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"The outer desires are just a manifestation of the deeper desires within"


Defining Desires

To desire means to want something.

There are all sorts of things that we can desire for in the outer world.

For example, the desires to have a car, to have a job, to have a partner / money / house / to be famous and the list goes on.

This article will explore the effects of desires and the ways for one to Know their Deeper Desires.

Desires In Depth

Discovering The Deeper Desires

When we try to fulfil our desires from reaching outwards, our desires will never be able to reach complete fulfilment. This is because our desires for things in the outer world are really just the manifestation of our deeper desires within.

Most often we are only aware of our surface desires but not aware of the deeper desires driving it. It is only when we are aware of our deeper desires that we can then work towards becoming truly fulfilled.

To understand what our deeper desires are, we can use the structure of a Tree as a way to represent the way our Desires are created in the consciousness.

When we only Know The Self on the Surface, we will only be able to see the Outer Leaves i.e. our shallow desires. But much like a leaf which stems from a branch, which stems from the trunk of a tree and receding into the roots and the seed, our Desires also stem from deeper roots down to the very Seed which sprouted it.

To see and Know our deeper Desires thus requires a journey of observation and letting go of the surface thoughts because we need to first let go of our attachments/fixations to our shallow desires that we can go beyond to see beyond it.

Primal Desires

The strongest surface desires to first overcome for the Male Gender and Female Gender will often be desires concerning sex and motherhood.

These two desires are called the Primal Desires which are naturally embedded into the blueprint for the purpose of re-production which allows for souls to continue enjoying physical experiences.

So the experience of primal desires are natural. But to focus one's life on just this desire will lead to an imbalanced life. Realize that when one is overcome by their primal desires one will begin to fulfil their desires in an unhealthy / destructive way. It is only when one overcomes their Primal Desires that they can balance their Desires with Wisdom to really understand what is it that they are truly desiring.

And it is only when one can see beyond their “Physical Desires” that thet can begin their journey of discovering their deeper desires. One will begin to discover their Deeper Emotional Desires and Mental Desires and Spiritual / Soul Desires eventually come to the ultimate realization of the True Desires of the One Creator.

Deeper Desires In Relation To Life

As one looks deeper into one’s desires one perhaps will discover that their true desires for a fancy car actually comes from the deeper desire for attention, or that their desire to have a job comes from the desire for security or their desire for a partner is for the desire to be loved or for some sort of sexual / financial fulfilment and so forth. When the deeper desires are addressed then the surface desires will naturally dissipate.

Realize that every outward Desire will always have an inward Desire.

And every Inner Desire will always have a deeper Desire, all receding to a Seed Desire.

From a spiritual perspective, what one will ultimately Realize is that the desires that we have become attached to will always be a representation of what we lack within which is Self-Acceptance.

The Seed Desire to all Desires thus could simply be said for the need for Self-Acceptance – towards Oneself or Other Selves.

Thus when we address our Desires at the deepest level it will always involve going through the lessons of developing Self-Acceptance i.e. addressing Self-Rejection, Self-Approval, Self-Trust and so forth.

Thus spiritually speaking, all desires will take us to eventually face the side of The Self that we do not want to face – our Suffering States Of MInd - because all forms of Sufferings are caused by a lack of Self-Acceptance.

Path Of Creator

Desires In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey is about developing the Knowing of ourselves more and more until we realize the desires within all levels of The Self. The destination that we want to reach is the fulfilment of those desires through not necessarily from the outside but ultimately from the inside, i.e. through the transformation and release of our sufferings.

Desires In relationship to Suffering

Previously we have looked at mainly the way Desires are Created in the consciousness.

Now we will look at Desires in relation to our Sufferings.

Realize that there is nothing “Right” or “Wrong” about having Desires. The Experience of Suffering that comes from having a Desire actually comes from the way we face / perceive these desires when they are unfulfilled. So it is this suffering side of desires in particular that needs to be addressed. So the journey is not about vanquishing our desires, but rather to address those kind of desires which are driven by the suffering states of the mind. - more precisely to simply address the suffering states of the mind.

When desires are driven by the negativities of the mind, attachments can result. Realize that when we have an attachment towards a desire we can create Longing for them and experience suffering when they are unfulfilled.

