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"Strengthen your roots before reaching upwards"


Defining Being Grounded

To ground ourselves simply means to Still our Mind so that we can be aware of the Present Moment.

The goal of grounding the Mind is to sharpen our awareness.

When the Mind is grounded The Self will be able to observe all things with clarity.

The state of being grounded is thus a peaceful and powerful state to be in – A state when your mind is not stimulated and not wandering, a state when you are simply focused on the present moment.

In such a state one will be able to observe both the inner and outer worlds with clarity – to observe all things as is without any distortion (i.e. distortion from analysis and Imagination). In this State, The Self will have more control and power over the mind.

Being Grounded In Depth

An approach to understanding what a Grounded Mind is to understand what an Ungrounded Mind is.

An ungrounded Mind is when the Mind is stimulated and full of thoughts. In such a state the Mind cannot be Still and fully aware of all things that are happening around them.

So to understand how to ground our Mind one can first learn the Causes of an ungrounded Mind – because it is by properly addressing the cause that the Mind can naturally become more and more Grounded rather than to force it with practices / techniques.

Causes for an Ungrounded Mind

The Mind can be stimulated externally through stimulating activities such as watching action packed films, playing extreme sports, listening to loud music and so forth. This is not saying that engaging in such activities is bad, but rather to become aware that when such activities are done excessively then one can become ungrounded. Excessive here means when we do not give our mind enough rest/room to release the stimulation generated from such activities.

When we are ungrounded it can take some time to become grounded again. Thus to ground oneself the best way is to remove ourselves from the stimulating activities so that our mind can have the space and time to unwind.

The mind can also be stimulated internally through the creation of Negative Reactions. This is because each time we experience Negativity in the mind it will remain in our mind to bother us as the Deeper Mind will always dwell in unsolved problems / confusions.

These Negativities can include our Judgements towards ourselves and others and our Fears of the future or regret of the past.


Importance Of Being Grounded

The ill-effect of an ungrounded Mind is the same as a stimulated mind i.e. an inability to sleep peacefully/deeply, the inability to be aware and properly interact with one’s surroundings.

Do you find it difficult to sleep at night?

The effect of being grounded will allow you to have better control of your life. When your mind is not stimulated it will make you happier living in the reality of the present moment rather than in the imagination of what would make you happy in life.

Do you often dream about where you could be rather than being content with where you currenly are?

When we are ungrounded our mind can lose the sense of being in the present moment. It can make us lose awareness of what is happening around us, i.e. we can drift off when people talk to us, lose track of what we are doing in the middle of work and so forth.

Do you have a tendancy to space out or become forgetful of what you were doing?

Often one can have a tendancy of escaping into one's mind when one is experiencing some form of Pain / Discomfort in the present Moment. So naturally as one works on their Sufferings then the issues of an ungrounded Mind will naturally be resolved.

Path Of Creator

Being Grounded In Relation To The Path Of Creator

Often the grounded state can be called the state of being in the present moment.

However one can become confused and ask the question "does that mean I should not think into the future?"

To bring clarity is to understand that Grounding oneself is not so much about choosing which moment to think whether it be the past or the future or the present moment. Being grounded simply is a state of mind when one is in control of the mind and able to observe all moments with clarity without wandering thoughts coming and going to disturb one's stillness. And the only way to achieve this state is through Stilling the Mind, through addressing the cause for the stimulation / chaos in the first place.

In terms of daily techniques, when we are ungrounded there are many things we can do to ground ourselves again, for instance feeling the earth with our feet, taking deep breaths, meditating or doing yoga, look around us and try to absorb everything that is happening in the present moment, to stop doing things and rest and so forth. But realize that doing all these will only ground the mind temporarily until our old habit of stimulating the mind kicks in to push us into an ungrounded state.

To reach a Grounded State naturally is to address every moment of our life thus it is not a practice that lasts for only a moment, it is about truly transforming our lifestyle so that it can allow the mind to come to a Still state more and more easily than before.

The way we live our life thus will become the centerpiece of the topic. And the question to ask here is “Why are we living in a way which greatly stimulates and unground our mind?” It is only when one can truly find the deeper answers to the question that one can begin to address the deeper issues.

The destination is to reach a balanced state of mind, where we can engage in all activities with a sense of Peace and Stillness within.

At The Idea Level

As all forms of Sufferings can promote an Ungrounded Mind, let us look at one of the Negative Ideas that can drive the mind into a stimulated state.

A Possible Negative Mental Declaration

"It is not ok to waste time"

--->I reject myself and others when I am/they waste time

= There will be fear when I waste time wrong because it is not ok.

Whenever one encounters situations which triggers the Negative Idea onto the surface, one's mind can become stimulated with thoughts to quickly solve the situation at hand. For instance, when one suddenly is faced with a challenging problem, one can start to think of various ways of solving it quickly. In not desiring to waste time, one can start to engage in these kind of thoughts even when one is trying to sleep at nights because of the states of impatience that this Negative Idea can create.

The tip here to address this Negative Idea is to never rush but always try your best to do everything carefully. Never be pushed by someone to rush things because often this will end up in more mistakes been made.

The journey of developing Self-Acceptance is about transforming the Negative Idea from "It is not ok to waste time" -> "It is ok to waste time"

The journey is balanced through moving also towards the opposite declaration - "It is ok to not make mistakes"

Learn to Reach Down before Reaching Up

We are like trees. We can always be in the reach for things above us, reaching towards the stars, reaching towards our dreams, reaching towards those things which are more exciting than what we currently have. As a result we can forget to reach down as well, to firmly strengthen and plant our roots before reaching for the heavens. When we are not grounded, we can easily topple, falling back down to start all over again at the slighest breeze of the wind. So it's important to equalize and strengthen your being by reaching down as you attempt to reach up.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

There are several things we can do to reach a grounded state. One of which is the hardest thing to do for most people is to just to live in a more relaxed way i.e. instead of filling the day up with things to do one simply try to do less and rest more.

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
Link here

Aim for a Still Mind in the Creator’s Meditation. Realize that the more we dwell in our Negativities / Imagination / Wandering thoughts, the more the Mind will become Stimulated and the more the practice will become a Negative / Unhappy One.

Know and Transform The Self!

There are many free Meditation Courses on the website that you can use to help better your health!

For example, the 5 Present Breaths meditation will guide you to experience the present moment and develop the state of Stillness. Realize that to be grounded is to be in the Present Moment.

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