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"Stimulation can unground the Mind"


Defining Stimulation

This article will address the issues in relation to Mental Stimulation.

Simply speaking, stimulation happens when we excite the Mind. And the more we excite the Mind the more “Active and Reactive” the mind will become.

Exciting the Mind can come from many things such as feeding our minds with “exciting” materials such as watching entertaining shows or over-engaging it with mental tasks such as solving problems, dwelling on worries etc.

It is important to become aware whether or not we are overstimulating the mind because it is only when our Minds is clear and Still that we can truly experience Happiness.
See Catalyst - Stillness

This article will address the ways in which we can release ourselves from our tendancies / habits of stimulating our Minds all the time.

Stimulation In Depth

External And Internal Stimulation

In order to address our habits of always stimulating the Mind we first have to become aware of the many ways in which we can Stimulate the Mind.

Our mind can be stimulated Externally, i.e. through participating in things which excite our minds, partying, alcohol, drugs, watching intense movies, listening to music and so forth.

Our mind can also be stimulated Internally, i.e. through over-thinking, for instance trying to solve problems, worrying, over-using our imagination for creative work and so forth.

To address the issues with stimulating the Mind we can first realize that there is no right and wrong in engaging in stimulating activities. The point here is that when there is “Excess” Stimulation then it can create a lot of problems.

Excess Stimulation comes when the Mind becomes engaged in the perpetual demand of wanting “More and More” and this is caused by the habit of always giving into the demands of the Mind whenever it seeks for stimulation.

When we lose control of the mind in this way, it can affect our levels of happiness, because when we feed a mind stimulant, once the effects of that stimulant wears off it will create an illusory feeling of “Emptiness” as if there is a hole waiting to be filled and this is what carries on the cycle of the Mind wanting more and more but never getting enough. This can into the cycle of craving, addiction, pain of emptiness, of wanting more and more.

The step to address this issue of over-stimulating the mind thus can be to overcome the mental desires of always wanting more and more. And it is only when we try to overcome such a desire that we will realize just how difficult it is. It is only then that we realize that in pleasing the Mind all this time, the Mind has become our Masters rather than us being the Master of our Minds.

Thus no doubt when we first take that step of overcoming our desires we will find it difficult and have a hard time succeeding. But whether or not you fail it doesn’t matter, because it is by trying to go against our Minds that can naturally create the Inner Intention to discover the “Deeper Causes” to our desires i.e. why is there a need for such Stimulants to keep ourselves Content. And it is through such a journey that we can discover the spiritual question as to why we can’t just be happy with Ourselves as Is.

Path Of Creator

Stimulation In Relation To The Path Of Creator

To Release and Transform our Sufferings requires one to develop the Knowing of The Self. And from Chapter 4. Knowing Progresses With Stillness we have come to realize that such Knowing can only be done from a Still Mind. Thus without addressing the issues of Stimulation, one can never achieve such a state and thus no Sufferings can be released.

So the journey will involve the addressing the Deeper Causes as to why we need to Stimulate the Mind. And to address it one will first have to have the intention of addressing it and this can be developed through understanding the Negative Effects stimulation can have upon our state of being.

This Knowing can be developed first hand by developing Experienced Knowledge of how a “Still / Calm / Present Mind” feels like. One of the practice which promotes such Knowing is the 5 Present Breaths Meditation.

Once one has develop Experienced Knowledge of how much Happiness one can experience when the Mind is Still one can begin to observe the level of Happiness Experienced in every moment throughout the day. Doing this will allow one to develop Experienced Knowledge of how one’s level of Happiness can rise and fall when a stimulant is entered into the Picture such as when we feed the Mind with internet / video games / alcohol / clubbing and so forth.

It is important to develop such awareness because without first developing Experienced Knowledge of how one’s Happiness can be affected by Stimulants one will never be able to become truly aware of the difference between a happy mind and an excited mind. And through the journey one will also realize that an over-stimulated Mind is in fact a Suffering Mind. One will gradually realize that when we carry an overactive / over-stimulated Mind throughout the day it can make us lose awareness / focus / of what is happening around us in the Present Moment. And when we are no longer in the Present Moment we will no longer be able to enjoy the Present Moment.

Thus it is important to develop Experienced Knowledge of how much Happiness can be experienced when the Mind is Still and how much Suffering can be experienced when the Mind is Overly Stimulated. It is important to develop this Knowing because naturally then one will be able to develop more intention to release their desire for stimulation in a natural way rather than simply forcing the mind to surrender which will only create temporary results.

It is through the intention of releasing one's desire for stimulation that the problem of over-stimulation is naturally addressed that is why developing Self-Knowing is important, and through the journey one will eventually discover the cause as to why one needed to stimulate their minds in the first place.

And what one will discover is that Sufferings are often the Deeper Causes as to why we are always excessively reaching for Stimulants to fulfil the Mind.

Our Sufferings are what drives the Mind to demand for more and more.

In Chapter 5 Discovering The Sufferings we have come to Know that the Seed Cause of all Sufferings begins with a Negative Idea and an Idea is Negative when it promotes the Rejection of The Self.

As one develops the Knowing of The Self, what one will begin to realize is that whenever one experiences an intense Desire/Need to reach for Stimulants one is in fact in a state of Rejection / Uncontentment /Unsatisfaction with what one currently has. See Catalyst – Present for more details.

Let us observe some examples of how our Sufferings can push us to stimulate our Minds so we can understand this a bit clearer.

For instance, our Fears of Boredom can push us to do stimulate our mind externally and internally.

For instance our fears of not improving can push us to fill our minds with excessive information / work and so forth so we can feel that we are moving forward.

For instance, our fears of silence may push us to listen to music or always engage in conversation etc.

For instance our Self-Judgement can push us to dwell in the Past.

For instance our Worries can push us to overthink about the Future that has not even happened yet.

And so forth..

Thus as one begins to address their intense need for Stimulation one will always eventually come to face to face with their Sufferings.

Thus generally as one works on transforming and releasing their Sufferings the issues to do with Stimulation will naturally be released as well.

The best way to begin one's journey is to start by incorporating practices such as meditation or other practices which can allow one to develop and experience Stillness. And from Stillness one will start to develop Self-Knowing and discover the deeper cause of their need for stimulation.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

To develop Stillness of the Mind one can simply try to do less throughout the day or even incorporating "boring" things such as just sitting at a couch and doing nothing and trying to enjoy it as is.

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
Link here

When one has practised The Creator’s Meditation for a while, one will begin to “sense” energetic vibrations throughout the body and develop the ability to comprehend the different “Energetic Signatures” which belong to different Suffering States.

In terms of Over-Stimulation, one perhaps will experience it as a throbbing sensation on the head.

And as one continues to Meditate one perhaps will become aware that the Throbbing Sensation is there because of our Attachment / Need for it to be there i.e. our habit of wanting to be excited all the time.

Realize that when you experience this, try your best to let go. From the perspective of Energy, to let go is to allow yourself to lower the energy to the neutral state rather than to keep it there or heighten it. One will perhaps feel a “Lowering” of Energy as one tries to let go of this stimulating energy and initially there will be an inner resistance to this because there will be an illusory feeling that excitement and happiness is disappearing.

It is important to let go of any stimulating energy because such energy is draining. Even worse, when our Mind is throbbing it can create difficulties in sleeping at night.

Know and Transform The Self!

There are many free Courses on the website that you can use to help you release the stimulating thoughts that are happening inside!

For example, the Guided Meditation To Let Go will guide you to learn how to let go of the unnecessary thoughts through meditation.

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