experiences of relationships, one may realize more about the angry side of themselves. Through the experiences of working in multiple jobs, one may realize more about one's impatience and realize what kinds of jobs to avoid and what kinds one wants. Through the experience of being alone, one may discover how lonely and purposeless one is. Through the experience of pursuing one's dreams, one can realize their strength and weaknesses. 

So, life experiences have the magic to bring out into light who we are so that we can see ourselves clearer. That is the process of enlightenment: to bring the darkness out into the light. That is why the more one avoids life experiences, the more one would lack opportunities to know themselves.

So, to accelerate the journey of Self-Knowing, one can experience more life experiences.

And what kinds of experiences?

New experiences!

For example, experiences that make one feel unfamiliar, unpredictable, challenging, painful, exciting. New experiences can often make one feel a mixture of reactions because they can take one to explore the unknown territories of oneself. And as one explores the darkness, one is bound to react. If one is consistently staying in predictable experiences, then one would react less in the safety of familiarity.

Experiences that can help one to know themselves can be highly transformative. This is because we all have beliefs within that we are attached to, even if they are the bringers of our misery. For instance, these can be the belief that we are not worthy of love, that we need money to be happy, that we can never be at peace until we are successful, that no one will love us, that we will fail, and the list goes on. 

The more one knows themselves, the more one will become aware of how one's beliefs are working against oneself. And as their awareness increases, the subconscious mind will naturally be more inclined to let the attachments go. 

And what better way to develop Self-Knowing than to let life experiences reveal ourselves for us! So, use life experiences to explore the dark parts of yourself. And use the dark parts of yourself to find what experiences can help you to illuminate them. 

So, if you have a fear, begin exploring life experiences that can bring out that fear so that you can know it even more. If you want to know more about your impatience, explore life experiences that can bring them out so that you can study them. 

This is how you can transform your mind—by going towards Self-Revealing experiences.

However, such a journey of Self-Knowing can be difficult. That is why this website has been created to guide you step by step to transform your mind. Each article on the website is a catalyst of using life experiences to know yourself.

This article will just talk about the steps in a very general way. For more specifics, you can search for specific articles on the website.  

Path Of Creator

Experiences In Relation To The Path Of Creator

Life experiences can reveal to us who we are. And when we use life experiences to know ourselves with the daily practice of meditation, the effectiveness of developing Self-Knowing will expand exponentially.

So, it's important to practice meditation if one wishes to venture on the journey of Self-Knowing and Self-Transformation. Without meditation, the mind can react to life experiences too readily. As a result, one can end up dwelling in the state of reaction and simply see the life experiences as their cause. But with meditation, one will be able to observe these reactions rather than engage in them and see how they are caused by the world inside rather than outside. This is how Self-Knowing is developed: to look inwards and realize the nature of the inner world. 

To develop Self-Knowing is to gain insight.

Using the practice of meditation then, one can develop the skill to be aware of one's inner world in all moments of experience so that no moments are without Self-Knowing. 

Thus life experiences and the practice of meditation are complimentary. Because they have the power to do the same thing: helping one to know The Self inside and out. Life experiences will help to draw out the suffering states of the mind within whilst meditation will help one to discover the cause for their presence. 

The journey of Self-Knowing thus will begin with understanding the importance of accumulating life experiences, especially ones that one often avoids, and understanding the importance of practising meditation to develop a Still Mind so that one can know oneself through life experiences. 

Developing this wisdom can help one to bring balance into their Self-Transformation. Without such wisdom, one can approach the journey of Self-Transformation in an imbalanced way. For instance, living like a monk and meditating away in a mountain away from life experiences. Or, going through various kinds of life experiences without practising introspection.

It's only when one combines meditation and life experiences that one can properly accelerate their journey of Self-Knowing. 

And some guidance to help one on their journey is to take things in gradual steps. If one steps into an experience too extreme for the mind then one can end up dwelling too much in the reactions rather than just observing them. 

But the more one practices meditation and learn to Still the mind, the more one will be able to use more intense experiences to develop Self-Knowing. Practising yoga at the same time can also help one to develop deeper Stillness. Because through yoga, one will be able to work on remaining calm as one moves through the pain-inducing poses. 

And another tip is to realize that all kinds of experiences can be helpful, whether it be pleasurable experiences or painful experiences. Because through pleasurable experiences, one can come to know their cravings. And through suffering experiences, one can know their aversions. It's by becoming aware of both and releasing them that one will be able to experience greater happiness. Because in becoming attached to either, one will simply end up on a path of Suffering. 

Finally, although it has been mentioned that one should go for "new" experiences, it doesn't mean that "old" experiences can't be transformative. If the experiences one is currently having can bring out the suffering states of the mind, then one can certainly use the experience to know more about the darkness within. However, this can only happen if one practices meditation. Without meditation, one will not be able to develop the mental muscles to handle the old experiences differently. So, if one doesn't practise meditation, one can try to go for new experiences because doing something new may help one to shift their beliefs to see the world differently. 

Ultimately, the destination is towards learning to use all kinds of life experiences to develop Self-Knowing. It will be a journey of developing Trust with oneself because without trust one can lack the courage to step into the darkness.

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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