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The Self

"It is only when we look Within, that we realize how little we know about ourselves"


Defining The Self

To Know The Self is to not only Know the Outer Self i.e. our Physical Body, but also the Inner Self i.e. the World of Consciousness.

The Inner Self are the levels of The Self that cannot be seen by our physical eyes.

These levels include the Emotional Self, Mental Self, Intuitional Self and so forth. Most of us can perceive these levels of The Self as the thoughts and emotions and intuition. These are the parts of The Self that can only be able to be seen and known by the "inner eye /awareness."

When we do not develop the Knowing of the Inner Self, we can live with ignorance: ignorance of what is going on inside of us, ignorance of our deeper desires, ignorance of who we really are and why we react in such a way. As a result we can be blind as to why we have certain Fears/Negativities - Sufferings.

Ignorance thus is what limits our potential to grow because what we do not know we can never address. I.e. when we do not know why we fear certain things, then we cannot address it.

That is why it is important to develop the Knowing of The Self.

The Self In Depth

When we first begin developing the Knowing of The Self we will no doubt experience a lot of confusions. This is because we have spent most of the time in life developing the Knowing of the Outer Worlds rather than the Inner Worlds, for instance, we have come to know many things in life: in knowing how science and technology work, in knowing how economy and politics works, in knowing how physics work, in knowing how atoms and molecules work and so forth. In life we have been encouraged to know everything - but Ourselves.

Thus it is only when we ask ourselves the question, "Who Am I?" That we realize that we do not really know the answer, It is then we realize just how little we know about ourselves.

In life, it can be easy to develop Unexperienced Knowledge about ourselves from what our parents tell us, from what our teachers tell us, from what the doctors, psychologists, scientists, spiritualists say about who we are and what our problems are.

But to truly develop the Knowing of The Self comes from Knowing The Self from one's own experience. It is only when we make the journey into ourselves that we can really answer the question because what is the point of Knowing ourselves from believing what others say? How can we ever Know the Truth without discovering it for ourselves?

Thus to really Know ourselves we have to Know The Self from experience.

And this is done through taking the responsibility of exploring and getting to Know our Inner Worlds -

The worlds of Emotions, Thoughts, Intuition, Ideas, Imagination and beyond.

The Limitless space of Consciousness.

The Infinity Within

The Self

So how does one develop the Knowing of The Self?

Path Of Creator

The Self In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The Path Of Creator is about transforming and releasing one's Sufferings. We can only release our sufferings as much as we Know is there and we can only release our Sufferings as much as we Know what it is. Thus the journey of transforming and releasing ourselves from our Sufferings will always involve Self-Knowing.

And that Knowing of The Self is developed from one's own experience of The Self rather than simply reading it from the book.

As emphasized already before, it is important to develop Experienced Knowledge of The Self rather than developing the Knowledge from outside sources i.e. books, philosophies, religions, schools, social ideals, our parents, teachers and so forth - These are Unexperienced Knowledge. Because when we only develop Unexperienced Knowledge about a topic which we do not know, without taking the step to validate the Truth of that Knowledge we can create a great deal of confusion within the mind - because everyone will carry different ideas about what The Self actually is.

That is not to say that there is anything bad with developing Unexperienced Knowledge. Rather the point here is that Unexperienced Knowledge is always best used as "stepping-stones" for us to use to find the Truth rather than letting it simply be the Truth itself.

That is why information on The Self is kept as minimal here to encourage one to pursue the Knowledge from one's own experience - and one can do this simply by practising the state of observing one's own Inner World's and Outer Worlds - i.e. by developing/carrying a level of awareness throughout every day so we can develop the Knowing of The Self inside out in every moment i.e. "What am I feeling now?" "What am I thinking now?" "What am I sensing now?" and this awareness can be heightened through practising meditation. For instance you can try The Creator's Meditation.

The following two pieces of information will be introduced to help your journey into developing the Knowing Of The Self.

Dispelling The Confusions

When we make the journey of Knowing The Self, that journey will be very much like a journey into darkness.

As we explore that darkness we will begin to uncover the various levels of The Self i.e. The Emotional Self, the Mental Self, the Intuitional Self and so forth.

With time as we begin observing the various aspects of The Self and see how they behave we will soon encounter some confusing questions: "Am I the Physical Body?" "Or Am I the Emotions?" "Or Am I the Thoughts?" "Should I follow my thoughts or my emotions?" " Intuition?" "Who Am I?"

This confusion will become even greater when we become more and more aware of the misalignments between the Selves within.

For example in one moment our Mental Self may persuade us to express an opinion, but our Emotional Self may tell us not to, at the same time our Intuitional Self may tell us that it would be beneficial if we did, but our Physical Self may be too lazy to even consider doing anything.

So... "Which Self is the Real Me?"

As you develop the Knowing of The Self from experience you will eventually realize that all Levels of The Self - from your Physical Body to your Inner worlds all belong to you - yes as simple as that, much like the leaves or the branches will all belong to the Tree itself.

Here we clear one of the most common confusions that are often encountered for those in pursuit of spirituality which is is the idea that "We are not of the physical body but of the spirit." Such an idea is often preached by spiritual teachers. This is not to say this statement is right or wrong, but rather when misinterpreted can often lead people to abandon the care of their Physical Self in pursuit of spirituality and this can greatly block one's Knowing of The Self.

