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Chapter VII


Journey Of Darkness

The Journey of Self-Transformation can be a journey filled with darkness and confusion.

For instance, even though one may know that the key to Self-Transformation is Self-Acceptance, applying Self-Acceptance in practice can prove itself to be an impossible challenge.

How difficult is it to accept someone who has angered us?

How difficult is it to accept ourselves when we have failed?

How difficult it is to accept the future that is filled with undesired possibilities?

How difficult it is to accept the past that is filled with unforgivable mistakes?

Thus, it can be easy to understand the Wisdom of Accepting all there is.

But to practice it is another story.

That is why this website was created—To guide you through this dark and confusing journey of transforming the mind, and offer you ways to accelerate your journey through the use of Catalysts.


Realize that there are always ways to Accelerate/Catalyze a process.

For instance, it can be difficult to move a large stone wheel that is lying on the ground to the destination we desire. However, when one knows to push the wheel upright, the whole journey of pushing the wheel will be accelerated with less energy wasted.

Knowledge thus is a Catalyst.

This website was created to provide you with Catalysts, to offer knowledge and practices that you can use to make your journey towards greater happiness in the most efficient manner.

Realize, the chapters you have been reading up until now have been serving as Catalysts for your journey.

Now that you know the seed cause of all forms of Sufferings come from Negative Ideas—for instance, "It is not ok..."—you can invert the Negative Ideas to reveal the journey for transforming that dark side of the mind.


"It is not ok to fail." --> "It is ok to" fail." "Is it not ok to be selfish." --> "It is ok to be selfish." "Is it not ok to stand out." --> "It is ok to stand out." etc.

This will help you see that the importance of developing Self-Acceptance. That is the key to Self-Transformation. Knowing this can help you to develop the intention to move away from dwelling in the state of Self-Rejection, Self-Judgement, Self-Criticism etc. and move towards Self-Compassion, Self-Forgiveness, Self-Encouragement.

But how do we develop Self-Acceptance?

You can try your own methods if you wish. But the most efficient way is to develop Stillness and Self-Knowing. This is because the more the mind is stilled, the more you will naturally tune into your Heart.

And what does the Heart teach?


Yes, always follow your Heart!

However, this can be difficult for some, especially for me when I began my own journey. So, you can use this website as a means to gain The Self-Confidence you need to be the Creator of your life.

How to use this website?

You will be able to find various information on how to transform different kinds of Sufferings on the Catalysts Section of this website. There, you will find many articles / videos / tips to help you to know more about yourself and clear some of the confusions you can face on the journey of Self-Transformation.

The Courses section on the website is for those who wish to go deeper into the journey of Self-Transformation, offering practices to help one to develop Self-Knowing and Self-Transformation from Actual Experience.

What one will find is that after taking a course, the articles that you have read before will make more sense. And then, you will be able to fully use the knowledge gained from the articles as catalysts to accelerate your journey.

Just a note, some of the more advanced courses can be challenging, as they are designed to take you deep into the dark traumas of the mind, which can help you to greatly accelerate your journey. Some of the courses can be uncomfortable.

However, before one attempts to accelerate their journey, one must first understand the importance of developing a strong foundation.

The Importance Of Foundation

Before running, one must learn how to walk first. Thus before one attempts to "accelerate" on any journey, one must first develop a good foundation. Doing so will allow for a safe and efficient journey.

This is important because the journey you are about to undertake will be life-changing.

Like a Tree desiring greater heights, if it does not practice the very basics of grounding its roots, it can topple and fall by even the slightest breath of the wind.

Yes, even the Tree Knows how to create a strong Foundation!

So, for one to climb even higher on their journey, one must first develop one's foundations—which is to develop Stillness. Because without Stillness there will be no Self-Knowing and without Self-Knowing, there will be no Transformation.

Stillness is the foundation that will help you to accelerate their progress.

Thus, the practice of meditation is essential on such a journey. However long one practices it, whether it be 30minutes a day, or 2 hours a day, as long one maintains persistent practice, it will help one tremendously on their journey.

Meditation can actually be enjoyable too! There are guided meditations that you can take in the Courses page to enjoy the states of joy and wisdom from simply being in the State of Stillness.

The courses page has been designed to take you step by step into the journey of Self-Transformation so that even a beginner can learn and enjoy.

Making Progress

Turning that wheel of Transformation will no doubt take time and patience.

But each small turn you make will help you to advance one step closer to your destination.

Like the vast Ocean that is created from small droplets of water.

Or the great Hours that is passed by the shortness of seconds.

Every small effort one puts into their journey will always come with its results and rewards.

Thus do not be disappointed when you do not see big results with your small steps.

That is simply Impatience blinding you from seeing the results.

Realize that when we have been drowning in our Sufferings for such a long time, it will no doubt take effort and time for us to break through the surface, and liberate ourselves from our Sufferings.

So, take your time, and enjoy the journey!

In these 7 Chapters, we have learnt how to create everlasting happiness in the mind.

Now, let us look at the ways to apply the knowledge that we have gained into our daily lives.

Chapter ∞. Summary

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