Creation Within Creation
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Chapter III

The Journey Progresses With Knowing


Developing the Knowing Of The Self is what creates progress on the Path.

Partly this is because we can only address our Negativities / Sufferings as much as we Know it is there.

For instance, if an angry person is not aware of his own anger then he/she would never take the steps to address it.

Developing Self-Knowing is also about developing the Knowing of the cause of our Sufferings. Because without realizing that the seed cause of Suffering comes from within, we will never be able to properly address it.

Self-Knowing thus is the Heart the journey of Self-Transformation.

To develop the Knowing of The Self is to become aware of our Actions.

And even deeper still, to become aware of the Reactions (Thoughts/Emotions ) that is behind the Actions.

And then even deeper still, to Know the Deeper Cause behind the Reactions.

Thus it is a journey of Knowing every inch of our being.

An Enlightening Journey Indeed!

Now let us examine the ways in which we can develop the Self-Knowing.

Two Types Of Knowing

1. Unexperienced Knowledge - This is Knowledge gained not from one's actual experience but from somewhere else.

i.e. We can learn about tennis from reading a book, We can get health advice from our friends, We can imagine whether or not that stranger in front of us is a good person or not.

2. Experienced Knowledge - This is the knowledge gained through actual experience i.e.
Learning about tennis through actually playing tennis, Gaining knowledge about a diet from actually trying out the diet, Getting to know a stranger by actually spending time with them.

It is important to become aware of the differences between these two types of Knowledge because ultimately our aim is to develop the Experienced Knowledge of The Self - i.e. to develop the Knowing of The Self not through simply reading about it but rather Knowing The Self through actual internal experience.

Power Of Experienced Knowledge

Experienced Knowledge has greater Power to Transform The Self than Unexperienced knowledge.

For instance, reading an inspiring quote may give us a Temporary moment of inspiration.

But when we actually go through an intense experience which creates realization within, that experience will be Life-Changing. For instance, one can compare the difference in the Power of realization gained between a smoker being told that smoking is bad for the health and the smoker actually experiencing the Knowledge first hand from getting lung cancer.

The other reason why Experienced Knowledge is important is because when we become attached to the knowledge about ourselves through Unexperienced Knowledge, we can block ourselves from refining the Knowing of the Truth.

I.e. When we do not take the steps to validate the Truth of something through experience, we can end up believing in a lot of information from people, schools, religions, philosophies that are either out of date/sync with the Truth of who we really are in this Present Time. This can can create a great deal of Confusion, Fears and Limitations for ourselves.

So the first step in beginning the journey of Self-Transformation is to take responsibility for our own Knowing.

Realize that Truth comes from one's own Experience.

So validate the Truth of anything you read or hear by putting your belifs through Actual Experience.

So how can we develop Experienced Knowing of The Self?

Chapter IV. Knowing Progresses With Stillness

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