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17. Understanding the mind Summary


So, let's do a quick summary of what we have learnt in the previous videos so we can know how the information can help us on our journey of Self-Transformation.

So firstly, we learnt about understanding the mind.

Without the Knowledge of how the mind works, we cannot address any issues within!

This knowledge I will always encourage you to develop from experience because if you just believe in what I say, it will simply become a religious thing.

The most efficient way to develop experienced Knowledge of how the mind works is through meditation because through the practice no one is teaching you but yourself!

That is why from time to time, I will encourage the practice of meditation.

You can learn it anywhere of course, and I have courses such as the 5 Present Breaths and the Creator's Meditation (in the Self-Transformation Course), which you can take. I have developed them in a way to develop Self-Knowing in the most efficient way!

Then in the next video, we talked about Action and Reaction. That video was made to make you aware that it's important to understand that our greater in goal in life, is to address suffering at the Reaction level.

Realize the difference between acting happy and being happy!

Then we talked about The Self—What is The Self— how does the deeper mind perceive the experience of Suffering. Here, we learnt that the deeper mind perceives everything as One Self, so to develop Self-Transformation, we have to develop Self-Acceptance both ways—To accept others to accept ourselves!

It's important to understand this as this is the key to Self-Transformation! (We will get into a little bit more detail in the later videos).

Then we talked about habits and stimulation—how the mind can become excessively stimulated. As Stillness is very important for Self-Transformation, these videos were made to make you aware of how excess stimulation can affect your mind.

And we also talked about how a habit is transformed by doing something different, something opposite. So if you want to change your life, you have to do something different, you have to change your belief!

In the next video, we talked about Focus and Happiness.

With Focus, comes Happiness!

We talked about no matter how mundane the activity we do, when we do it with Focus, we will experience Happiness! This again was to help you to develop Stillness, by motivating you to become more focused when you do thin because all of us will have a tendency to multi-task in our minds!

And finally, we talked about how to use writing to know ourselves more.

Sometimes it is hard to understand what's going on in the mind through thinking, especially for those who are heavy thinkers! It's especially helpful if we write down what's happening inside. This can help us to see things clearer!

So all these videos were designed to help you understand better about your mind and the things that you can do in life to assist you on your journey on Self-Transformation.

In the later videos, I will be talking more about the cause of Suffering which is the Negative Ideas so that you can become aware of the relationship between Negative Ideas and Suffering states of mind, how Negative Ideas can create fears, negativities, disease, confusion, limitation!

Having a clear understanding of the cause of Suffering will help you to know the ways to address it!

So, I'll see you in the next video!

-Jonny John Liu

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