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35. Life Catalysts - Using Trust For Self-Transformation


Hi, I am Jonny John.

Trust is one of the greatest catalysts that you can use for Self-Transformation!

Self-Transformation is about transforming our suffering states of mind, the states which bring limitation and unhappiness.

So how does developing Trust fit into the equation?

Let us do a quick recap on what Negative Ideas are before we proceed.

If you already know, you can skip the section!

Refer To Negative Ideas Video 19

So how does developing Trust fit into the equation?

From the perspective of Negative Ideas, Trust is about believing that everything will be “Ok” rather than “Not Ok”

For instance, to trust that a business plan will go well, to trust that people will support your opinion, to trust that you will have enough money for the rest of your life, to trust that you are going on the right path in life.

Developing Trust can be quite hard, especially when we have a habit of letting our fears take over our imagination.

Remember, Fear is the opposite of Trust.

Fear is the belief that everything will not be “Ok”

So, when we have a fear, we are not trusting that everything will be Ok.

Fear can indeed keep us in a dark state of mind.

And this is how the suffering states of the mind is sustained, by us reacting negatively again and again, by us allowing our fears to convince us to keep the fear, to keep the doubts, keep the negativities!

To break the habit patterns is to come out of it, to do something different, and in this case to do something completely opposite— to trust that everything will be ok!

Now, there are some things that one has to be aware of when one is in the attempt of developing Trust.

Firstly, the focus of Developing Trust is about developing the state of mind. It is simply about overcoming that fear that everything is not ok.

Developing Trust is not so much about determining an outcome because the outcome will always be unpredictable.

For instance, trusting that your opinions will be right is not about making sure that your opinions will be correct and that everyone will agree.

It’s simply about developing the state of mind that it is ok to express your opinions— that "It is Ok no matter what happens", to accept even the possibilities that people may end up rejecting and laughing at your opinions.

Taking a step forward into a dark situation to trust can be challenging because we all fear the worst. But through actually experiencing your fears materializing, it can also help you because by constantly going through such experiences, you will realize that it’s not so bad!

I mean, when was the last time we died from a fearful experience?

Most of the time, we can grow greatly from facing them!

So now, realize that without developing Trust, we will never accumulate such experiences which will transform our mind, to realize that even the worst situations, are OK.

Without taking a step into that darkness we will never go towards our fears, and as a result, we will forever live in that fear and believe in the illusion that something horrible will happen!

So how can we develop Trust in our lives?

When we experience fears that something bad is going to happen, try to come out of that imagination faster and faster!

Try to make more decisions in life, even ones that you are not so sure of and try to do it confidently.

Try to trust yourself more and more by not relying on others, on religions, on your friends, on your parents.

The list of things that you can do are endless!

And through trusting yourself more and more, it will also help you uncover the hidden negative states of mind within because now that you have to trust yourself rather than others, your deepest fears will come to light!.

For more things you can do in life to develop Trust, you can go to my website here.

So in summary, Trust is a great catalyst to use to accelerate the journey of Self-Transformation!


So, for this exercise, you simply choose a day in a week where no matter what you do, you will trust yourself.

I.e. when you experience fear of failing, come out of it as quickly as possible.

Remember, this is only a day of the week where you will trust yourself no matter what you do, so express your opinions when you experience doubt, support yourself and take a step into the darkness for just one day of the week.

What can help you is that when you find yourself saying "it is not ok..", tell yourself—"it is ok..!"

For instance, when you find yourself saying, "It is not ok to say this.." tell yourself—"It is ok to say this!" and this will help to push the mind forward into speaking what you fear!

And no doubt, you will fall into the belief that you have failed when you tried to overcome your fears with Trust because you may think that the outcome is not what you wanted.

But again, realize the importance is in the attempt of trying to support yourself. The Catalyst works when you learn to Accept yourself for who you are and whatever outcome you face. Thus it is not about achieving perfection but to simply accept that all is acceptable!

If the challenge is too hard for you, you can choose a thing in life to work on your Trust.

For instance, if you have a problem trusting yourself when giving out your opinions, then pick a day to start expressing your opinions. And you can do it in baby steps, by giving small opinions then gradually building it up to big ones!

-Jonny John Liu

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