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"All we really desire is Love."


Defining Desires

The state of desiring is the state of wanting something. In life, there can be many things to desire for: an overseas holiday somewhere in the tropics, a piece of chocolate cake, recognition for one's hard work, a pay rise, marriage and kids, the latest phone, and so forth. 

When we look within at the desires we have, from the subtle wants to the deep longings, we can find a list of desires that are waiting to be fulfilled, and some of us can have an incredibly long list!

The desires of the mind can bring both happiness and unhappiness. in this article, we will explore the suffering states of mind one can experience in the relationship they have with their desires and the ways to address it.

Desires In Depth

The state of desiring for something can be blissful and at the same time torturing.

Realize that desires are neither good nor bad.

Whether your desires will bring you happiness or unhappiness will be determined by the quality of relationship you have with them, for instance, from the way you perceive and go about fulfilling them. 

The most common way people would fulfil their desires is to fulfil it by doing, obtaining, and achieving something in the world outside. However, this solution will only solve half of the equation. To completely fulfil a desire is to also reach inwards to understand why one has that desire in the first place. By exploring and discovering the reasons, one will know the deeper ways to truly answer their desires.

Without looking inwards for the deeper solutions for one's desires, the happiness and fulfilment experienced from whatever one has obtained outside will always be temporary.  

So, the journey of properly answering our desires will begin with one developing a deeper relationship with their desires: to explore it, to understand more about it, to realize that the desire to reach for external things is just a manifestation of the desire to reach for something within. 

For instance, the desire for a partner may be a manifestation of the deeper desire to address the lonliness within

For instance, the desire to be recognized by others may come from a deeper desire for one to feel more worthy of love within

For instance, the desire for sweet food may be a desire for an escape from the painful emotions that are brimming within.

Without truly understanding the deeper reasons for our desires, we can end up spending much energy chasing things in the world outside without truly addressing what is needed inside. Once one addresses the deeper needs, one's desires will disappear because it will be transformed into fulfilment. It's then, one will realize that desires are simply the calls from within to fill something that The Self is lacking. 

The journey of understanding one's deeper desires

Let us look at some of the ways one can explore one's desires to get to the root of what one is lacking. 

The journey will be much like exploring a tree. On the surface, one may see the leaves, but as one explores more and more, one will be able to find the branches, to the trunks, to the roots, and then to the seed from which everything originated. 

The practice of meditation can take one deeper into the mind so it is a much recommended practice. Realize that to go deeper in the mind, the mind needs to be stilled; otherwise, one can simply be stuck in the incessant wandering thoughts of the surface mind.

Thus without stilling the mind, one can be stuck in one's surface desires. These will usually be desires to do with one's primal urges: for sex, motherhood, and fatherhood. These primal urges are inherent in everyone because they are all part of the genetic blueprint to make sure that the physical experience can continue through reproduction, so it's only natural to experience these desires whether one is a man or a woman. 

However, without penetrating the deeper desires beyond the primal, one can fail to see the other desires that are beyond it. This can make one place too much of an importance on fulfilling the primal urges, unaware that there may be other desires within that are waiting to be heard.

The more one can move beyond the physical desires and see the desires of the Mind and Emotions, the less the physical desires will take prominence. And once one can move beyond the Mind and Emotions, one will come into contact with the desires of the heart, which when followed, will truly take one to the states of joy and fulfilment. 

Thus as one takes their awareness through the various layers of the mind, one will discover different kinds of desires: desires to fulfil primal urges, desires to fulfil the need for particular emotional and mental sensations, desires for spiritual lessons.

The only way to reach deeper and deeper into oneself is through Stillness. Thus, the practice of meditation is necessary if one really wishes to know themselves at all levels. 

Developing awareness can also transform the way we live our lives as our desires, goals—the destination towards which we steer our life—will naturally shift with every new discovery. 

Path Of Creator

Desires In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey of fulfilling our desires is a journey of Self-Knowing: of knowing ourselves more than before.

Thus, it's not a journey of destroying our relationships with our desires, but rather enhancing it through exploring the nature of why they are there.

Ultimately, it will take us to learn that desires are not so much about obtaining things outside of us, but rather, to fill the lack we have within. And the seed of lack from which all desires are sprouted will always be the lack of Self-Acceptance.

Realize that the more one cannot accept in life, the more one will reject The Self. And the more one rejects The Self, the more unhappiness one will experience. And whenever unhappiness arises, the desire to displace it will too. Thus, at the deepest level of the mind, there is only one desire: to develop greater Self-Acceptance because the lack of it was what originated the experience of unhappiness. 

At The Idea Level

Everything begins in the mind with Ideas. Thus if one wishes to explore the beginning of one's desires, one can explore the beliefs of Self-Rejection that one has created and become attached to in the mind.

Let us look at the following examples of what some of these Ideas of may be.

"It is not ok to not have friends"

"It is not ok to be unsuccessful"

"I will not be happy without money"

"People will not like me if I show my true self"

Every belief that we create in the mind that promotes Self-Rejection will create some sort of a desire: for friends, success, money, living up to people's expectations, and so forth. 

So as one explores ways to fulfil their deeper desires, one will inevitably have to develop Self-Acceptance: Learning to accept more of themselves, others, and the world.

And this can be done in many ways. For instance, one can go towards one's desires to explore it more, to understand why one needs it.

One can even try to improve the relationship with their desires. For instance, if one's desires are creating one misery, one can find other ways of approaching the desire so that one can experience happiness. For example, if one has a desire for becoming a famous person but constantly experience pain from failing, one can try to improve their relationship with their desires by learning to let it go or to work on their weaknesses, self-limitations, suffering states of the mind. So, it's not necessarily about letting go of one's dreams, but more about learning to release the suffering states of mind that are ruining the relationship one has with their desires. 

So yes, eventually one will have to work on their suffering states of mind to improve the relationship they have with their desires because these negative states of the mind will always be caused by the lack of Self-Acceptance. 

So, is it ok to have desires?

Yes, absolutely.

But to truly fulfil that desire, one has to explore it deeper and to work on one's suffering states of mind to improve the relationship, which will naturally take one to reach even greater Self-Acceptance; this is the destination the heart ever so desires.

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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