Creation Within Creation
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Chapter IV

Knowing Progresses With Stillness

The Power Of Stillness

As we experience the world, we are experiencing ourselves. Thus there is no moment when we are not developing Self-Knowing.

However, it is only within the moments of Stillness—when the mind is uncluttered—that we can truly deepen The Self-Knowing.

Without Stillness, The Self-Knowing can become stuck at the surface level of the mind: the level of Reactions and Wandering Thoughts—The Personality.

For instance, if every thought were a piece of leaf, the more we "think/analyze" about who we are, the more those leafs would scatter and bury the Deeper Self even more.

It is only when our mind is Stilled, released from the litter of wandering thoughts, that we can then uncover the Deeper Self within.

Through developing Stillness, this is how one can learn to see beyond the leaves, to the branches, to the trunk, to the roots, eventually discovering the seed from which all began—The Person behind the Personality—The Creator.

Observation from Stillness

To Develop the Knowing of The Self.

We simply Observe "Who We Are"

Rather than "Think/Analyze about Who we are."

Although it can sound simple to simply observe, but much like attempting the act of doing absolutely nothing, it will be a challenging feat for most to accomplish.

These days, it is likely that most of us would find it difficult to simply seat our mind in the state of observation. The difficulty is there because, in the world of established society, we can always be encouraged and compelled to use our minds to analyze: to analyze our worries, problems, projects, and so forth. When was the last time you used the mind to simply observe life without any thought? And how often do you experience these kinds of moments?

When the mind is constantly being stimulated through thinking and thinking, we can end up living in a "Reactive / Stimulated State". In such a state, it can be difficult even to force the mind to simply observe experiences as they are, without the intrusions of reactions, thoughts, and imagination.

Thus, it can be difficult for some to understand the difference between the states of Thinking and Observing.

Realize that the state of Observation will Naturally come when one is in a State of Stillness.

When one is in a state of Stillness, One will automatically know the difference between the states of analyzing and observing.

When one is in Stillness,

One will automatically know the difference between the states of judging and observing

So instead of questioning what the state of observation is, simply practice Stillness and let the answer come from experience.

Let us look at the ways in which we can develop Stillness.

Practices that promote Stillness

Stillness can be said to be a state of the mind when it is naturally relaxed, i.e. without stimulation, without thoughts.

Through such a state, one will be able to absorb and perceive each moment of experience in its totality.

Conversely, without Stillness, one will simply dwell in their reactions and imaginations, which will make it difficult for one to completely absorb the experiences and see the spiritual lessons of what can be learnt behind them.

How to develop Stillness?

There are many things ways for one to develop Stillness.

Any activity that can keep our attention/awareness focused whilst requiring little thinking can help one to develop such a State.

Practices that promote Stillness can also be called "Grounding" activities.

For instance: the act of taking breaks, doing gardening, taking a walk, exercising, going for a job etc.

However, the practice of Meditation is the only way to truly deepen the state of Stillness. The height of Stillness that can be cultivated through the practice of Meditation—of closing one's eyes, of sealing their senses and movement, of simply observing the breath—cannot be matched by any other practices. That is why if one wishes to truly develop the state of Stillness, the practice of Meditation is the best practice.

This site offers many free practices for you to develop Stillness. You can visit the Course page to start your journey of Meditation after these Chapters. One such course you can take is the 5 Present Breaths Meditation course.

Other practices that can help one with developing Stillness is Ashtanga Yoga. Yoga is a great grounding practice to Still the mind, especially for heavy thinkers.

With Stillness, we will be able to see deeper and deeper into ourselves.

And discover the Seed Cause of our Sufferings.

Chapter V. Knowing The Suffering
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