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Chapter VI

Transforming The Suffering

How to Transform the Sufferings?

To recap, the Seed Cause of all forms of Sufferings begin with Negative Ideas.

Negative Ideas are Ideas that Promote the Rejection Of The Self.

Thus, to release ourselves completely from our Sufferings will require us to free ourselves from the Attachment we have towards the Negative Ideas.

To release ourselves from the Negative Ideas, we have to transform the Negative Ideas.

Why is this?

In essence, we are the mind, the Infinite Consciousness that is currently occupying a physical body.

The Consciousness, being energy, cannot be "destroyed".

However, it can be Transformed

But what are we Transforming the Negative Ideas to?

To release ourselves from the Suffering States of the mind, we Transform the Negative Ideas towards the opposite of what it is—

Towards Potentiating Ideas.

Negative Ideas VS Potentiating Ideas

Negative Ideas are Ideas that promote the Rejection of The Self.

This is what Creates Negativity, Fears and Limitations upon our Potential etc.

This is what Creates Suffering.

Conversely, Potentiating Ideas are Ideas which that the Acceptance of The Self.

This is what Creates Power, Freedom, Creativity, and Potential.

This is what Creates Happiness.

So, from this perspective, the journey of Self-Transformation can be seen as a journey of transforming the state of Self-Rejection into Self-Acceptance.

Let us look at the following diagram to understand it more.

The Process of Transformation

(The Seed) Negative Idea ---> Potentiated Idea

Let us use a Negative Idea as an example to understand the process better. i.e. "It is not ok to be lazy" ---> "It is ok to be lazy."

As the Negative Idea becomes transformed into a Potentiating Idea, Potentiation will be experienced throughout the different levels of the Consciousness/The Self.

(The Roots) Thoughts/Emotions

"I should not be lazy." --->"I can be lazy."

"That Person should not be lazy." ---> "That person can be lazy."

The Fear of appearing lazy will disappear.

The rejection of Laziness in Oneself and Other Selves will gradually be transformed into acceptance.

No more negativities will be experienced at the mental and emotional levels of The Self.

(The Leaves) Physical Manifestation

Through the transformative process, the Negative Sensations on the body will also dissipate as well as the diseases caused by the Negative Ideas.

The Self will experience more freedom. i.e. Instead of working excessively out of Fear of being lazy, now The Self can choose to work hard or be lazy whenever it desires to.

The Self is no longer bound to fulfil the obligations of the Negative Ideas, and can make choices without the influence of fears, anger, and so forth.

As One Negative Idea is Transformed, All Levels of The Self will be Transformed. With Less Fears there will be more Freedom and Creativity to express ourselves. With Less Negative Thoughts, one will experience more Clarity/Stillness and less Mental Frustration and Confusion.

With less Negativity, one will experience greater Health and Vitality.

To raise the quality of The Self at all levels—from the Physical level to the depths of the Soul and Spirit—such is the Greater Work.

How do we Transform The Negative Ideas?

When we discover the Negative Ideas behind our experiences, we can simply invert it to understand the direction of our journey. i.e. "It is Not Ok to be lazy." -> "It is Ok to be lazy."

The more one shifts their beliefs towards the Potentiated Ideas, the more the Negative Ideas will be transformed.

However, this can be truly difficult. This is because Negative Ideas are beliefs that have become deeply-rooted into the mind. Thus, in trying to change, what one will encounter is the Inner-Resistance to change. For instance, you can experience this Inner-Resistance by trying to believe something that you truly don't believe in.

The other difficulty in transforming Negative Ideas is that within the mind, there can be a number of Negative Ideas that is supporting one another. I.e, when you encounter an experience that brings out anger, there can be a multitude of Negative Ideas at one time.

That is why the safest and most efficient way of addressing one's own sufferings is to simply address it step by step, layer by layer. And this is done through gradually developing Stillness and the Knowing of The Self. Just letting the journey of Self-Knowing happen naturally.

Let us observe how Stillness and Knowing can work hand in hand to turn the Wheel of Self-Transformation.

