Creation Within Creation
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Summary & Practice


Chapter 1. Path Of Creator Introduction

We all share one common destination - Towards Greater Happiness.

Chapter 2. Temporary & Everlasting Happiness

Happiness comes in two forms: Happiness that is Temporary and Happiness that is Everlasting. Temporary Happiness is just a part of our Journey. To create Everlasting Happiness, we transform the Suffering States of the mind.

Chapter 3. The Journey Progresses With Knowing

The journey can only progress with Knowing.

Because we can only address our Sufferings as much as we know it is there.

Chapter 4. Knowing Progresses With Stillness

It is through Stillness that the Knowing of The Self can deepen.

Chapter 5. Knowing The Suffering

The Seed Cause of all our Sufferings is the Negative Ideas we have become attached to within.

Negative Ideas are Ideas which promote the Rejection of The Self i.e. "It is not ok..."

Chapter 6. Transforming The Suffering

Stillness and Knowing works hand in hand to Naturally Create Self-Transformation.

By inverting the Negative Ideas we can gain a glimpse of the journey we have to take to transform the mind. I.e. From "It is not ok..." --> "It is ok..."

Chapter 7. Catalysts

Catalysts are provided on this website to help you accelerate your journey.

The Practice

How do we apply all the knowledge into practice in our daily lives?

The daily practice of meditation is the greatest teacher that you will ever find. Through Silence—All can be known. So all you really need is the daily practice of meditation and you will be set for life!

But, it can be very difficult for one to have the confidence to plunge into the darkness, into the silence alone. So, use this website as step stones for your grand journey.

The following are some tips to get you started.

You can begin your journey by looking for ways to improve your health, may it be from the side of nutrition or the side of exercise. Both will help you greatly on your journey. Realize that the taking care of the body is as sacred as the spiritual work we do on the mind. As you learn to love the body, you will learn to love The Self. To develop Self-Acceptance thus can begin from the body.

Every day, also find time to practice meditation. The best time to practice is in the morning.

Throughout the day, you can also begin to carry the intention to develop Self-Acceptance, to accept yourself, to accept others, unconditionally, at the state of the mind.

The intention to Accept All There Is will work as a catalyst for Self-Transformation. Because through holding such intentions to accept in every moment, spiritual question will then finally arise: "Why can I not simply accept?" "What beliefs do I have to transform to accept this experience?". This is when Self-Knowing will begin to develop.

There are many other catalysts on the website that you can explore. I would recommend you start from the Course page to begin your journey of meditation. Practising meditation will help you to understand the articles in the Catalysts section clearer.

Eventually, make your way towards the Creator's Meditation, as the 22 day course will take you to really know yourself from experience. Then you will be able to use the Creator's meditation section, which is included in every article on the website, to further your practice.

In these 7 Chapters, the journey of Self-Transformation has been only briefly covered. If you wish to know the journey even more in detail, you can also take the free course Transform Your Mind, Transform Your Life, which will go into each part of the journey in detail, from the technical to the spiritual aspects of the journey.

Final Notes

You can also join the Facebook page for updates. I have Created this page for the purpose of creating a supportive community for people who are on the journey of Self-Transformation; surrounding yourself with like-minded people can help to inspire you to continue moving forward on the challenging journey.

When I have time, I also hold free live stream sessions where I go into each aspects of the mind in-depth and answer the questions some may have. The session times are listed on the Catalyst Section on the website.

Creation Within Creation

Life is divinely designed to drive us in a forward motion of experience and Knowing.

Thus, from the perspective of the Spirit, we are in fact already on a Path that is Potentiating/Expanding rather than a Path that is Retrograding/Shrinking. Time here does not go backwards. Experience cannot go backwards. We can only move forward, in an ever spiralling motion towards Enlightenment. Such is the Divine Design of life.

In every moment, Life is throwing at us lessons to do with Self-Acceptance, and through completing them, we can develop greater Enlightenment and Happiness. But how much are we aware of these lessons? Without knowing the lessons behind our experiences, we can simply stagnate on our journey.

That is why it is important to practice meditation, for the Stillness and Insights gained from the practice will help us to illuminate the Darkness within our life experiences.

But, never forget that the bigger practice will always be life as it is there where we can truly learn. Meditation is simply a tool for us to distil the wisdom and growth from life experiences.

Life is also the place where our happiness will be truly tested. So, never run away from life, embrace it, and use meditation to reveal its treasures.

We have reached the end of the Chapters

Or is it the beginning of your journey?

Ahead of us,

Greater Happiness and Freedom are waiting to be Created and Experienced

Ahead of us,

Are mysteries waiting to be discovered.

"What are my Fears?"

"What are the causes of my sufferings?"

"What are my Deeper Desires in Life?"

"Who am I?"

Why were we Created to be pulled towards Happiness?

Is it not by taking the journey there,

That one can discover the answers?

The Path Of Creator was named not only to express the Potential we have as The Creator to Create and Transform Worlds, but it was also named because through treading the journey, one will come to Know the One Infinite Creator that has Created All There Is.

Like knowing a piece of rock, one may come to know the mountains.

Or through swimming in the waters of the ocean, one may come to know the clouds.

By Knowing Oneself,

The Infinite Self,

One will Ultimately Know All There Is To Know.

For Within Every Creation, can be found the Reflections of its Creator.

As the Universe Around us is Infinite.

The Universe Within is also Infinite.

Continue to move onward to Know Infinity.

To Know the Person behind the Personality,

To Know the Creator behind the Creation,

Know Thy Self—

Creation Within Creation.

Infinity Sign