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"Envy can make us blind to see and appreciate what we already have"


Defining Envy

Envy here is defined defined as a suffering state of mind experienced often involving the feeling of unfairness and sadness. Envy is often experienced in situations when one sees someone else having something that one does not have.

For instance, envy can be experienced when we see someone else having an expensive car or a beautiful wife or a high-paying job that we do not have.

This article will address the suffering state of envy

See Catalyst-Jealousy for the difference between Jealousy and Envy.

Envy In Depth

Envy is a Negative State of the mind involving issues to do with unfulfilled desires within.

And this feeling can become more intense when we believe that we are entitled more to what the Other Self has.

I.e. we can experience envy when we see Other Selves happier than us.

I.e. we can experience envy when we see a work-colleague promoted to a position that we believe that we are more deserving.

Envy thus can be be summed up as discontentment / judgement arising from comparing Oneself to another Self.


Importance Of Addressing Envy

The Experience Of Envy can be a very painful experience.

It can make one experience a deep sense of “Emptiness” and “Unfulfilment” when one sees the Other Selves have something that we don't. Envy can also create the illusion to make us see the other person in a bad light when the experience is simply reminding us of what we desire and not have. Thus envy can make us experience intense states of bitterness and lonliness.

Do you often feel bitter that someone has something that you don't?

Envy also is a sign that one is not content with what they currently have. Thus Envy can hold ourselves back from enjoying the Present as Is and this can push one to wander off in the mind of what “One should have” and into the Frustration of “Why one does not have.” This process of imagining can be exhausting and draining both physically and mentally.

Envy can also drive one to become overly negative and “gossip” and “talk-bad” about the Other Selves. The worst thing that usually happens is that when one starts doing this “inside” by having inner-dialogues. This can becomee mentally draining as ths Inner Negativity can greatly eat away at one's inner peace and Happiness.

Path Of Creator

Envy In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey is about transforming and releasing oneself completely from one’s Sufferings.

Envy is one of the Suffering States that can cause great painful feelings of emptiness / unfulfillment / lonliness. Thus without completely releasing oneself from the state of Envy one can never truly feel “Complete.” Envy thus can make us dwell in the negativity towards others and ourselves for not having what we wish to have

Time will ultimately reveal to ourselves that simply dwelling in the longing of what other people have will never truly address the problem.

The way to address the problem on the outside is to actually just take action and strive to work towards fulfilling the lack of what one has whether it is by working towards attaining one’s dream job or dream car or dream future etc.

Often the experience of Envy is there because one has an inability to achieve these desires and the Causes will most often recede back to one’s Sufferings – I.e. one’s fears of attaining or one’s fears of failing or one's fears of expressing etc. So sometimes the experience of envy can be understood as the pain of not being able to overcome one's fears. Thus by working on Transforming and Releasing one’s Sufferings this side of the problem will eventually resolve itself.

Ultimately, the destination is not so much about getting what we want on the outside, but rather to reach a state where we can simply be happy with what we just have - a deep appreciation and gratitude towards the Present Moment as it is. And this state will be naturally reached by simply working on our sufferings as well.

Let us look at the journey at the Idea Level

At The Idea Level

As previously mentioned, striving to achieve our desires is a much better alternative than holding the negativity within or lashing it out because it can take us to develop the Knowing of The Self even further by bringing out into light certain fears or negativities we have within. But without addressing the even deeper issues of "Why do I even need what others have to be happy?" The Self will never be able to feel that it has "enough."

So ultimately our journey of facing the Cause of Envy will always take us to the following Negative Ideas.

“It is not ok for me not to have....”


“It is not ok for others to have....”

To Transform and Release oneself from the Negative Ideas will often involve one to take the journey of addressing issues to do with Self-Fulfilment.

Naturally experiences in life will push us to see that whatever we have we will always want more. The spiritual lessons that we will all eventually will have to go through will thus will involve developing Self-Acceptance and Gratitude for what we already have in every moment - to not just dwell and focus on the negative side in life.

Realize that it is only when we are content and happy with ourselves that we can ever be truly happy. It is only then the fears of losing what we have or the greed of wanting more will eventually fade away.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

When you experience Envy, simply ask yourself,

“What is it that I Desire?” rather than to judge what the other person have.

Then ask yourself the question to explore The Self further,

“What is stopping me from attaining what I desire?’

Then ask yourself the most important question

"Why do I even need this to be happy?"

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
Link here

When you experience Envy, you can simply meditate.

Each time your mind recedes into a state of Stillness and Happiness rather than longing for what others have or being negative towards them, the Peace within will gradually make you develop the Knowing that you are in fact already complete.

Know and Transform The Self!

Try the 10 Day One-Self Catalyst to help you to see who you really are - The Infinite Greater. As you develop this Self-Knowing, then you will realize that there is really no need to have envy towards anything for all is One Self.

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