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"It is through honesty that we find ourselves"


Defining Honesty

Honesty is about being truthful about who we really are.

It can be difficult to practice honesty in life because life can seem like a stage with an audience ready to judge us. And when we live in fear how people think of us, we can end up acting in ways to please everyone’s expectations of us, and hide the side of ourselves that may not get their applause.

Thus in life, we can easily hide ourselves with the many roles/masks given by the society for us to wear – acting as a perfect employee or a boss, a perfect husband or a wife, a friend or a mum and dad and so forth just so that we do not get booed off the stage.

This article is not about addressing whether or not Honesty is wrong or right.

Whether or not you act honestly or not honesty is simply a choice.

I.e. whether or not you choose to express your true opinions about a person’s fashion style will simply be a choice.

But realize that we can be dishonest out of choice or we can be dishonest out of our fears/negavities.

Most of the time it is the latter and this is the deeper issue that this article is trying to address.

See Catalyst – Expectations.

Honesty In Depth

Honesty can be used as a catalyst to bring out the hidden sufferings within into light. Because as we try to be honest, fears of judgement, rejection, saying the wrong things and so forth will surface and tempt us to be dishonest.

So through the practice of honesty one can actually discover many things about oneself.


Importance Of Addressing Dishonesty

To address the issues of dishonesty we first have to develop the intention to address it so let us look at the negative impacts that dishonesty can have in our lifes.

When we are dishonest with ourselves we can lose the connection and communication with our Inner-Selves. For instance, the more we lie to ourselves that we are not angry when we are in fact boiling with anger on the inside the more we will be engaging in Self-Deceit. And the layers of Self-Deceit can continue to build until we no longer can see the truth of who we are. Such a Path is the Path of Losing oneself.

Do you often hold back when you feel like expressing yourself honestly?

Without developing honesty within oneself then one can easily overlook one’s deeper desires and begin to follow the desires created by the surface mind i.e. the personality, and this can drive one to live a life that can never fill the emptiness within.

Without developing honesty one can also become an unclear Self for others to see. When one is an Unclear Self it is easy for miscommunications to happen. People will either find it difficult to understand who you are, or mistakingly understand you as someone that you are not.

Path Of Creator

Honesty In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey is about developing the Knowing Of The Self and Releasing our Sufferings.

Honesty can be used as a catalyst/gateway to the realization of the Deeper Self.

Such a journey begins with the understanding about what honesty is.

The journey will take us to develop the Knowing of The Self and this is catalyzed in the “attempt” of being honest about how we are really feeling and thinking. Because through the attempt of being “honest” all the time it will allow for situations where we find ourselves unable to do so. And these will also be the times when our deeper fears surface. Thus honesty is a way for us to dig deeper into ourselves to uncover the fears that are hidden deep inside.

The focus thus is not so much about Acting Honestly. It will actually be quite hard to be honest especially when the fears and negativities kick in. But rather it is about learning to use Honesty to develop deeper Self-Knowing.

Although Acting Honestly is encouraged because it can uncover even deeper fears, as long as one “attempts” to act honestly then having that intention is enough for one to be aware of one's Sufferings even if one fails to be honest. Realize that the greater focus of the path is about addressing the Cause of as to why one cannot be honest i.e. one’s Fears and Negativities rather than the act of "Expressing" oneself honestly all the time although this catalyst is highly encouraged.

Realize that the focus is in releasing our suffering states of mind such as our fears of expressing our true selves, and once these fears are addressed then honest actions will naturally and effortlessly follow.

So there is no need to over-analyze as to how one should “behave” or “act” honestly around people. This will be difficult and confusing especially when there is fear driving the experience.

At The Idea Level

As all forms of Sufferings recede back to Negative Ideas, the Negative Ideas in relation to Honesty can be paraphrased as –

“It is not ok to be rejected”

Thus the theme will often be about Self-Judgement and this can create a great deal of confusion in the mind.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Simply become aware of your thoughts, emotions, sensations and see how well they are aligned with your actions. This will allow you to see how honest you are and help you to see the Sufferings - Fears, Negativities that is driving you to be dishonest.

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
Link here

When we suppress/repress our reactions whenever we feel pain and suffering, we are being dishonest about how we are truly feeling. To be honest with our reactions we simply observe our reactions in every moment without adding or taking it away what we are truly feeling – just simply observe. Doing this will allow it to naturally come and naturally go. And this is exactly what the Creator's Meditation teaches.

This is how honesty is developed through the practice.

Know and Transform The Self!

Honesty is about accepting who you really are even if others may reject you for who you are.

Try the 10 Day One-Self Catalyst to uncover your deepest Negative Ideas / States of Self-Rejection. In this course you will learn how to naturally let go of judgement towards yourself and learn how to accept yourself for who you are.

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