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"I must have what others have!"


Defining Envy

When we see others possessing things that we don't have, for instance, fame, beauty, and objects, we can desire for them. When there are states of pain and suffering accompanying such desiring, one is in a state of envy.

In this article, we will explore the suffering states of envy and the ways to transform it. 

See Catalyst-Jealousy for the difference between Jealousy and Envy.

Envy In Depth

There's no harm in having desires. However, when the mind perceives that "I must have this and that", then it can cause one to have attachment, and with attachment comes suffering.

Envy can be understood as the state of attachment towards wanting what other people own. Thus, if one wishes to explore what attachment is deeper, one can explore the Catalyst - Attachment for more details.

To address envy then, one can learn to let go of their attachments.

This can be done in several ways, but all will involve developing Self-Acceptance at one level or another.

One example is to learn to love oneself more. The more one can learn to love oneself, the more happiness one will experience, and with time, one will realize that all one really needs in life is to learn how to love oneself unconditionally. To accelerate the journey, one can also learn to love others unconditionally as well. 

Another way to address envy is to learn to appreciate what one already has in life. When we are always looking outwards to see what others have, we can take what we currently have in our lives for granted. Realize that even the simple things such as a roof over one's head may be a luxury for others to have, thus the state of envy can be released through exploring why there is a need within for more than what one needs.  


Importance Of Addressing Envy

Let us look at how Envy can affect one's life so that one can find more reasons to address it.

The Experience Of Envy can be a very painful state of mind. When we see the world with the eyes of envy, one will expeirence painful emotions such as the feeling of being unloved and of being misfortunate. 

The following questions can often arise in an envious mind:

"Why are they blessed with better luck than me?"

"Why do they have more friends than me?"

"Why can't I be as popular as them?"

"They don't deserve to have that much money!"

When we don't have what others have, we can experience anger. When envy is coupled with anger, it can drive one's mind to see others in a negative light; the mind can come up with reasons to hate them, for instance, reasons for their unworthiness to own the things we long for so much. The state of envy thus can affect the quality of relationship one has with others by creating the illusion that the other person is a bad person just because they have what we don't have. 

Do you often feel bitter that someone has something that you don't?

Envy also is a sign that one is not content with what one currently has. 

The state of envy thus can prevent one from enjoying the Present as Is, and the mind can even wander off to fantasize about the things of one's desires or intellectualize about what one should have and not have. When the mind is wandering off in such a way, it can be very mentally draining!

Envy can also drive one to gossip negatively about someone behind their back. When this becomes a habit, one can do this internally by having inner dialogues with oneself, which can only make one's daily experienced more bitter than it actually is.

Path Of Creator

Envy In Relation To The Path Of Creator

To be truly happy, one has to learn to be happy when one has everything and also when one has nothing. 

Envy is a state of mind that can take one to learn lessons about the latter: about learning to love and accept oneself when one has nothing but oneself. 

The lesson that envy brings is that suffering and unhappiness will always be the result if one chooses to believe that one cannot be happy without obtaining certain things, that one cannot simply be happy when they have only themselves.

Envy can also take one on a journey to realize that whatever one obtains on the outside will never guarantee true fulfilment. So, as one continues to achieve what one longs for on the outside, one will slowly realize that the deeper answer to fulfilment has to be found inside. 

But everyone will learn at their own pace. The practice of meditation will help one to greatly accelerate the journey because through the practice one will be able to experience the deeper states of Stillness and the joy Stillness can bring, allowing them to realize that happiness is simply a step away from one's chaotic thoughts and emotions.

And on the journey of looking within for the deeper answers, one will gradually discover that the desire for things that others have are simply a manifestation of what one lacks, which is happiness and fulfilment, which the solution to the deeper mind will always be about developing Self-Acceptance. 

But this is not to say that to address envy one has to ignore the desires of the surface mind. One can use the desires for the things that others possess as a drive to explore ways to develop greater Self-Acceptance. By following one's desires, it can help one to know their suffering states of mind better.

Envy is the manifestation of what we lack

Realize that the reason why others may possess things that we don't have is due to us lacking "something" to achieve these things. Perhaps, it's the lack of courage, skill, intelligence, and so forth. Thus, behind the states of envy will always be some kind of limitation that is preventing one from owning the things that one desires.

Thus it can be beneficial for one to put efforts into achieving what one desires because in doing so, one will be able to come face to face with their lack, their self-limitations, which will mostly be their suffering states of mind: fears, anger, impatience, lack of trust and self-acceptance, and so forth.

Thus to summarize, to the surface mind, the desires can seem to be about things that others have we don't have. And to the deeper mind, the desires will be about addressing the self-limitations that is preventing one from obtaining what others have. And even deeper, the desires will always be about learning to refine one's Knowing of Love and Self-Acceptance.

So, as you can see, much like the game Chinese whispers, the original message one's desires can reach the surface mind in a distorted form, that is why the practice of meditation can help one to release all the chaos so that one can hear the desires of the Deeper Mind and Heart clearer.

The destination is towards Loving Oneself, so that one can be happy even when one has nothing. 

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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