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16. Using Writing To Know The Self


Hi, this is Jonny John.

Meditation and yoga are two very good practices for one to develop Self-Awareness.

And it's important to develop Self-Awareness.

Because with developing Self-Awareness comes Self-Knowing!

Now, another good method to understand how the mind works is to write down your thoughts your emotions and what's happening inside onto paper.

I know it's not as painful as meditation or yoga, but it helps!

Writing can actually a powerful way to get to know your mind better.

Writing down an experience can be used as a way to clear any confusion and chaos in the mind, especially when one has just experienced a suffering situation. Because in a suffering situation, there can be so many things going on in the mind: Negative Ideas, emotions, thoughts. And writing them down one by one by can help one to organize and see the things happening within more clearly.

It certainly can be difficult to figure everything happening in the mind by thinking alone. For instance, imagine you are trying to write a movie where there are different people having conversations with each other. It will become a complete mess if you do it all in your mind!

But, if you were to write it down, you would be able to see the flow of the conversation better and understand how one conversation affects the other!

Likewise, our mind is kind a like this: When we experience a suffering situation, all levels of the selves will be speaking. The Mental self will be generating all sorts of negative thoughts, and the Emotional Self all sorts of negative emotions, and the Physical Self negative physical sensations and so forth. So many things are happening!

So, what you can do is that when you have encountered a suffering situation, just find a time to write that suffering situation down onto paper. Write down the negative thoughts and emotions you have just experienced, and the negative physical sensations as well.

You can use the worksheet I have included in this video to help guide you to write your experiences down!

Let me give you a tip for knowing The Self through writing.

There's no need to stress too much about writing your thoughts and emotions down perfectly or to get to the answer that you want with a click of a finger.

Simply focus on getting into a relaxed state so you can write with steady flow.

Simply write down how you felt and how you thought at that moment.

The more you write, the more you will understand.

If you try to reach the goal without laying the path, then you will just struggle and not write anything down!

So instead of analyzing in the beginning, simply leave it and let it be.

What comes, will come!

A good time to write is at the end of the day before you sleep because this can help to uncover some of the unsettling thoughts happening in your mind which can disturb your sleep. It will help the mind to release the negativities and the chaos happening within, making it more settled for better night's sleep.

When I first began on my journey of Self-Transformation, I found that writing helped me a lot.

So for the first few years I used to write quite a bit. But now I don't need to because there are less confusions. Everything is quite clear to me now!

So to begin the journey, use writing to get to know your mind!

So in summary, writing can help one to organize one's thoughts and emotions to understand them better!

Negative Ideas Workbook

Workbook For Videos 18-29 Download the Discover Your Negative Ideas Workbook

Record Your Negative Ideas Download the Store Your Negative Ideas Sheet


Get in tune with your feelings.

You can begin by asking yourself the questions:

"What makes me unhappy in life?"

Maybe... there is a person you don't like and then you can ask yourself:

"What ideas do I have about this person that makes me hate them?"

"What things can people do or say to me which will make me unhappy?"

"What is it that I'm not ok with in this situation?"

Then write it down.

The more you try to write down your thoughts and emotions, the more you will be able to understand more about yourself

-Jonny John Liu

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