These desires which create Suffering when unfulfilled can be called the “Negative Desires” and these can be paraphrased into a Negative Declaration for the linear Mind to better understand.

i.e. “It is not ok to not have etc....”

In Chapter 5 Discovering The Sufferings we learnt that all forms of Sufferings begin with Negative Ideas.

i.e. “It is not ok to not have an expensive Car” “It is not ok to not get a respectable job” “It is not ok to not have friends” “It is not ok to not go to that particular party.

Everyone will have different kinds of Negative Desires. As one develops the Knowing Of The Self, naturally one will discover the Seed Ideas which create their Negative desires and this will help one to complete and fulfil what one truly desires / lack.

The destination is towards Knowing one's desires at all levels of the mind and being in a harmonious relationship with one's desires.

The Confusion of whether or not to have Desires?

Confusion on the topic of whether it is ok to have desires or not will come when the following Negative Declaration is deeply rooted in the consciousness - “It is not ok to Desire”

To release ourselves from such a Confusion will involve the journey of accumulating the wisdom that It is in fact ok to desire.

For the mind carrying such a negative declaration of the Negative Idea, the person perhaps would have picked up this idea somewhere i.e. from religions or some sort of philosophy.

Realize that there is nothing right and wrong with the state ofdesiring. We can actually use the state of desiring to our advantage on the journey of Self-Transformation. We can use our Desires as opportunities to examine what is driving them, why they are there, the Negative Ideas within, and letting go of our attachments so that we can develop greater Self-Knowing and Self-Acceptance within.

And from a spiritual perspective, our desires can bring us to face to face with our deeper lessons – the spiritual lessons within that we are not aware of.

Thus it is ok to desire and with wisdom one can use their desires as a Catalyst to accelerate the Transformation and Release of their Sufferings.

It is important to address the following Negative Declaration “It is not ok to Desire” because it is a Negative Idea that can bring about Great Confusion and Suffering. When one is strongly attached to the Negative Idea it can create great Fears within i.e. Fears of expressing their desires or of other people knowing one’s desires and this can lead to a great deal of Self-Deception and the inability to properly communicate and express oneself honestly.

To address this lesson one will have to go on a journey of developing Self-Support and Self-Acceptance.

After the negative idea is transformed, one will be able to freely choose whether or not to express their desires without the fear of being judged. One will also be in control of their desires rather than the desires controlling them.

The journey is balanced through also accepting the opposite declaration.

"It is ok to not desire"

Illusory Desires
Extract Taking from Catalyst – Stimulation

"For instance, when one is continually stimulating their Minds with violent videos, what one will begin to observe is that one will start to feel a need for “violence” or to fill the mind with some kind of “violence” throughout the day. Similarly, when one stimulates their Minds with sexual videos, one will start to feel a need for “sex” or to see “sexual things” throughout the day. This also happens inversely with positive things, i.e. when one is always watching “inspiring videos” then one will begin to want to do inspiring things or see inspiring things."


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Desires can be used in many ways.

First you can go towards your desires to develop more clarity into just exactly what you are desiring.

Often when we do not know our Deeper Desires, what happens is that once our outer desires are fulfilled we can still experience a sense of dissatisfaction within. It is then when one will realize that one has yet to address the deeper desires within.

Secondly you can simply resist the urge to go towards your desires. When you do this you can experience Inner Resistance. And it is by observing these Inner Resistances as they are (Without trying to exaggerate or diminish them) that you will come to know just exactly why you cannot let go of these desires – which will take you discover the Negative Ideas you have from within.

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
Link here

Whenever you experience Suffering due to your desires being unfulfilled, simply sit down and meditate. What you will realize that as you simply focus your attention to the different parts of your body the desire/suffering sensations will slowly disappear.

Thus by simply observing and going through such experiences, you are developing Experienced Knowledge that the more you focus on your desires the more intense they will become because by simply “Observing” and not feeding into your Reactions the desires will simply disappear.

Know and Transform The Self!

Usethe 10 Day Self-Knowing Vipassana to develop Self-Knowing and Self-Transformation. As the day progresses, you will realize the relationship between the wandering thoughts you experience in life and your inner fears and desires.

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