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Love - Universal

"We can only Love as far as we can see"


Defining Love

What is Love?

Love will mean different things for everyone.

Some may think of Love as an Act of extending their hands out to those who need help, but some may think that Love is about giving people opportunities to help themselves so that they can grow stronger. Some may see love as working overtime without pay. Some people in relationships may think jealousy is a form of love.

So, what is love?

Everyone seems to have their own definitions of what it is!

In this article, we will look at what love is from a deeper perspective: from the state of the mind rather than focusing on the actions and the appearance that it can take. 

Love In Depth

Universal Love

Love is a state of mind. And like all states of mind, it can be refined to higher degrees; like a piece of coal that can be refined to a fine diamond, love can be refined from being a conditional action to the higher states of unconditional love.

It can be difficult to understand what the purest form of love is—the unconditional state of love—when one tries to think of examples with a mind that is living in a society built on conditional love: where everything seems to come with a price.

That is why one can look into nature for examples as it's there where unconditional love is in abundance.

For instance, one can observe a tree to learn about what it means to Love everything unconditionally. The tree does not run away from an incoming storm, but rather accept it with open arms.

For instance, one may observe the movement of love as one pours hot water into a cup of cold water and see how they strive to reach a balance with each other.

For instance, one can observe the way the sun gives out its life unconditionally for our benefit.

For instance, one can see the way the trees bear fruits for us to eat without requiring anything from us

For instance, one can see love from the way nature is always being honest with itself. is. Fire will always be fire. Water will be water. Every element in nature will always stay true to itself, unlike us, who can distort the truth and lie through our appearances.

The more one looks for examples of unconditional love in the Universe, the more one will find them. And through these examples, one can then question the ways to develop this state of mind.

Realize that at the end of the day, the quest for the true definition of love is not to simply arrive at it, but rather, to refine it. Thus, to know what love is, is to know more about what one already knows. Otherwise, one's knowing of love can remain subjective and unrefined.

So, let the Universe and your life experiences teach you about what love is every day so that you can know more about it even more.

Path Of Creator

Love In Relation To The Path Of Creator

To experience a brighter life, the darkness of the mind has to be addressed.

The more one develops the Knowing of what love is, the more one will be able to transform their unhappiness into happiness.

Why is this?

Because as one attempts to transform their sufferings states of mind: their fears, their anger, their impatience—the negative states of the mind that causes unhappiness—one will realize that the only way to do so is to develop greater love for oneself and others.

Thus, the more one learns about love, the more one will progress on that journey. 

Perhaps one will learn more about love through understanding that it is a state of mind rather than action, that it is a state of Acceptance at the level of the mind. 

Perhaps one will refine their knowing about love more by realizing the importance of balancing love with wisdom. 

Perhaps, as one develops Self-Knowing, one will gradually realize that to the deeper mind, there is really only One Self, thus to love everything is to love oneself, and to love oneself is to love all there is. 

Like this, as one learns more about love, the suffering states of the mind will be transformed.

Afterall, what fears or negativities can one have if one can accept all there is—if one can see oneself in all things, if one can experience Oneness with their surroundings? 

Thus, the journey of Self-Transformation really is a journey of refining the knowing of love. The more one can refine their knowing, the more they will experience happiness, as there is no greater happiness than to Know and Love Oneself. 

And the best way to refine one's knowing of Love is to simply work on one's suffering states of mind. Because these states of the mind will be the limiters to our ability to love. For instance, how can one love forgivingly when one is angry? How can one love fearlessly when there is fear? How can one love patiently when one has impatience? 

So, realize, the journey of Self-Knowing, Self-Acceptance, Love, Self-Transformation are all the same journey as they will all lead to one another, for they are really all the same thing

Thus instead of focusing your energy on analyzing what Love is—i.e. what actions is loving and what actions are not—simply venture forth into the darkness within to explore it and transform it. By working on the Suffering States of the Mind, you will naturally realize what love is. 

Because once the darkness is illuminated, you will find that the state of unconditional love you've been searching for all this time has always been there, right inside you. That is because Love has always been your most natural state of being, for you are made of Love in the same way as the Universe is. 

The spiritual journey of developing the Knowing of Love thus is a journey of Self-Remembering. 

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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