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"The most valuable things in life are experiences"


Defining Experiences

Every moment is an experience.

And there are many kinds of experiences in life. The key to transforming and releasing our Sufferings is in accumulating all sorts of experiences in life because hidden within each experience in life are wisdom to be found, which can help us to develop the Knowing of The Self.

Although we can gain insight into ourselves through practices like meditation and yoga, thesepractices are only fully catalyzed when we take what we have learnt in the practice out into the world. The Outward Experiences can help to bring out into light Internal Experiences in a more intense and vivid manner - helping us to uncover and become even more aware of the parts about ourselves that we already or do not yet know.

Thus there are two sides which has to be met when it comes to developing the Knowing of The Self. There is the internal side – the practice of observation from a point of Stillness so that we can observe deeper and deeper into the Truth of the experience. Without Stillness, our Reactive State can make us “analyze” and “imagine” the experiences we go through and this can greatly block the Knowing.

The other side is the external side – the life experiences which we can go through on the outside to trigger the deeply rooted Negative states of the mind to surface from within.

Experiences in life thus can help to bring out into light what is lurking in the darkness within.

Experiences In Depth

Here we address the question of what kind of experiences to go for in life.

Just what defines as a harmful experience and what defines as a beneficial experience to The Self?

To answer the question, one first understands that within every experience is the opportunity of greater knowing. Thus all experiences are beneficial in this sense.

Experiences which bring us pleasure can act as a powerful catalyst as much as an experience which brings us Suffering. I.e. Pleasurable experiences can bring out any issues we have concerning attachment. And naturally in life we will all encounter these – this is the up and downs in life.

However, in pursuit of happiness we have developed the habit of pursuing only one side of this experience i.e. only pursuing the positive side and averting the negative side as much as we can.

What most of us don't realize is that Suffering experiences can actually be beneficial experiences if one realizes that such experiences can help to bring out the deeper complexes of the mind that needs to be addressed thus when we avert these kind of experiences we are losing out an opportunity to Know this side of ourselves even deeper. These include experiences that challenge us, for instance experiences which bring out our fears from within.

This is not to say that everyone should go only for Negative Experiences, this is to say that it is only through the opening of oneself to the possibilities of all experiences then one can truly learn what experiences one really needs and this will all come naturally.

Something that one needs to be aware of is that whatever side of the experience one chooses to go for the catalyst, when the experience is too extreme for the mind then one can become too reactive and lose the state of Stillness / Inner-awareness and this can greatly block the Knowing of The Self.

The suggestion here is to approach everything in gradual steps. It is only through walking bit by bit that one can learn to run. Then later when one is ready one can then develop the ability to sprint. Without graduating bit by bit one can easily trip and injure oneself. Thus patience and persistence will always be the key to developing successful results.

Path Of Creator

Experiences In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey begins with understanding the importance of accumulating experiences – that experiences can help us to catalyze the Knowing of The Self.

There are two dimensions to the Experience - There is the Internal Experience which one can greatly heighten through Meditation, Yoga and other forms of practices which promote Insight and there is the External Experiences which is Life which one can greatly heighten by trying to live their life to its fullest. This can be done by The Self trying to fulfill and manifest all their inner desires. The latter will help to bring to the surface the Sufferings what we are not aware of, and the former helps us to develop the greater Knowing of their Cause.

The journey is about developing the ability to distil wisdom from each experience, to use each experience to Transform oneself like an alchemist turning water into gold. The journey will also require one to build trust in oneself in choosing the "right" experiences, and building trust in the Universe that it will bring to The Self the right experiences it needs.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Simply become aware of the quality of your Inner State throughout the day so you can observe just what kind of experiences will bring out negativity and which experiences will bring positivity.

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
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Every moment in The Creator’s Meditation is an Experience.

The more you practice the Meditation the more you will gradually become aware that the relationship between the experiences you go through in the meditation and the experiences you go through in life are in fact intertwined i.e. one of the same.

You will begin to realize that every thought and emotions you encounter within the darkness of the Inner World while you meditate, you will react to them the same way as when you face them in the light of the Outer World when a similar situation arises. Thus realize that by addressing the way you face and react to them in your meditation sessions you are in fact addressing your habits and transforming your life. That is the true power of the Creator's Meditation.

Know and Transform The Self!

Try the 22 Days Creators Meditation Course to develop Self-Knowing of who you are, of your deepest fears and how to transform them through life and meditation.

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