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18. Introduction To Negative Ideas

18-29 Intro

In this video series, we will look at the seed cause for the Suffering States Of Mind—Negative Ideas in more detail. You will learn how all forms of Suffering States of Mind are caused by Negative Ideas.

Just a warning: It can be quite an intensive and heavy course as the talks will center around suffering and unhappiness!


Hi, I am Jonny John

So, we are all in a pursuit for happiness.

Whether it is to become rich, become famous, pursue a particular skill, to achieve a particular goal—We are all in pursuit for happiness in one way or another!

Today, I want to share with you one of the most enlightening thing I have learnt on my own journey of creating greater happiness, that is, we can never be truly happy if we do not address the unhappiness part of the equation—The Suffering States of the Mind!

You see, I was born with a lot of fears, and the fears prevented me from experiencing happiness in life.

One of the biggest fears I had was being around people. So, for most of my life, my fear made me avoid social situations.

I remember back then when people talked to me, I would shy away, and then afterwards, I would be in regret not having talked to them. That feeling was very painful, the feeling of regret, the feeling of limitation, lonliness. So, it was like this every day, fear and regret, fear and regret.

This carried on even after University. It was then I thought about my future, and it wasn't looking too good! It was then I realized that I needed to address the issues of my mind! It was then I realized that if we have fears, no matter how many opportunities come our way, we would just avoid them.

You know I used to blame my unhappiness on bad luck, but now I realized I was just not making efforts on my part!

Now, another very important thing I discovered on my journey of pursuing happiness was the cause of suffering. Because it is by Knowing the cause of a problem, that then we can then address it. It took me a while to find the cause of suffering, of what causes us to experience unhappiness and limitations within.

Meditation helped me a lot because it helped me to develop The Self-Awareness I needed to know how the mind worked.

Over time I began to realize more and more that every time I was experiencing negativity unhappiness inside, whether it is fear or impatience or anger, I was in a state of Rejection.

For instance when we are in fear, we are rejecting an experience; when we are in anger, we are in rejection of someone or ourselves; so the state of Suffering is a state of Rejection.

I call this state, the state of Self-Rejection, because to the deeper mind everything is The Self.

Then later, I discovered what caused this state of Self-Rejection—It was the Negative Ideas we have within about the world, about ourselves— These are Ideas which promote the state of Self-Rejection.

And through discovering the cause of my sufferings, I began to realize the way to address it.

And that was to develop Self-Acceptance.

As I transformed my mind, I transformed my life.

My life changed because it became possible for me to talk to anyone I wanted to, to do anything I wanted. Now when opportunities come, I just take it. If there are no opportunities,, I just make it!

Of course, it didn't happen just like took me many years of working on myself!

I guess the point here I'm trying to make is that with effort, anything is possible!

The funny thing was that I used to think I was happy, but it was only after I released my negativities, I realized that I wasn't!

So a lot of us do not know just how much we are suffering until we release the inner negativities within!

So in the next few videos, I will be talking about the cause of Suffering, which are the Negative Idea, as this will help you to understand the ways to address it.

So, I'll see you in the next video!

-Jonny John Liu

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