Creation Within Creation
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Creation Within Creation

We have reached the end of the Chapters

Or is it the beginning of your journey?

Ahead of us,

Is a journey towards Greater Happiness and Freedom.

Ahead of us,

Are mysteries waiting to be explored and unvieled:

"What are my Fears?"

"What are the causes of my sufferings?"

"What are my Deeper Desires in Life?"

"What is the purpose of my existence?"

Is it not by taking the journey into oneself,

That one can discover the answers?

The more you venture inwards.

The more you will see the truth of The Self.

And also, the truth of Creation!

Like knowing a piece of rock, one can come to know the mountains.

Or by studying the waters of the ocean, one can come to know the clouds.

By looking into the Infinite Self, one will Ultimately Know All There Is To Know.

For Creation will always contains the Creator's reflections.

As the Universe Around us is Infinite.

So is the Universe Within.

Study yourself to study the world!

Continue to move onward to Know Infinity

To Know the Person behind the Personality

To Know the Creator behind the Creation

Know Yourself

Creation Within Creation

Infinity Sign

Begin your Journey of Self-Transformation here!