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28. Health And Negative Ideas


Hi, I am Jonny John.

Today, I want to talk about the relationship between the suffering states of mind and disease.

I want to bring to your awareness that by addressing the suffering states of mind, you can help the body to cure all forms of disease!

To begin, let us first understand a little bit about the physical body.

The physical body is always in the process of healing itself. That's how it is divinely designed!

So if you trip over and bruise your legs, it will eventually heal.!

So if you catch the flu, it will eventually heal!

So, if you ate something very nasty and get a sore stomach, it will eventually heal!

Naturally speaking, if you work with the body and allow it time to heal, then it will heal everything. That is because the body has the intelligence to fight off all diseases, even incurable ones such as cancer!

Now, this brings us to the question:

How come some diseases are seemingly incurable? Like allergies, like cancer, like verruca and so forth?

The mentality we have these days is to address symptoms rather than the root cause of a problem. Thus most medicines we take will only work at best to address the surface of a disease.

Now, this is not saying that medicines are bad, but the point here is that if we only address the disease at the surface level and not address the cause of it, then the problem will keep coming back again and again. It's like addressing the wet floor. It's not only about wiping it dry, but also to address the broken tap, the broken pipes—the source of the problem as well!

Let us use an example in the context of life.

Someone has been having pain in the wrist for years. If you are only using ointment or massage, then you are only addressing the symptom. Without addressing the cause then the problem will keep coming back. And often, this will be about examining and changing the way in which one lives, for instance, the way one types a keyboard, the length of time one uses their wrist in playing mobiles games etc.

So, it's important to adjust one's lifestyle to work with the body rather than against it. When we constantly stress the body again and again, it's like cutting the same wound again and again, it will always be healing, but it will never heal!

Now not many of us realize that negative emotions and negative thoughts can actually place a lot of stress on the body!

Inner negativities actually can actually impact our immune system much more than one can imagine! I remember someone sharing their story on tv where they experienced a traumatic event, and overnight, their hair turned gray!

Stress can really age you, and I'm sure you guys all have experienced the impact of your health when you are stressing out!

And by now, you guys would all know the cause of all your negative emotions and thoughts.

Yes, it is the Negative Ideas. So yes, Negative Ideas can be said to be the cause as to why a lot of diseases are not going away. It makes us react negatively again and again, causing stress to the body!

So, by working on Negative Ideas, you are gradually improving your health more and more in general because you will be improving the body's immune system, the body's ability to repair itself!

I remembered working on my suffering states of mind. I used to have all sorts of diseases. My dad was a herbal doctor; his medicine never really helped me. I used to always take western medicine, it never really helped me too. I had weird conditions. Like for the first 20 years of my life, I lived with one nostril blocked so I could never breathe properly and I talked nasally...yeah it made me really self-conscious! I also had kidney problems, verruca growing under my foot, back pains, stomach pains...yeah.. I had a really bad stomach, always experienced pains after a meal. Anyways the list went on.

But now it all disappeared. I can confidently say that no medicine helped me. I have not taken any medicine for more than eight years! But I can say that exercise and addressing my diet also helped me greatly because it helped me to work with the body rather than against it. But the particular diseases such as verruca, which was an ongoing battle for five years, I even had surgery done to remove it...but it kept coming back, and it only disappeared after I addressed my mind.

So in summary, there is a strong connection between disease and the suffering states of mind. As you work on your Negative Ideas, you will become more and more healthy!

And to make greater progress on your path to good health, look for ways to change your lifestyle so that you are working with the body rather than against it!

-Jonny John Liu

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