Creation Within Creation
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Chapter IV

Knowing Progresses With Stillness

The Power Of Stillness

In every moment of experiencing this world, we are actually somewhat developing the Knowing of The Self.

However, it is only in the moment of Stillness that the Self-Knowing can deepen.

This is because when there is too much clutter in the mind, we will only be able to see ourselves at the level of the Personality i.e.The Surface Self.

For instance, if every surface thought was a piece of leaf, the more we "think/analyze" about who we are, the harder it will be to see The Self beneath the clutter of leaves that we have Created for ourselves. It is only when our mind is Stilled through letting our thoughts come and go that we can become aware of the deeper Self within - It is then we will can see beyond the leaves, to the branches, to the trunk, to the roots, eventually discovering seed where it all began - The Creator.

Observation from Stillness

Thus to Develop the Knowing of The Self.

We simply Observe "Who We Are"

Rather than "think/Analyze about Who we are."

Although it can sounds simple to simply observe The Self to develop the Knowing but this will be challenging for most.

This is because from the way in which we live our lives, it has become common for us to use our minds to analyze rather than to observe i.e. analyzing the profit and losses, worrying, doubting, solving problems, in imagining things that have not yet happened and so forth.

When our mind is constantly being stimulated in this way, we can end up living in a "Reactive / Stimulated State" thus making it difficult for us to simply observing experiences as they are.

So it is can be difficult for some to understand the difference between Thinking and Observing.

Realize that the state of Observation will Naturally come when one is in a State of Stillness.

When one is in a state of Stillness,
One will automatically know the difference between analyzing and observing.

When one is in Stillness.

One will automatically know the difference between judging and observing

So instead of questioning what the state of observation is, by simply practicing Stillness, all the pieces of the puzzle will Naturally fall together.

So let us look at the ways in which we can develop Stillness.

Practices which promote Stillness

Stillness can be simply said as a state of the mind when it is naturally relaxed i.e. without stimulation.

When the mind is in such a state, this will allow every experience to be absorbed and perceived in its totality.

Without Stillness, the experience will not be fully absorbed and so the lessons behind the experiences won't be seen and learnt. Because without Stillness, one will simply dwell in their Reactions.

There are many things ways in which one can develop Stillness.

Any activity that can keep our attention/awareness focused whilst requiring little thinking can help to promote Stillness. These are also called "Grounding" activities.

For instance, taking breaks, doing gardening, taking a walk.

The practice of meditation is highly recommended, because without the practice of meditation it can be very difficult to penetrate into the deeper mind. Because it is only when one closes their eyes and seals their movement, their inner senses can become heightened to develop the Self-Knowing through Self-Awareness..

It is within the practice of meditation that profound states of Stillness can be developed. The Deeper The Stillness. The Deeper the Self-Knowing.

This site offers many practices for free with the goal for helping you to progress on your journey. If you wish to develop Stillness you can take many meditation courses here such as the 5 Present Breaths Meditation course.

Other practices that can help one with developing Stillness is Ashtanga Yoga. It's encouraged for heavy thinkers to participate in more physical exercises such such as Yoga to help ground one's mind.

So Realize the Power of Stillness.

With Stillness, we will be able to see deeper and deeper into ourselves.

And discover the Seed Cause of our Sufferings.

Chapter V. Knowing The Suffering
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