The Truth is that at this very moment we are of the Physical Body. Touch your skin and you will feel it. Step on a prick and you will be able to feel the pain on our feet.

Realize that the Physical Body is a part of ourselves thus it is important to take care of it rather than to neglect the care of it in whatever pursuits we have in life.

Thus we are of the Physical Body. But, We are also more than the Physical Body.

As we go beyond the Physical Self we will be able to uncover and encounter the layers of finer energetic bodies/selves invisible to the naked eye much like the way different colours of light are waiting to be found within the white light - Each ray all an aspect/continuum of The Infinite Self.

Using the senses of the physical mind, we could perhaps understand/be aware of only a few levels of The Self such as our Emotional and Mental Selves. When we heighten our senses we will begin to become aware of their existence even greater and become aware of the subtler emotions and the more abstract/symbolic levels of the Mental Self. And as we develop our awareness even finer then we can begin to develop the awareness of The Other Selves beyond them i.e. our Intuitional Selves - the soft inner voice that is constantly guiding us to complete our spiritual journey.

From the perspective of the Spirit, to Know The totality of The Self can be said to be a journey towards Infinity because The Self is Infinite. Thus the Physical Journey can be said to be just a short stop in our spiritual journey to Know The Self. The journey of Knowing Oneself, Oneness, of Knowing Infinity will thus only end when you decide it to.

Although the physical life is a short one compared to the spiritual journey as a whole, it is important to take care of the Physical Body as much as we can. This is because much spiritual lessons can be discovered/uncovered through taking responsibility for our physical bodies. And also a healthier body will make the journey progress much easier and smoother. In fact, the whole purpose of the physical body/experience is to Catalyze the Potentiation of the Spirit so don't abandon it just yet! Without a physical body one, the consciousness will not be able to experience the physical reality in such vividness!

One Self

The second piece of information that will be important for your journey is to develop the realization that there is only One Self.

This realization can be difficult to develop because as we look outward our eyes will always tell us that there are so many "people/selves" other than "ourselves" thus giving us a perception of separation and disconnection with one another.

However, as we close our eyes and look within to discover how the Deeper Mind works what we will see is that in the deeper realm of the consciousness the Truth is that there really is just One Self.

The Deeper Mind will see that all things are connected as we are all made of the same essence - consciousness energy and come from the same Source - The Universe/God/Source/Divinity/Infinity whatever one wishes to call the Greater Creator. From here, everything perceived is merely a reflection of how we perceive ourselves.

This may be a little bit difficult to understand so let us use an analogy.

When we look at another "Self" we are in fact looking at "Ourselves." What this means in practical terms is that what we do not like about a person will always be what we do not like about ourselves. I.e. when we hate the arrogant part of a person it basically means that we hate the arrogant part of ourselves and likewise when we hate the boring part of a person it basically means that we hate the boring part of ourselves.

Let us look at this information from another perspective.

From the point of view of the deeper mind at the level of "Ideas," when we interact with a person and create Negative Thoughts about them in our mind such as "it is not ok for them to be arrogant" will always be reducible to "It is not ok for me to be arrogant" as well.

So realize that our perception of another Self will always reflect the perception we have of ourselves. And this is information is important when we want to transform our suffering states of mind.

And The Self does not necessarily have to be a person. It can be an object such as a skinny phone or a nice fluffy toy. It can be a tree, it can be an ugly bird, it can be a grass or even a piece of dust - It can be anything that exists in Creation because everything we experience we will always create Ideas about it. And our attitude towards all that is around us will always reflect back to the attitude we have about ourselves.

That is why the word The Self is often used here rather than "another person" because The Self is inclusive of all things which exists in Creation.

Now Knowing that the Deeper Mind only registers One Self then what can we make use of this information to catalyze the transformation of our Sufferings?

Suffering is a state of Rejection towards The Self. Thus whenever a person/object/experience trigger a state of Rejection within us such as meeting a person with a nasty character, we can develop the Knowing of The Self by asking ourselves "What is it that I cannot accept about that person?" and then develop the Knowing even more by extending the question "What is it that I cannot accept about that person that I cannot accept about myself?"

And then as you develop the Knowing of The Self the answers to your questions will surface bit by bit until you Know exactly the Negative Ideas behind the experience and why you have those Negative Ideas.

And that is when you will encounter the spiritual lessons that you can go through to Catalyze the transformation of your Sufferings - See Transforming Negative Ideas for more Details.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Whenever you discover the spiritual lessons that you have to go through to transform and release your Sufferings, always realize that because there is really just One Self, the spiritual lessons can only be completed if the Rejection of The Self is addressed both ways.

I.e. if the spiritual lesson is about accepting the laziness of the other person, no matter how much and how long you go through the lessons of directing acceptance towards the Other Self, without also directing acceptance towards the lazy part of yourself the process of transformation will simply stagger.

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
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Whenever you meditate and begin to have wandering Negative Thoughts about a person realize that direction of Negativity is not only towards that person but also towards yourself as well.

Know and Transform The Self!

Try the 22 Days Creators Meditation Course to develop Self-Knowing of who you are, of the many levels of The Self, of your deepest fears and desires so you can transform them and create greater happiness in life.

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