The Power Of Stillness and Knowing

1. Belief

Suffering is Created from our Attachments towards Negative Ideas.

The more we believe a Negative Idea to be true, the deeper the Negative Idea will be rooted in our consciousness.

Thus for the sufferings to be released, we have to release our attachments towards the Negative Ideas / Negative Beliefs.

Although this can sound simple, it can take time due to the lack of Intention we can have towards addressing our Negative Ideas.

The lack of Intention can come from the Lack of Awareness.

1. We are not aware that we are Suffering

For instance, If we have not yet become aware that Worrying is Suffering, we will feel no need to address it. Thus, we will continue to worry about this and that thinking that we are doing something constructive, not realizing that all we are doing is creating stress and misery in the mind.

It is by developing Self-Knowing—from the practice of meditation—that we can truly become aware of how worrying can affect our happiness. The rise of such awareness will bring the wisdom and the intention needed for one to transform the Negative Ideas.

2. We are not aware of the Deeper Causes of our Sufferings

When we only Know the Outer Cause of our Sufferings, we will only have the Intention to move away from what is making us Suffer on the outside, i.e. to move away from the person who has made us angry or the situation that made us fearful.

It is by developing the Knowing that the Deeper Cause of our Sufferings comes from our Beliefs—from our Negative Ideas—that we can develop the natural Intention to move away from it, to Transform it.

That is why developing Self-Knowing is important.

2. Negative Energy

It is important to develop Stillness because the more we react negatively to the Negative Ideas, the more we will generate attachments towards it.

For instance, whenever we exaggerate or even try to suppress our Negative Reactions every time we experience them, we are in fact feeding Negative Energy to the Negative Ideas.

Thus, it is important to carry a positive attitude when we face our Negative Ideas.

We are not trying to "Destroy" It.

This mentality will only generate Negative Reactions.

We are "Transforming" it.

So, instead of trying to "Destroy" Parts of The Self that we don't like, try to "Transform" The Self with Self-Acceptance.

Thus the best attitude to have in transforming the mind is one of Love & Self-Acceptance.

The Difficulty Of Not Reacting

It can be certainly difficult to not feed our Negativity with even more reactions when we are in a state of Suffering, i.e. when we are in a heated argument, or when we are in the chaotic state of fear, etc.

Thus, we develop Stillness—the ability to be Still and Equanimous in every moment. By developing this faculty of the mind we can then develop the strength to be still in the face of a storm of an experience and observe the negative reactions within with Stillness - i.e. not letting it blow up or suppressing it—just simply observing them, letting them come and go.

By the attempt of trying to be still and simply observe the reality as is, the intensity of the reactions will slowly dissipate. What one will also find is that the next time one encounters a similar experience again, the negative reactions will also be less intense, which will help one to see clearly the Negative Ideas behind their Suffering experiences.

The attempt of maintaining Stillness in Suffering Situations will also help inspire one to develop the Knowing of its Cause naturally. Because the more difficult one finds the task of maintaining stillness, the more one will be inclined to seek the reason as to the absence of Stillness and Peace within.

That is why developing Stillness is important.

The Wheel Of Potentation

With Stillness Comes Greater Knowing.

With Greater Knowing comes Self-Transformation.

With Greater Self-Transformation Comes Greater Stillness.

This is how the Wheel Of Potentiation Turns

And it is through this cycle that creates the forward momentum on the Path of Creator.

Stillness will help you to develop the Knowing of the Seed Cause of your Sufferings, taking you to discover the spiritual lessons behind your life experiences, all of which will be lessons revolving around Self-Acceptance.

Ultimately, on your journey towards Greater Happiness, you will realize that there is really no difference between developing Self-Knowing and developing Self-Acceptance. Because the more you know about yourself, the more you will become aware that you are in fact a part of everything which exists in this Universe.

You are all there is.

The more you realize this, the easier it will be for you to accept all there is.

To accept, thus is to simply Know yourself.

We now Know the Process of Transformation

How do we put it into practice?

With the help of Catalysts!

Chapter VII. Catalysts

Infinity Sign