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Chapter V

Knowing The Suffering

"Why Do We Suffer?"

Why do we experience unhappiness?

When we look outward to find the answers to the cause of our unhappiness we will only be able to reach external answers. Maybe we'd blame the person in front of us for making us feel hurt, or blame our nervousness on the job interview.

Realize that for our Suffering/Unhappiness to be completely addressed, one needs to also look at the other side of Suffering which is the "Inside" - because it is from Within where the Deeper Causes of our Sufferings are found.

Like solving a problem, without Knowing the Deeper cause only a part of that problem will be able to be addressed.

So to completely address one's suffering, one must not look just externally for the cause, but also internally. That is how the suffering states of mind can be wholly addressed and released.

For instance one can wipe a wet floor thinking that it will solve the problem,

But without knowing of the Deeper Causes of that problem, i.e. without discovering and addressing the broken pipe inside the wall, the floor will simply become wet again and again no matter how much one wipes it up each time.

That is why the journey of Self-Transformation will always center around Self-Knowing.

It is by developing the Knowing of the Cause of Suffering that can allow one to address their sufferings in the most efficient and safe way.

Without develop the Knowing of the Deeper Causes of our Suffering, we can end up focusing our energies in an unconstructive way such as fighting the fire by attacking the flames.

But through Knowing the Deeper Cause of that flame, of knowing what is really fueling that flame, we can then safely extinguish it at its wick rather than wasting time fighting the fire only to burn ourselves.

To extinguish our Sufferings, our Fears, our Negativities we address it at its wick. That is how we can transform it so that the Suffering will not ignite again.

Thus the importance of developing the Knowing Of The Self cannot be stressed enough. This is how you can become your own teacher, the master of your own mind.

The Journey of Self-Knowing will take time and effort.

But the results will be Life-Changing.

The quickest way to develop Self-Knowing is through meditation and you can find the practices on the courses page of the website.

It is important to develop the Knowing of the cause of One's Sufferings. And below is a guide to help you to understand the Creation of Suffering. Again, this is a simply a guide for you to develop the Truth from your own experience.

The Creation Of Suffering

The Creation of Suffering can be illustrated in the same way as The Creation Of A Tree.

It Begins with a Seed, then from that seed comes the Roots and then the Leaves of possibilities.

Negative Idea
(The Seed)

(Negative Self-Declaration - "It is not ok....")

The True Nature Of The Mind is that it is Infinite in Potential.

Suffering begins when that Truth becomes Distorted with one's attachment to certain Beliefs.

These Distortions can be best transcribed and understood as Negative Ideas.

And what makes an Idea Negative?

It is when we become attached to an Idea which promotes the Rejection of The Self.

For instance

"I am a horrible person if I don't live up to my own expectations"

"He is a terrible person because he is arrogant"

"I look too fat to be liked"


Negative Ideas are can be simplified as Self-Declarations beginning with

"It is not ok...."

For instance

"It is not ok to underperform"

"It is not ok to be arrogant"

"It is not ok to be fat"

Negative Ideas are Ideas which Reject the Truth that One is Infinite In Potential by declaring that only certain Parts of The Self are acceptable.

This Rejection Will Create Distortions in the Consciousness

The Distortion/Confusion will be experienced Negatively by the varying levels of the Consciousness/The Self as follows :


Negative Thoughts/Emotions
(The Roots)

(i.e. Anger, Fears, judgement, doubt, worries, and so forth)

The Negative Idea will be experienced in the Level of the Emotional and Mental Self as Negative Emotions / Thoughts.

The severity of the experience will depend on how deep one is attached to the Negative Idea.

For example

The Negative Idea i.e. "It is not ok to be lazy" can create Negative thoughts towards oneself i.e.-

"I should not be lazy"

The Negative Idea can create Negative Thoughts towards other Selves i.e.-

"That Person should not be lazy"

And from these Negative Thoughts sprouts the Negative Emotions such as Anger, the need to control others and so forth.

The Creation Of Fears

Because The Self has declared that "It is not ok to be lazy"

The Self will also experience different forms of Fears such as the fear of appearing Lazy in front of others.


Negative Physical Manifestation
(The Leaves)

(Hands sweating, irregular heart beating, confusion, tension, etc)

The Negative Thoughts/Emotions will be manifested on the Physical Self as the Negative Sensations on the body.

i.e. discomfort in the belly, heat, increase in heart rate, tension in the body, heartache , sweat and so forth - the intensity of which will depend on the overall Negative Energy.

NB: Even the subtlest negative energy will trigger a negative sensation on the body.

Without higher awareness, one will not be able to feel these subtle physical sensations on the body. What one will discover eventually is that Negative Energy can cause Diseases to manifest on the body.

And the ways in which one will express this Negative Stress outwards will be up to the individual. For example, out of rejection of The Self for being lazy, one may push oneself to always work hard, or to put up an appearance that one is always working hard and so forth.

Realize that most of us can believe that we are in control of our lives and not know just how much of the choices we make in life are driven by the Suffering states of Mind.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

The Diagram above was simply created in a linear way to help one to understand how a Negative Idea can be experienced as different forms of Sufferings. But remember that in reality suffering is experienced by all levels of The Self in One Time.

Naturally, as one Develops the Knowing of The Self one will reach a similar conclusion and discover that all forms of Fears, Stress, Disease, Negativities, i.e. all forms of Suffering/Unhappiness Experienced Within will always recede back to Negative Ideas.

But instead of simply believing what is written here, one has to validate the Truth of it from one's own experience.

So next time you experience a Suffering Experience, for instance if you experience anger towards someone, you can try to find the Negative Ideas behind the experience by asking yourself "How can I transcribe this Suffering Experience" into Negative Ideas starting with "it is not ok..."

such as

"It is not ok for him to be rude to me."

"It is not ok for him to be arrogant"

"It is not ok to be embarassed"


The more Stillness one has within, the more Negative Ideas one will become aware. Without Stillness one will simply dwell in the misery of the experience and focus on the outer cause of the suffering i.e. the other person.

To develop Experienced Knowledge of the effects of Negative Ideas you can also declare them strongly in the mind to experience how it can affect your happiness

So now we know how Suffering is Created.

How do we transform our Sufferings?

Chapter VI. Transforming The Suffering

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